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19 9 5 

A R T A N 



To God, and ibe Soccen Team, imputed me 
wnb The Theme op This yeavkook. 

"All pon Jesus" 

All poR Jesus, All poR Jesus. All my 
being's Ransomed poweRs. All my Thoughrs 
and woRds and doings. All my days and all 
my horns. 

L6T my hands peRfORm His hidding LeT my 
peeT Run in His ways. Lct mine eyes see Jesus 
only. Lct my lips speak poRTh His pRaise. 

WoRldhngs pRize Them gems op beamy 
Cling to glided Toys of dusT, hoasT op weahh 
& pame & pleasuRe. Only Jesus will I trust. 

Since mine eyes weRe pixed on Jesus, I Iost 
sighT op all beside. So enchained my spmn's 
vision, looking ai The cRucipied. 

whaT wondeRl How amazing! Jesus, 
gloRious King op Kings deigns to call me His 
beloved, leTS me rcst beneaih His wings. 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 

Covenant College • Lookout Mountain, 

Ixx slLL things ... Olupist I*re-Eminent ! 

ilium, hum 

2 Corcioi Deo 



In The 'Presence OfQod 

Qodis the Qod of all creation. There is 
no corner of fife that His light does not 
fail upon. Indeed nothing e?rists in our 
lives that His light does not permeate 
and sustain, and nothing Sad that His 
light ever fails to illuminate. Ike eyes of 
Qod are ever upon us, But His eyes upon 
us are not an imposition. They are, 
rather, an invitation. They are a call to 
a relationship of divine love and free- 
dom, freedom not to do as we please, 
seefcjng to wrest control from Qod, But 
freedom to live joyfully in the under- 
standing ofQod's love and sacrifice for 
us. Of his intimate concern for us, and 
of the glorious union with Himself H^e 
has one day promised us. 

To live Coram <Deo we must Begin at the 
point of understanding that we are not 
fearful slaves following strict orders, 
But sons and daughters who joyfully 
and creatively walk^ through each mo- 
ment of each day under the loving gaze 
of a father who receives the totality of 
our eTcistence as an act of worship unto 

llsed By permission from Sparrow. 

4 Como) Deo 

. .■ .'::' ■ . 

Opening 5 

Celehmrnng m 

"This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice 
and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24 

Each day is a gift . . . 

an opportunity . . . 
a treasure . . . 
because God is the one who gives us 

the breath of life . . . 
places before us a purpose and direction 

allows us to enjoy 
the wonder of His presence 

and the fellowship of His love. 

Written by Roy Lessin 

Used by permission from Dayspring 


6 Coma) Deo 

Ecclesiastes 4:8 

'There was a man alone; he had 
neither son nor brother. There was no 
end to his toil, yet his eyes were not 
content with his wealth. Tor whom am 
I toiling/ he asked, 'and why am I de- 
priving myself of enjoyment?' This too 
is meaningless, a miserable business!" 

After a long day of classes, study- 
ing, and generally working hard, most 
students want an opportunity to vent 
their frustrations and stress, get some 
exercise, or just have a good time. This 

W :0 s ' 

The Vnesence op GOD... 

aspect of college is the flip side of the 
academics; it is student life. This realm 
includes the infamous CAB, all the vari- 
ous clubs, and all of the official activi- 
ties of the College. Over all of these 
presides the Student Senate, the official 
governing body of the students. Some 
of the more prominent aspects of these 
student life activities are the Christmas 
Madrigals banquet, Fat Albert Week, 
the drama productions, and 
Intramurals. The aspect of student life 
is a most important one in a college 
student's tenure at school. 

Ecclesiastes 4:9,10 

"Two are better than one, because 
they have a good return for their work. 
If one falls down, his friend can help 
him up. But pity the man who falls and 
has no one to help him up." 

Srudem life 7 

Amateur Project '94 leaves no nook 
overlooked, (below 

The Frank Brock Fan Club list grows. 


> - 

Barb Schreur's "chain gang." (center) 

Amateur Project '94 tie dying socks at the 
Lifecare Center, (above) 

All this just for a t-shirt? (right) 

8 CoRam Deo 

Omemanon wnh a Twist? 

Upon arrival at Covenant College, students were greeted with bright smiles and many questions. Rooms were 
assigned and things were moved in. Box after box was unloaded from individual vehicles to be brought to the rooms. 

After settling in, the 208 new students were split into eighteen small groups. These small groups were designed 
to allow the students to get to know other new students and feel comfortable before the returning students came back. 
One way to bring these groups closer together was the Amateur Project. The Amateur Project was a new addition to 
the orientation program. Barb Schreur, the Assistant Dean of Students, was in charge of the program. She chose the 
Amateur Project to create a situation where groups would have to struggle together in a missions experience. Ms. 
Schreur contacted the United Way Volunteer Corporation for a list of places that needed work done. Many of the 
groups complained that even after about four hours of work they weren't complimented on a job well done. Ms. 
Schreur' s response was, "Good. That's what service is all about/' "I feel in some ways it was a bonding time for our 
group, and also a way to show our appreciation of our community," stated freshman Katie Thompson about her 
reelings of the success of the Amateur Project. 

EsTkR Uemm Qhuzshaan) 

"I asked a question (well, prayed a question) about a decision of what to do with my time and immediately I 
get an answer... knowing later that it was the right one. I've also seen God work in my loneliness by being there/' 
Jackson Alexanden (Fneshcaan) 

"I've seen God working in my life in the area of self-discipline and time management. He has helped me juggle 
all the things I've had to do and helped me stay focused throughout the week." 
Jessica Wallis (Fneshman) 

"Sometimes I felt that there were a lot of details left unfinished when I left for school, but God has been faithful 
in taking care of the smallest detail, and giving me a peacefulness while I'm away from home." 

Some Carter RA's after hearing that Will Honeycutt, in fact, does 
not use a home perm, (above) 

The "great" future of Covenant all lies in this hall, (left) 

As Kristen Sandhoff, Jennifer Shaw, and Lisa Franklin watch 
the step team video they think, "Man, I wish I could do that!" 

Srudem life 9 

President Brock, now that you have inducted the new 
faculty, what now? "I want to go to Disney World." 


In an unprecedented event, the new faculty, directed by 
President Brock, brings the music of "The Jungle Book" 

to new heights, (right) 

What? What hall damage from last year!? (bottom) 

Thirty dollars! But I don't even use the computers! 


Ane the Remming STudems neady pn the Fneshman? 

The beginning of school is always a hectic time. Freshmen must get used to a new campus and new life and make 
new friends. Everyone must readjust to very busy college schedules. Outside of classes, there are plenty of 
options and opportunities to involve oneself in. There are a variety of clubs, intramurals, C.A.B. (Campus 
Activities Board) events, hall functions, fellowship groups, Bible studies, accountability groups, the list goes 
on and on. The first all-campus event and the spiritual kick-off of the year is the communion service the day before 
classes start. The school year officially begins at Convocation. Many deep, lasting friendships are made at 
Covenant.. Likewise, these four years are a time where strong spiritual growth takes place. 

10 Conao) Deo 

I guess the "if in doubt, bring it" rule really is ridiculous. (Below left 

We're all moved in. Mom and dad are gone. . . where are the boys? (Below right) 

After hours of study and practice, the freshman class presents its 
song. (Top) 

In his natural environment, Todd Crusey is found with a group of 
young ladies at the communion service, (bottom) 

"'How have you seen GOD wonkmg This pxsi 

week op school?" 

Cohn CaajfML Qwwm) 

"God has been quite amazing in sustaining me in 
my super hectic schedule. God upheld me in joy 
through a period of struggle trying to balance my 
studies, my responsibilities as an RA, trouble in my 
family back home, and a brief (but present) illness. 
Even during this struggle, God blessed me by 
bringing an old friend to visit. Itiswellwithmy soul." 
Jejtecny Demschmann (Sophomone) 

"I've seen God working in how he has helped 
me choose a more definite major. When I first 
came back, I really didn't know what I would go 
into, what classes I would take. But through 
prayer and His help, I have been able to finalize 
my class schedule. I also see God working with 
the guys on my hall. Through His help, the guys 
and I have had a great time getting to know each 
other and a great time of fun and worship." 
Amanda Ellenhwig (Jumon) 

"He has given me an unbelievable amount of 
confidence where I have been lacking for a long 
time. He has allowed me to see that I can do a lot 
more than I think I can with Him on my side." 

Srudem lipe 1 1 

As usual, Rob Vaughn has something up 
his sleeve, (below) 

Was ARA around in the fifties? (right) 

Ashley Brown, Jeanne Doyle, Jessica 
Colvert, and Suzi Dumper are ready to go 

kilter, (above) 
Faces of the fifties, (center) 

"Everybody's doing the locomotion..." 


12 Conam Deo 

Happy Days ar Covenam Begin Wta» Kite* Nigkr... 

Each year a commonly believed rumor about Kilter is passed down that Kilter dates never talk again after the 
dance. Nevertheless, girls go to such extremes as putting posters on trees, creating a puzzle that reveals the question 
when put together, having a scavenger hunt of clues ending in the question, or simply asking a guy they met only 
a couple of weeks before. All said and done, September 16, 1994, boasted of many couples surrounding the college 
pool decked in clothes resembling the style of the 50's. Girls wore poodle skirts, jeans with the pant legs rolled up, 
or scarves in their pony-tails. Guys wore blue jeans, white T-shirts, and slicked back their hair; some even had a paper 
cigarette between their teeth. Different aspects of 50's dress such as Beatniks or Mash's "Hawk-Eye" were modeled 
by an eccentric few. The evening air was filled with 50's music as everyone attempted to shag the few steps they had 
learned at the lessons in Founder's lobby just the night before. Some were better than others, as was exemplified in 
the shag contest. The dancing and competitions, such as the best dressed and the bubble gum blowing, had to be 
continued in the Great Hall due to the appearance of rain. Spirits were not dampened, however, because the 
anxiously awaited night had finally come. So why is this first dance, which is rumored to have no remotely lasting 
results, the one where the girls ask the guys? The answer may be frozen in the fact that Kilter is probably supposed 
to be an ice-breaker. Changing the usual dating proposal theoretically results in more communication between the 
somewhat segregated men and women here at Covenant. 

"And the nominees are..." (left) 

Greg Baus does his rendition of "the twist." (above) 

Where are all the *#%! men? (center) 

STiidem lye 13 

Tucker Hall.. .we'll miss you big guy! (below) 

C.G. Mills, the primary donor for the science building, and 
President Brock pose for a shot, (right) 

Tucker Hall meets its untimely demise, (bottom) 

R.C. Sproul addresses the Covenant community at the ground 
breaking ceremony for the science building, (center) 

Saying Good-Bye w Tucken HalL. 

Covenant College, known as the "Castle in the Clouds/' has always attracted students not only for its 
Christian academics, but also because of its character. Located atop Lookout Mountain, Covenant is known for 
its beautiful buildings and surroundings, except maybe for Tucker Hall. Visitors, new students, and parents all 
wonder what that "eyesore" of a building is for. 

Tucker Hall has been with Covenant from the beginning. Named after a dog that roamed the campus, 
and befriended students, Tucker found a place in hearts of faculty and students. Faculty offices, the yearbook, 
and coffee house have all at one time called Tucker Hall home. 

But as time went on, Covenant's need for more buildings pushed out "historical" landmarks. In October, 
Tucker was torn down in order to make way for the new science building. 

An "eyesore" to some people, and a "nistorical" landmark to other, Tucker Hall held many memories. 
That old, broken down building had character that only Covenant people understood. 

14 Comet) Deo 

These shovels await the momentous occasion of breaking ground, (below left) 

No, they are not burying Tucker Hall, they are constructing a new science building, 
(below right) 

Folks from Covenant and the surrounding community gather for 
the ground breaking ceremony of the new science building, (top) 

After all, what would a science building be without a brass choir? 

Saying Hello w rloe Science Building 

On a fateful day in October, in the place of 
Covenant's old and beloved landmark called 
Tucker Hall, President Frank Brock and Mr. C. G. 
Mills broke ground for the C G. and Nancy Mills 
Science Building. This ambitious project is ex- 
pected to house all science departments, includ- 
ing Psychology, which is housed in the ancient 
Psych Barn; Computer Science, which calls Barnes 
Gym home; and Chemistry, Biology, and Phys- 
ics, which are located in the darkest corners of 
Carter Hall's basement. The Science Building, 
which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 
the summer of '96, will be a tremendous asset to 
the well being of Covenant. Dr. Doug Sizemore, 
Director of Academic Computing, said that he 
expects to see more students come to Covenant to 
major in the sciences because of this building and 
its modern facilities. It also has Freshman Biol- 
ogy major Mike McDonald excited, as he says he 
is tired of working in the basement of Carter. He 
expects that a science department that is a little 
more prominent would attract potential students. 

Srudem life 15 

"Elise, vou love me, don't you?" (below) 

"Harpagon, on this scroll lies the true 

meaning of life." (middle left) 

"Oh, Marianne, Marianne..." Cleante 

confesses his love with his jealous father 

looking on. (middle right) 

"Valere, are you sure I look okay?" (above) 
"Eat to live, and not live to eat" -classic saying (bottom middle) 
"Oh sure, Harpagon, you're no miser. You're only a 

hypocrite!" (bottom right) 

16 Couaai Deo 

Cast List 

Harp agon: 






La Fleche: 

Master Jacques: 

Police Commissioner: 

Lord Anselme: 

Master Simon: 


David White 
Jeremy Jones 
Tracy Rollo 
Samuel White 
Amanda Thompson 
Jessica Wallis 
Philip Ledgerwood 
Ryan Mcllnenny 
Joseph Nichols 
Ryan Todt 
Todd Crusey 
Jennifer Granam 

On Friday, November 11, Moliere's play "The Miser" 
made its debut at Covenant College. "The Miser," or L'avare 
as it is known in French, is a comedy of outlandishly cheesy 
proportions. It opens with the steward (Valere) in love with 
the miser's (Lord Harpagon) daughter (Elise). Later, the 
audience learns that Lord Harpagon has different plans for 
his family. He plans to marry the girl (Mariane) that his son 
(Cleante) is in love with, and he also intends to marry Elise to 
another nobleman (Lord Anselme). This makes for some 
very confrontational and humorous scenes which build up to 
climax at the end when it is discovered that Valere is actually 
Lord Anselme's son, Mariane is Anselme's daughter, and 
Anselme himself is actually a very wealthy Italian nobleman. 
Anselme convinces Harpagon to agree to the marriages of 
Valere and Elise and also ol Mariane and Cleante. 

Jennifer Graham did a fantastic job of directing this play 
and in bringing unity to this relatively new cast. Not only did 
she encourage them to do their best, but also kept their focus 
on God's glory and wisdom during difficulties. 

"I am not amused." (top left) 

"I have to marry him ?! " (top right) 

"Father, Father, I found your 
gold, but you must give Marianne 
to me!" (bottom left) 

"If I don't move, maybe they 
won't see me." (bottom right) 

Smdem life 1 7 

The Stoplight Cafe was a place where everyone could be 
brothers, (below) 

Mike Parker and Campbell Silman give a rousing 
performance at coffeehouse, (right) 

The Vigilantes of Love rock in the Great Hall, (bottom) 

Randy Stonehill jams for a night at Covenant, (center) 

Swphgto: Cape. Memomes in rhe Makng. 

The Stoplight Cafe, down at the Art Barn, was the place to be on Friday nights around 1 o'clock. The Stoplight 
Cafe offered a nice getaway with top of the line live entertainment and excellent coffee. It was serious competition 
for the other coffee nouses downtown. 

Two years ago when coffee houses were just starting to become popular, Will Honeycutt and interested 
students began Covenant's own "coffee house/' The Stoplight Cafe offered students on and off the mountain a 
wonderful chance to enjoy a Christian atmosphere along with the talented entertainment of Covenant students and 
off campus guests. The Stoplight Cafe was musically oriented, but there were special evenings devoted to poetry 
readings and art displays. 

After Tucker was torn down, the Stoplight Cafe went into limbo. It spent time on the Lookout, in the Chapel, 
and found a brief resting place down at the Art Barn. Although the Art Barn wasn't Tucker, it did have a charm of 
its own and allowed the Stoplight Cafe to continue to invite more artists and performers to Covenant and to serve 
its extraordinary coffee. 

From the featured artists, poets, and musicians, to the awesome coffee, cocoa, and tea, the Stoplight Cafe was 
definitely the place to be on Friday nights at 10 o'clock. Pass the sugar, please "■' ' 

18 CoRam Deo 


It*"** a 



> ^ j^ 

"Cool beans, Will." Will Honeycutt makes his special Cafe Amor, (below left) 

In a way that only he can, David Wilcox tells Covenant students a story, (below right) 

A Coffeehouse crowd warms up on a cold night during Campus 
Preview Weekend, (top) 

"We'll have coffee and we'll talk . . ." David Wilcox and Jen Daniels 
perform at Covenant, (bottom) 

Enrenrainojenr Exmavaganza: 
Guesr Musicians visit Covenanr ... 

Entertainment at Covenant was not just limited 
to those musicians who performed at the Stoplight 
Cafe. The Covenant community was entertained by 
several guest musicians brought in by the Campus 
Activity Board (CAB). The alternative crowd was 
blasted away by the Vigilantes of Love. David Wilcox 
and Jan Krist pleased the folk crowd with their stories 
set to music. Randy Stonehill, a contemporary Chris- 
tian artist, played a lot of music that, unfortunately, 
very few people enjoyed because very few people 
knew about the concert. Even so, aE in all, CAB did a 
good job of keeping the various music factions of 
Covenant College happy and satisfied. 

When did you Think abour Dand Wilcox? 

"I loved David Wilcox. It was great I didn't have to 
pay anything." -Jessica Walks (Fneshman) 

"I'm so glad that David Wilcox came to Covenant. I 
wish that we could get more concerts like that." 

- Eeajhen. Buswn (Fneshmari) 

"David Wilcox is really cool. I really like the song 
about driving and shooting the slow people in front of 
you." - Srene Davenpom (Jwiiok) 

Siubem life 1 9 

Amy Kaufmann enjoys another delicious 

course served by Heather Erikson. (below) 

The Monks (L to R): Jonathan Entrekin, 

Scott Finch, Campbell Silman, Marcus 

Mininger, Eric Pohl, Joe Thacker, Dr. 

Robert Monroe, and Ethan Farquhar. (right) 

£ " ft 2& 

The Madrigal Singers: (Back row, L to R) 

Mr. David Fnberg, Tim Gregson, Melanie 

Anderson, Amanda Thompson, Travis 

Knight, Peter Brangwin, Emily McCampbell, 

Jennifer Peterson, Hubert Cordonnier, and 

Dr. John Hamm. (Front Row, L to R) Jamie 

Griggs, Sarah Burke, Anca Luca, Michael 

Linger, Paul Nakhla, J. Margaret Schempp, 

Beth Hurley, and Scott Finch, (center) 

"It just keeps going and going . . ."(above) 

The Kitchen is extremely ousy behind the 

scenes, (right) 

20 Conam Deo 

Ye Olde Madmgal Chmsrmas Veasie wnh londs and Ladies 

ARA outdid itself with "Ye Olde Madrigal Christmas Feaste." The exceptional dinner satisfied the 
hungry lords and ladies who gathered together in the Great Hall on December 1, 2, and 3 radiating the Christmas 
spirit. For entertainment, both the Madrigal singers and the brass choir amazed the guests with their beautiful 
voices and instruments, while the guests chose from a seven course meal served by female students who 
volunteered as "wenches." A Jester amused the audience with tricks and jokes. The Great Hall was festively 
decorated with garlands, green ivy, dried fruit, and brightly colored bows. It was fun to see everyone looking 
their best, since this evening's attire was quite different from the casual clothes usually worn to dinner. Cameras 
were flashing left and right to capture the memories of the evening. Many people from the mountain community 
joined the students, along with a few friends and families who came up just for the evening. 

Much led up to the actual event, such as the unforgettable night of November 4 when those who wished 
to purchase tickets camped out on the chapel lawn till the next morning when the tickets went on sale. 
Homework and televisions were brought out as everyone weathered the cold evening wrapped in either 
sleeping bags or blankets. The Madrigal singers started practicing for the performance the second week of 
school. The brass choir devoted at least two and a half hours a week to practices in order to be prepared. In light 
of all this, the Madrigal dinner once again was the highlight of the first semester for the Lookout Mountain 
community and the students of Covenant. 

Srudem life 2 1 

Ken Collison shows his talent in lighting a cake with Joel 
Warren and Kim Elmer looking on. (below) 

The Covenant community gathered in Sanderson's parking 
lot to enjoy movies at CAB drive-in movie night, (right) 

A group of friends relax in front of television, (bottom) 

A bunch of Covenant students pile on a bed for a group 

picture, (center) 

Srudy - On Campus? No Way! 


Study. Study. Study. Boring! There has to be more to do on campus than just study. Indeed, there was! 
Even trapped on campus, people still found ways to keep themselves amused. Friday nights (or weeknights 
when nothing pressing (?!?) was due) might lend themselves to hunting down a TV and VCR and watching a 
borrowed movie or just hanging out in the Blink. Special occasions such as birthdays might call for a celebration 
possibly even including a home (dorm?), made cake, streamers, and balloons. Stress breaks (or overactive 
imaginations with little else to do) might lead to pranks, such as the thwarted attempt to stack the tables into a 
pyramid for the second time. Indeed, when the minds of the students drew a blank on entertainment, Campus 
Activity Board (CAB) was there to help out. From events such as Drive-in Movies and Fat Albert Week to Kilter 
Night and musical concerts, CAB picked up where the students left off to prove that there is more to do on 
campus than just to study. 

22 Conam Deo 

Melissa Ptasznik and John Hake being silly as usual, (below left) 

Change of pace? Gemma Casamassina sits and studies in Founder's elevator, (below right) 

Covenant's Homecoming Parade true to its roots down to the 
weather, (top) 

Slumber party! The ladies on Jungle camp out. (bottom) 

Whar is ojost excvnng Thing ihai you have done 
on campus rhis yean? 

"Spending Sunday night prayer time with my hall." 

-John Mamno (Jmion) 
"Being able to look back and see how God worked 
in my life." - Kaxen Raney (Sophomone) 
"Seeing Jan Hoven get her New Geneva Study 
Bible." - Mike laBeEe (Senion) 

"Moving from Carter to Founders." 

- Shannon Gienapp (Sophomone) 
"Walk like a gecko (frilled lizzard)." 

-John linngsron (Fneshman) 
"Does it have to be legal?" 

-Joel DoenpuL {Sophomone) 
"Water balloon fights" 

- Vmce Spmmsanw (Senion) 
"Study." - Tim Varnson (Junwn) 

"Probably it was the night my roommates and I 
stuck pantyhose over our heads." 

- Tnicia Tucken (SophmoKe) 
"Kidnapped Stephanie Salley in Will Honeycutt's 
apartment and held her as ransom for a CD." 

- Geonge Riher (Semon) 

"I found the body of Jimmy Hoffa in the tunnels 
under Carter Hall, but don't tell anybody here!" 

- Veien Rohan (Jumon.) 

Srudem life 23 

Muddy! Suzi Dumper and Kate 

Hohenberger after caving with their 

brother hall, Catacombs, (below) 

Micah Sprunger, Joshua Caleb Green I, 
and Nathan Roberts. Need we say more? 



t I V #! 

Tonielle Adams, Nancy Singleton, 

Jocelyn Masereka, Christie Elling- 

sworth, and Jen Mahaffey wait to watch 

Disney's The Lion King, (center) 

Lora Robbins and Sara Henry get back 
to nature. (Girls can be pyros too!) (above) 

Risa Sankama, Rinnie Meyers, Amy 

Campbell, Janneke Counts, andSarah 

Viss are dressed for a night at Walmart. 


24 Conam Deo 

1 NEED w qej off rhis Moumain!!!!!!!" 

How often were these words followed by drastic measures of Covenant students? Suddenly a whole hall 
of guys might pile into a truck and drive down to Krispy Kreme for a donut run. Or - even worse - a whole hall 
of girls might do the same! When things were not as desperate, less severe forms of entertainment might do. In 
these cases, going to a movie, either at the dollar theater or a $5.75 theater (with discount $3.75 tickets from 
Student Development, of course), eating out at a restaurant such as Mr. T's or Bennigan's, playing Lava Tag at 
the Mountain Maze, or just going to Hamilton Place or Walmart would have sufficed. Then, there were the "long- 
range planned" (???) events such as attending a Steven Curtis Chapman or Steve Taylor concert, taking a 
weekend to go camping and backpacking, or spending a day in Atlanta. For a more "elegant" night out, students 
might have attended a Chattanooga Symphony Concert or eaten at The Loft. They might even have stopped at 
Cafe Tazza or Rembrandt's on the way back. At any rate, students from every year soon found or remembered 
ways to keep their sanity and escape from the mountain. 

"WbflT was the odost exciting Thing you did oj% campus This yean?" 

"Go to the movies with a bunch of friends." -Jennipen Lewis (Fneshoian) 
"Go to the Y [YMCA] with Corrie Blankenbeckler." - Tanya Hansen (Senion) 
"When I was a transvestite in the mall for two hours." - Adam Bmy (Sophomone) 

"We hung out on a couch in the middle of train tracks. And trains came. We moved. It was swell." 
-Joshua Caleb Gneen I, Nathan Robems, and Micah SpmmgeK (Fneshajen) 


m. <A- * "- % ' 


ft' M|l 

%• ^ * 


I # K i| 
1 / m * 

1 W f ■■ m 


Windy Mangum and Heather Aiken are really off campus - in 
Australia! (left) 

Daniel McKinney, Katie Slawter, Amy Lake Purvis, and Jackson 
Alexander go "Tacky Bowling" with the junior high youth group 
at Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church, (above) 

Amy Lake Purvis, Wendy Harder, Vicki Brown, and Katrina 
Jl Osborne visit Mississippi for Thanksgiving Break, (center) 

Sriidem life 25 

Maybe a kiss will free him? Jessica Wallis and Amy Hudson 
express their love for an enchanted dwarf at Bailey Museum 

in Sarasota, Florida, (below) 

Jennifer Lewis and Emily McCampbell look on as Amanda 
Floyd and Jessica Wallis revisit their childhood at Lake 

Worth, Florida, (right) 

The Best Beach in Florida! Members of the Chorale visit 
Siesta Key Beach. Don't worry - no one got sunburnt that day. 


Where is everyone? The members of the Covenant Chorale 
wait in Middleburg, Florida for someone to open the church. 


Chonale Toim was blessed by God again and again and again ..♦ 

Chorale Tour this year was unlike any other Chorale tour. God was with the Chorale in a special way. God 
blessed them with His presence and caused the Chorale to grow into a family. They drove all over Florida, arrived 
at churches early (very different from last year), and got to relax on beautiful Florida Beaches due to many short 
trips between churches. Many Chorale members got to see friends and relatives they had not seen in a long time. 
To disturb the distance between the Chorale and their audience, two Chorale members per concert for the 
majority of the concerts shared a little about themselves and the piece they spoke before. During the last concert 
at Grace Presbyterian Church in Ocala, Florida, the Chorale felt especially blessed by God. One Chorale member 
presented an introduction of Pslam 23, and God used her introduction to touch everyone's heart. God then 
bonded the Chorale even closer that night through prayer and singing. The Chorale concert was followed by Mr. 
Friberg putting on an impromptu organ concert. It was a great way to end a wonderful, and said by many to be 
the best Chorale Tour, 

26 CoKrtoi Deo 

The only thing to do on long bus trips . . . Travis Knight and Melanie Anderson asleep 
after a hard day of singing, (below left) 

Critter Call! Scott Finch and Dr. John Hamm play jazz and scat respectively in front the 
Miami/ Dade County Community College, (below right) 

Exhausted! Bus time is sleep time for these Chorale members, (top) 

Stephen Scott and Bryai 

Bailey Museum, (bottom) 

Stephen Scott and Bryan Walker shade another dwarf's eyes at the 

How did you peel The presence op God on 
Chomle Tom? 

"The 1995 Chorale Tour was a memorable 
one for several reasons: consistently good singing 
on the part of the musicians, mutal respect and 
concern, very warm reception in the churches, and 
an uncommon sense of God's presence." 

- Dr. John Hamm, Music Director 

"The Spring Chorale Tour experience blessed 
and encouraged not only the audiences, but also the 
Chorale members. The moving music with its pow- 
erful lyrics engendered a worshipful atmosphere. 
In addition to singing, the Chorale enjoyed shop- 
ping, beaching, and getting to know one another on 
a deeper level." 

- KmsTen Sandhofl: anb Amanda 

lebneron, Fneshman Ahos 

"Fun, laughter, memories and spiritual close- 
ness for God and one another; these are only some 
of the peerless experiences of a Covenant College 
Chorale tour." - Tim Gmqson, Tneshman Tenon 

"Chorale Tour was a time in which the pres- 
ence of God was known asHis people were edified 
through Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs." 

- Scott Finch, Chomle Vnesioem: 

Snidem life 27 

The Ireland team (bottom to top): Mary Kay 
Bratcher, Jen Daniels, Ike Reeder, Jen Mangusori, 
Adam Bray, Kevin Vedders, Ted Sinn, Pat 
Ralston, Melissa Ptasznik, Bill Huggins, Becky 
Paulsen, Lelia Kendrick-Holmes, and Jody Bar- 
rett, (below) 

The Arizona teamd to r) Don Bailev, Alanda 
Meyer, Ashley Brown, Ashley Wvkoff, Jonathan 
We'ver, Glen'Wieldraayer, George Ribet, Josh 
Emerson, Reachel Goodnight and Jessica Lodge. 

Sila Tuju in Mexico and covered with sand. 


The Tornoto crew(left to right): Sarah 

Roberts, Cara Dolenz, Sarah Hinman, 

Courtney Wismer, Shannon Gienapp, and 

Kate Peters, (above) 

The New York crewdeft to right): Maria 

Weinhold, John English, Ryan Corrigan, Lee 

Ann Dunn, Amy Lake Purvis, Susan Green's 

daughter, Kathy Sherbon, Heather Ferngren, 

Tracy Malone, Susan Green, Amy Warner, 

Naomi Raines,Erin Shump, Lora Erikson, 

Mark Rustand, Ashley Hopson, and Daniel 

~ n - ~ from Bryan College, (right) 

28 Comm Deo J b 

Spreading God's Wond rhnough senvice ♦ . ♦ ♦ 

Break-on-Impact trips were unique trips in that over the ten days of Spring Break, God granted the people that went 
on them an opportunity to serve Him and to get to know Him better. Break-on-Impact trips also allowed people to become 
friends with other people they would not normally have gotten to know. 

"During our week in New York City, I particularly felt God's sovereign control and protection. In the midst of a 
seemingly chaotic city, I had a strong sense of God keeping us safe by distracting us and restraining the evil around 
us." - Ryan Conmgan - A leaden, op New Yoxk Boweny Mission Team 

"I saw God's Hand in the way He brought the group together. He choose many different people that had to learn how 
to relate to [one] another and it was neat to see the unexpected friendships." 

-Jessica lodge - A leaden, op ihe Window Rocfe, Amzona Team 

"The thing that struck me the most was how international Toronto was. It made me think how broad the kingdom of 
God is."- Sanah Hinman - Mewhen. op ibe Tononoro Team 

"While in Northern Ireland, it was incredible to see Christ being exemplified by my team members as they used their 
various gifts in service to others. I also was aware of God's presence during the times that I was alone by the sea. The 
lush, green rolling hills, the snow capped mountains, the sheep in the meadows, the beach and sea clearly had God's 
signature written on them. I was amazed that our creative God is Father to people and nations all over the world. 

- Melissa Traszmk -a coemben op Tk bteland Team 

"The Jamaican Bobsled Team felt's God's Presence in many ways, especially through the new people we met. Our 
coaches (The Jamaican Men we worked with) taught us how to lay bricks and mix cement, but more importantly, they 
shared their experiences and themselves with us. Our rivals(Bryan students) became our frirnds as we trained side by 
side, day after day. And our fans (the deaf children) encouraged us and touched our hearts. - GRerchen Schwawh -a 
axaJben. op rbejaanaica Team 


The Mexico team (back row, left to right): Sara Henry, Sila Tuju, 
Clay Tolson, Maria Deutschmanrt, Daniel Legters, Dave Peterson, 
Lisa Stucky, (front row, left to right): Debbie Legters, Stephanie 
Marshall, Kathleen Gulick, and Candace Tolle. (above) 

The Jamaica Team consisted of (left to right): Gretchen Schwamb, 
Anna Krahn, Harry and Carol Pinner, (right) 

An Ireland landscape, (center) 

Siudem lipe 29 

Heidi Hinkson smiles on, oblivious to the fact that the giraffe is 
sticking its tongue out at her. (below) 

"Through the skies of Kenya, I saw Psalm 19 in a new 
light."(right) -Nici Huard (Senior) 

The members of the Kenya Team: Front - Allison Rump, 
Rachel Treick, Rebecca Brewer Bottom- Auburn Paulk, Tracy 
Rollo, Heidi Hinkson, Gwen Westervelt, Rachel Mbogo, Nici 
Huard, Brian McKeon, Karen Elmer, Bryan Arlington, and Sila 
Tuju - Not Pictured - David MacAllister, Dr. Dick Allen, and Dr. 
Amy Hunt (bottom) 

Working hard, the members of the Kenya Team carry a truss 
down the dusty road, (center) 

Is the wonLd neady pa Covenam ColUqe Srudemss 

The Cross Cultural experience is a new and controversial part of the Covenant core curriculum. Even so, 
several students participated in this class over the previous summer. Beth Hurley visited a Cherokee Indian 
reservation in Cherokee, NC where she ministered at a home for senior adults. Charlotte Collison, Melissa 
Ferman, and Karissa Case visted Europe where they toured and took classes. Heather Hartman stayed at Hiroko 
Iguchi's house in Japan while teaching English to adults and working with missionaries there. A group of 
thirteen Covenant students went to Kenya where they took classes, helped to roof an adminstration building, 
and went on a safari. In short, several students from Covenant participated in extremely unique and different 
experiences this summer which other students will hopefully have the opportunity to do as well. 

30 Cokao? Deo 

Karissa Case and Melissa Ferman visit Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, (below left) 

Like a typical Japanese person, Heather Hartman poses with her Japanese friends for a 
picture, (below right) 

Beth Hurley sits with one of the senior adult women she minis- 
tered to. (top) 

Lunch - even overseas - is an enjoyable break during the day. 

How did you peel the pnesence op God on you* imp? 

"I experienced how God is the God of all peoples and that the 
Holy Spirit is powerfully working among the Japanese. I saw 
how He could allow me to minister to the Japanese despite 
cultural and language barriers." 

- WeaiheK Hanrman (Jumon) 

"While in Kenya, I had the opportunity to fellowship with 
various Christians there. Their enthusiasm and sincerity touched 
me greatly as I saw people actively involving God in everything 
they did." 

- Bman McKeon (Sophocvone) 

"God allowed us to see His wonderful creation and the works of 
men. He taught me patience and humility, as I was forced into 
situations where I didn't know the language and the customs." 

- Kmissa Case (Semov) 

"I experienced reverse culture shock during the first week (of the 
Kenya trip), and this served to remind me that my home is 
actually in heaven, and that my fulfillment is only in the Lord, not 
in an earthly home." 

- Sila Tu)ii (jumoK.) 

"God showed us [the Kenya team] His love and power by 
keeping us going when we wanted to quit, and by teaching us to 
trust Him. Many events were out of our control, and we had to 
believe that God had it in His hands." 

- Tmcy Rollo {jumon) 

Siubem life 3 1 

Tim Larson does his laundry in the dorm 
facility, (below) 

Hanging out in the meeting room after 
Sunday night worship service, (right) 

The Czech group (in alphabetical order): Mr. and 
Mrs. Austin, Leah Benm, Jeff Bennett, Kjirstin 
Bentson, Gemma Casamassina, Benji Clark, 
Clay Douglass, Susan Frazier, Miriam Grady, 
Tim Larson, Betsy Matthews, Heidi 
Metrakoudes, Mary Miner, Leah Morrison, 
Nikki Morrison, Sara Pipa, Jeremy Roerdink, 
Michael D. Walters, Charlie Wier, and Jon 
Woodard. (center) 

Nikki Morrison and Leah Morrison model a 
statue in the gardens of Hapsburg Palace, (above) 
Mr. Rericka teaches Covenant students 
Czech, (right) 

32 Conam Deo 

Czech It Out II - the Saga Cormnues ... 

Nineteen Covenant students, accompanied by Dr. and Mrs. Ken Austin and Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Pipa, 
traveled to Olomoc this year. They took classes such as Age of Europe from Dr. Austin, Doctrine II from Dr. Pipa, and 
Czech history, economics, and culture from various Palacky professors. The group also attended a Czech language 
class twice a week. As a group, they traveled to Cracow, Prague, Vienna, and Budapest; participated in a worship 
service led by Dr. Austin or Dr. Pipa on Sunday afternoons and an informal praise/ fellowship time on Sunday nights; 
and ate food at five collective dinners, including two potluck suppers. On their own, the students travelled to various 
cities in the Czech Republic and to countries such as Austria, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Germany. In addition, many 
students travelled throughout Europe during May. 

All the students can attest to the Lord's faithfulness throughout the semester. He kept them safe on many trips 
and provided for them countless times. They have also seen how universal their faith is after meeting missionaries, 
Czech Catholic Christians, and attending the English Mass. Their faith has been stretched, and they have grown 
spiritually as a result of their time in the Czech Republic. 

Top Ten Reasons To Go To Czech: 


4) Learn to appreciate the American culture as you 

experience another culture. 

3) Meet people of all nationalities/ "Destroys 

ethnocentricity" (Rick Steves). 

2) See your faith stretch and grow. 

1) Lots of fun! 

10) Get your cross cultural experience. 

9) Travel around Europe. 

8) Great bonding experiences with students you 

might not already know. 

7) Realize the American way of life is not all there is. 

6) See different faith backgrounds in action. 

5) Learn about yourself; develop independence and 

Leah Behm tells some Czech children about her American 
hometown town, (above) 

Jeff Bennett, Charlie Wier, and Kjirstin Bentson study before 
history class outside the classroom, (left) 

A group shot in front of the Hapsburg palace, (center) 

S™<)e?;T life 33 

Travis Knight shakes David Taylor's hand as he re- 
ceives his Cross Country award, (below) 

Chris Hitchcock puts his arm around Coach Crossman 

while Matt Tucker assists in passing out the soccer 

awards, (right) 

Daryll Taylor congratulates Amy Huffine on receiving 

her volleyball award, (bottom) 

Abby Reeder exits stage left after receiving a Cross 

Country award, (center) 

the FaU Spoms om oven 

The 1994 Fall Sports Banquet was a chance for the men and women athletes of Cross-Country, Soccer, and 
Volleyball to reflect upon a successful sports season. After a tasty dinner, the athletes sat back to enjoy the 
awards ceremony. Each athletic coach recognized the outstanding achievements of both their team as a whole 
and individuals whom the rest of the team had deemed merited specific recognition. Among the various awards 
of the evening were: Most Valuable Player, Coaches Award, Position Awards (such as Offense, Defense, etc.), 
Most Improved, Rookie of the Year, and others. The Banquet was also a chance for athletes to thank the coaches 
for their sacrificial diligence to the teams. 

34 Conam Deo 

Coach Ken Brooks presents Nathan Unruh with a basketball award and a hand- 
shake, (below left) 

Coach Ken Brooks shakes hands with Chad Urie. (below right) 

ijfoel Lawrence shakes hands with Coach Brooks as he receives his 
basketball award, (top) 

Zarter Brown presents a basketball award to Carlee Bevis. (bottom) 

the $pmng Spams ane oven.... 

The Spring Sports season was over. Bas- 
ketball was through for the year. It was time to 
celebrate! For this purpose the coaches and ath- 
letes of the Men's and Women's Varsity Basket- 
ball gathered in the Great Hall on a lovely 
Saturday in May. They ate an ARA specially 
cooked meal and reflected on the season. After- 
wards, they received several awards. Truly the 
banquet was an uplifting time that will always 
be remembered by those who attended. 

Awcmds given or Sprang Spoms Banouer: 

Chad Um - Chairman of the Board and most 


Nation Umuh - Most Valuable Player, All TV AC, 

and runner-up for Player of the Year 

Nathaniel Mille* - Senior Award 

Joel Lawenence - All Freshmen TV AC 

Eric Hewang - Man on Bench Award 

Melissa Venman - NAIA Academic All American 

Cardee Bens - All TV AC, Most Valuable Player, 

Best Offense, and NAIA Academic All 


Angela. Kmeq - Rebounding Award 

Kim Klein - Most Hustle Award 

Jenmjxn. Brawn - Most Improved 

VLamah Andrews - Best Offense 

Srudem lipe 35 

Rob Vaughn and Chandra Solle smile 
brillantly at the camera, (below 

Let's dance! Covenant students enjoy 
one of the few times they can dance, 

Everett Pierce, Stephanie Salley, Grace 
Sukhia, Lucas Mininger, George Ribet, 
Windy Mangum, Sara Henry, and Dave 
Peterson enjoy the delicious food and drink 
at the Tennessee Aquarium, (center) 

Colby Mason and Jesse Montgomery are 

surprised by the camera, (above) 

Covenant students get down during a train 
dance, (right) 

36 Comm Deo 

Dancing unben line sea ai Spmng Bannuer 

This year, the Spring Banquet was held at the Tennessee Aquarium. Everyone got to enjoy lively dancing, 
good non-ARA food, and fish, lots of them. The music of the evening, from YMCA to Brown-Eyed Girl, fit 
everyone's tastes. It led to many train dances, which everyone had fun participating in. Unfortunately (or was 
it fortunately?), the dance steps learned a few nights before the dance were rarely used. Before the dancing 
began, the meal was served. The menu consisted of vegetable lasagna (good for vegetarians and people on diets), 
tossed salad, and vegetables. The drink of the evening was a tasty, sweet tea with a bit of cherry juice. The meal 
was fitting because the Aquarium promotes environmental astuteness, i.e. not eating poor, helpless animals. 
When dancing got tiring, students could take a rest by walking through the Aquarium and looking at the fish. 
They could also walk outside the Aquarium along the river to where the Southern Belle was docked (where 
Spring Banquet was held last year) or even further to Walnut Street Bridge. The night air was cool and refreshing 
after leaving a hot dancing floor. Soon, after much fun and good food, people left with many good memories 
and tired feet. 

Whor do you nemewheK ojost abour Spmng Banouer? 

"The unstructured dancing and that it was a lot of fun." - 3erh Ewdey Qunion.) 

"The creative dancing with the bunny-hop, kick-lines, and great all-around dancing was my favorite part." 

- Windy Mangum Qunwn) 
"Seeing Big J, Deutch, and King dance." - Anonymous 

Jeremy Prys, Jesse Montgomery, Joel Doerfel, and Eric 
Gelston do the wave at Spring Banquet, (left) 

Kristen Vannoy, David Rose, Anna Hatcher, Nathan Hitchcock, 
Jeanna Mullenix, David Yaegashi, Eric Van Zee, and Jennifer 
Metts smile after a satisfying meal, (above) 

Do the locomotion! Dancers do a train dance, (center) 

Smbem life 37 

"Here's some buttermilk dearie!" The sisters Mcintosh, Lulie, 
Tizzie, (Jessica Wallis and Colby Mason) offers their supposed 

cousin something to drink, (below) 

'What did you say? 'Nam , only people who went to Vietnam 
can say 'Nam." Roy shouts at Ray. (right) 

'I going to eat this here Mar Bar." Ray(John Livingston) says 

to Roy (Phil Ledgerwood). (bottom) 

Jerry(Joseph Nichols) disturbs Peter (Nat Malkus) in the park. 


A Zoo Sway hy Edwand Aliee cocoes w Sandenson 215 . ♦ * 

Two Men. Jerry (Joesph Nichols), a man who's been to the zoo, and Peter (Nat Malkus), a man who has not 

One pleasant Sunday afternoon in a park, Peter, while reading his book and savoring the solitude on his park bench, is interupted by 

Jerry, at first politely and then quite rudely. As the two men develop a relationship, they digest what their Jives consist of, with Peter's 


(with a neighbor who plucks eyebrows, a sex-starved landlady, and a dog who despises him). But always Jerry is the initiator, dredging 

up the details of Peter s life, and informing Peter of his. Blow by blow, Jerry antagonizes Peter, attacking everything who Peter is . . . 


with, and Jerry winds up dead, impaled on the knife. ' L > 


- — play. But the emphasis was on theplay, 

not them. Best line (by Jerry, not verbatim)was: // When we're younger, we substitute the fantasy for the real thing. But when we grow 
up, we substitute the real thing for the fantasy. " ' 

38 Conam Deo 

"Wait a minute, I want to marry you!" Ivan Vassiliyitch Lomov (Samuel White) remem- 
bers after many fruitless arguments with Natalia Stepanovna(Jenna Stowe). (below left) 

Jerry (Joseph Nichols) tells Peter (Nat Malkus) the story about him and his dog as Peter 
sits solemnly on his park bench, (below right) 

Tizzie (Colby Mason Hortures Cousin Archie with the family photo 
album with Lulie (Jessica WallisO looking on. (top) 

Ivan Vassiliyitch Lomov(Samuel White) arguing with Stephan 
Stepanovitch Tschubukov(Travis Knight) about land between their 
two properties, (bottom) 

Many laughs ai the Nighr 0} Comedy 

Usually every semester at Covenant, there 
is one major production by Covenant's own dra- 
matic group, the Mine Shaft Players. That was not 
so this spring. Not only was there the usual major 
production in Hedda Gabler, but there were also 
a number of one-act plays performed early in the 
semester. These one acts included A Marriage Pro- 
posal by Anton Chekhov performed by Travis 
Knight, Samuel White, and Jennifer Stowe, and 
Lonestar performed by Phil Ledgerwood and John 
Livingston. There was also a band made up of 
Covenant Students named The Carriers. Both of 
these were comedies performed for the students 
coming to Covenant for Preview Weekend. Though 
the practices were few, both casts came through 
with excellent performances that entertained all. 

Two of these one acts, A Marriage Proposal 
and Lonestar were performed again for the enter- 
tainment of the Covenant community. Another 
one act was performed that night of April 7,1995 . 
It was called The Sisters Mcintosh. It was a play 
directed by Jessica Wallis and it starred Jessica 
Wallis, Colby Mason, and Mike McDonald. Again, 
the one acts were excellently performed to the 
delight of the Covenant community. 

Srudem life 39 

Michael Linger, guest conductor, smiles 
at the audience after he was done. 


Daniel Bowles plays his trumpet for the 
last piece, (right) 

Maria Deutschmann, principal second 
violinist, concentrates on her music. 


The violin section overhead shot from 
the balcony, (center) 

The cello and bass section includes 
many well-known people, (right) 

40 Comm Deo 

the GRegony M. Simmons Tine Am Semes is a success . ♦ ♦ 

There are many activities for Covenant College students to participate in, but sometimes, people just get 
the urge to sit down and soak in something that they don't necessarily have to participate in, but would still 
enjoy listening to or watching. This urge can be filled by CAB most of the time, especially with their movies 
and concerts, but sometimes, people don't even want that. They want something a little more refined and 
educational, but still entertaining. That's the category that the Gregory M. Simmons Fine Arts Series fits into. 
The Fine Arts Series is a year-long endeavor that seeks to bring in noted musicians and musical groups. There 
were several such people that came to Covenant this past year. Among those people were Julliard graduate 
and world-renowned singer Sung Sook Lee who gave a marvelous musical performance, and Mac Frampton, 
an excellent concert pianist who amazed his audience with his ability to mix a whole LOT of very different 
musical pieces virtually instantaneously. Another group in the series was the Slovak dance group Lucnica. In 
all, the Fine Arts Series was again a great success this year. 

The final concert of the year was the Spring Thistle orchestra concert. It was held in the Dora Maclellan 
Brown chapel at 3:00 pm on April 9, 1995. The audience enjoyed the combined efforts of the members of the 
Covenant College Symphonette, Brass Choir, and Chattanooga Symphony to produce a beautiful concert in 
the season of the resurrection of our Lord. This being the second year it was part of the Gregory M. Simmons 
Fine Arts Series, the orchestra performed works by Schubert, Haydn, Hoist, Kabalevsky, Bach, and Gabrieli 
under the direction of Daniel Bowles. 

SmdeiiT life 41 

"This is my manuscript about the future," announces Eilert 
Loveborg to George Tesman and Judge Brack, (below) 

'Welcome, Eilert!"George Tesman exclaims while Judge Brack, 
Hedda Gabler, and Thea Elvsted look on. (right) 

"Eilert just dropped it, Hedda." George Tesman esplains how 
he came to be in possession of Eilert's manuscript, (bottom) 

The cast of Hedda Gabler (left to right): Tim Gregson, Tracy 
Rollo, David White, Jennifer Graham, Samuel White, Jessica 

Wallis, and Heather Huston, (center) 

Not Vnee. SnU nor Ynee . . ♦ ♦ 

In the evenings of April 20, 21, and 22, three audiences were able to see the fruits of many hard days and 
long nights when the Mine Shaft Players performed a masterful interpretation of Henrick Ibsen's Hedda Gabler. 
The play Hedda Gabler itself is aboout a woman of aristocratic bearing who lives a life that is publically free 
from any scandal, but secretly she yearns to know the excitement of such things. The play is the story about 
Hedda trying to gain freedom from everyone - - for her to be in control of every situation, a goal that is ulti- 
mately unachievable. In the end, Eilert Loevborg (Hedda 7 s more flamboyant and carousing friend) has killed 
himself and Judge Brack has attained a position of blackmail over Hedda, who having always been a coward 
because she never would get involved in any type of scandal, finally puts an end to her cowardice by commiting 
Dne final act tha spits in the eyes of the world. She kills herself. This emotional thiller wasperformed extremely 
well and was well-received by audiences. This is was not only the SIP for Jennifer Graham, but also her final 
play here at Covenant. Jennifer has lent her marvelous talents to the Mine Shaft Players during her years at 
Covenant, and her expertise will be sorely missed. 

42 Conaoo Deo 

"There will be a scandal, Mrs. Hedda." Judge Brack gains control over Hedda Gabler by 
recognizing her pistol as the one that killed Eilert Loveborg. (below left) 
"Oh George, I hope Hedda likes what I have done." Aunt Juju shares her worries with 
George Tesman. 

"Thanks for telling me the truth, Hedda." Hedda Gabler tricks Eilert 
Loevborg into drinking again, much to Thea Elvsted's dismay, (top) 

"Oh, how sad that something like this should happen in this 
season of joy and life?" Aunt Juju says to Hedda Gabler while 
George Tesman looks on. (bottom) 

the Cost and Cnew op Hedda Gaklen: 
Cost List: 

George Tesman: Samuel Wferre 
Hedda Gabler: )enmpen Gnaham 
Miss Juliana Tesman: Heathen Uusron 
Mrs. Thea Elvsted: Tnacy RolLo 
Judge Brack: David Whne 
Eilert Loevborg: Tim Gneqson 
Bertha the maid: Jessica Walks 

Cnew List: 

Producer/ Director: Jenmpen Gnaham 

Stage Manager: Allison Boyd 

Lighting Director: John Gienapp 

Set Construction: Ryan Tok and Michael Veldman 

Set Beautif ication: Raven Cnovm, Tnacy Rolio, Amanda 

Thompson, and Kane Thompson 
Make-up: Tnacy Rollo 

Costume Assistants: Kanen Elmen and Kmsn Spmello 
Publicity /House Management: Berh Bwdey and 

lydia Perens 
Program: Adam 3nay 

Smdem life 43 

Dr. Daniel MacDougall speaks to the 
Seniors, (below) 

David Rose smiles because tomorrow 
he graduates, (right) 

Everitt Pierce is teased by Jason 
Roerdink. (center) 

Dr. Stephen Kaufmann serves a parent 
their dinner, (above) 

Scott Raymond and Shari Griggs serve 
dinner to their table, (right) 

44 Comm Deo 

It was a BanQjuer op Memomes. . . • 

Senior Banquet is traditionally held in the Great Hall, and this year was no different. One highlight 
of the evening was the traditional slide show. Pamela Kennedy, the president of the senior class, searched 
through pictures seniors had taken through the four years and old Tartan pictures to find just the right pictures 
to make the event an success. (Indeed, it was a trip down memory lane.) 

Another highlight was the speakers. Dr. Daniel MacDougall, President Frank Brock, Senior Wylly Collins, 
and Senior Pamela Kennedy all addressed the gathered crowd to share reflections and words of wisdom. 

A third highlight was the ARA food, served by professors and adminstrators and some Juniors. 
Believe it or not , ARA can make good food when necessary. The food choices were: Choice of chicken or 
beef, with carrots, Arizona Salad (Broccoli and raisins), green beans, rice, and (for dessert ) chessecake. To 
wash all this delicious food down, the choices were: tea, coffee, and water. 

Preceding the banquet, there was a president's reception for seniors and their parents. Carter lobby was 
filled to overflowing with beautifully and handsomely dressed ladies and gentleman. All sorts of finger 
foods covered the tables. After the Banquet, many parents and graduating seniors filed over to the Chapel 
to hear Madrigals, Chorale, and Anne-Marie Ferngren perform the Commencement Concert. 

President Frank Brock laughs at something funny while his wife, 
Dottie, listens intently to a gentleman on the other side of her 
husband, (above) 

Dr. Richard Baxter serves Jason Roerdink his dinner, (left) 

Srudern Lye 45 

Wylly Collins laughs with Tanya Hansen after Commencement. 


Melanie Anderson blesses the Commencement audience with 

her voice. (right) 

President Brock congratulates Stephen St. John on finally 

graduating, (bottom) 

Comoomcemem - TicfeeT to Vneedow pn Gmduanng Semons! 

The end of the year involves many events such as Finals, Packing, Senior Banquet, Commencement Concert 
and, most importantly, Commencement. The night before Commencement is traditionally the Commencement 
Concert. The Chorale and Madrigals did sing. The Madrigals sang a piece by Mozart named Dixit and Magnificat, 
The Chorale sang five sacred pieces from their tour reportoire and five pieces based on Shakespherean texts. 
Commencement was held at the Memorial Auditorium. The doors opened at 8:30 a.m. The prelude began at 9:30 
with several brass choir pieces and Michael Lingers oboe solo. Then, at 10:00, Commencement started as a 
bagpiper played for the processional of all the graduates and faculty. Then, President Brock officially started 
Commencement by welcolming students and parents alike. Heather Caines and Mark Mountan,along with one 
Quest and one Masters of Education student, gave their testmonies . Melanie Anderson graced everyone present 
with her voice. Next, all the soon-to-be graduates got to walk across the stage with much cheering and tears. Then, 
the bagpiper came back to lead the recessional of faculty and students. Finally, there were many hugs, tears, and 
congratulations downstairs in the reception area. 

46 CoRam Deo 

The Bagpiper led the processional and recessional of faculty and graduates, (below left) 
Kay James talking about what success really is. (below right) 

The graduates proceed down the aisle to their seats, (top) 
Faculty members sing the hymns in full voice, (bottom) 

Was rhene any dijpmence between Coamence- 
menr This yean than m yeans pasr? 

"I don't think there was any big difference. 
One of the strongest and longest Covenant tradi- 
tions is a truly memorable Commencement that 
would exemplify what we've been trying to teach 
for four years. Dr. Barker has planned Commence- 
ment ever since I have arrived, I feel Commence- 
ment has truly helped us honor graduates and lift 
up Jesus." 

- Vnesidem Fmnk Bnock 

"It wasn't as long as the previous year and 
also, it was not as restricted in expressive joy." 

- Fmnasco Wesr (Sojfoame) 

WfeflT did you hke hesr aboui Comcoenceaem? 

"I thought Kay James was awesome and I 
really appreciated what she had to say success." 

- Heathen Cames (Gmduare) 
"How about that kilt?" 

- Scott Gost (Senwn) 

"I liked the bar that everyone ran into. I will 
have to remember not to do that next year." 

- Kanea Elmex. (fumon) 

STudem life 47 

.--■ ■ .': :' . :■■■■ ■ I . ■'■ 

Compering in 

"For in Him dwelleth all the fullness of the 
Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in Him . . ." 
Colossians 2: 9, 10 


God gave us a spirit to know Him . . . 
a heart to love Him . . . 
a soul to enjoy him . . . 


a body to express Him . . . 

Written by Roy Lessin. 

Used by permission from Dayspring. 

48 Conam Deo 


Philippians 1:20 

"I eagerly expect and hope that 
I will in no way be ashamed, but 
will have sufficient courage so that 
now as always Christ will be ex- 
alted in my body, whether by life or 
by death." 

There are many things that are 
an integral part of college, things 
that people expect to see at any col- 
lege. The sports program at 

ibe Vnesence of God... 


Covenant fits that description, but 
also has a unique characteristic that 
not many other sports programs at 
other colleges have. That character- 
istic is a distinctive Christian focus 
on all of the sports played. What- 
ever the sport, whatever the event, 
whether it's basketball practice or a 
volleyball game, the coaches and 
the players seek to honor Christ in 

I Corinthians 6:20 

"You were bought with a price. 
Therefore honor God with your 
body. ; 


SpOKTS 49 

Men 's Vansny Soccen 

The 1994-95 soccer season for the Covenant Scots was a success in 
every sense of the word. The Scots ended the season with a 15-4-1 record 
with big wins over Pfeiffer, Florida Southern (a NCAA DII school), and 
Lee. They also made it to the Regional Semi-Finals, losing only to West 
Virginia Weslyan, the eventual NAIA National Champions. The Scots won 
the conference tournament beating King College 4-0 and Lee College 5-0, 
and were regular season Conference champions. 

The season was one of spiritual strength as well. No one from the 
Scots received any red cards this year as opposed to two last year. One of 
the season's goals for the Scots was to be a testimony on the field and it 
seems this was accomplished. 

The team was led by captains Matt Tucker and Jon Vannoy. Bran- 
don Shannon was a great help in midfield, and fullback converted forward 
Chris Hitchcock came through strong at the end of the season (six goals in 
conference play). Sweeper Teddy Sinn and goalkeeper Josh Leonard also 
played well on defense. 

Man on! (below) 
Brandon Shannon rushes to steal the ball. 


Take it away Phil Caines! (above) 

Hustle, Josh Good, Hustle! (center) 

A little fancy footwork by Chris 
Hitchcock, (bottom left) 

Jonathan Landrum takes charge of the 
ball, (bottom right) 

50 Cornm Deo 

Berry College 
Milligan College 
Montreat- Anderson College 
Tennessee Wesleyan College 
Bryan College 

Tennessee Temple University 
King College 
Lee College 
Belmont University 
Bluefield College 
Tusculum College 

Florida Southern College 

Lynn University 

Life College 

Birmingham Southern College 

Lambuth University 

King College 

Lee College 

Pf eif f er University 

West Virginia Wesleyan College 


(From back to front, and left to right): Dr. Brian Crossman (Coach), Erik McDaniel, Jon Vannoy, Matt Tucker, Chris 
Hitchcock, Teddy Sinn, Brandon Shannon, Scott Davenport, Daniel Legters, Ben Smith, David Stanton 
(Assistant Coach), Ike Reeder, Jonathan Landrum, Jacob Stewart, Jesse Montgomery, Zach Hughes, Jon 
Woodard, Dave Rose, Phil Caines, Marshall Brock, Josh Leonard, Ben Copithorn, Ian Mattice, James 
Alexander, Dave Fish, Andy Touma, Kris King, Josh Good, Chris Moore, and Alex Hogsett. 

SpORTS 51 

Vfoam's Vamry Soccm 

This year Covenant's first women's soccer team finally made it to 
"The Yard," bringing the rest of the district home to play on it with them. 
Throughout the season, Coach Duble set his goals higher and higher as he 
began to realize the team's potential. By the time the ladies won the chance 
to host the district playoffs, they had not only won Covenant's respect, but 
that of the other schools who watched the team play. 

The story of this team is long and interwoven. They learned things 
about each other on the field that they never would have off of it. Lessons 
about commitment, trust, and integrity, how to motivate, and how to 
encourage were just a few. In short, they learned the commandment that 
Jesus said was the fulfillment of all the others. They learned how to love 
each other through the game that turned into real life. 

"This team was a sisterhood, a safe place for me at a time when I 
needed one, a place for me to assert myself, and to find out what I'm about. 
(I thank God for you everyday. I'm so proud to have been a part of you. I 
wish you love, like we had here, in seasons to come, and Godspeed.)" 

- Jennifer Daniels (Senior) 

Kim Hinson takes the ball down field. 

On the defense, (right) 

■. 7/1/ v 

Polly Johnson drives through, 

Martha Kickasola takes a new 
direction, (center) 

Paige Trimmier assumes the "Not-gonna- j 
take-it-anymore" stance. I 
(bottom left) 

Allison Rump gets the ball, 
(bottom right) 

52 CoRam Deo 



■ <"■ 

Carson Newman College 1-2 
Lees McRae College 0-4 

Lee College 



Brewton Parker College 3-2 
University of the South 6-0 
Christian Brothers University 1-5 
Tennessee Wesleyan College 2-1 
Maryville College 0-2 
Tusculum College 2-0 
Lincoln Memorial University 0-2 
LaGrange College 3-0 
Wesleyan College 3-0 


Piedmont Collge 3-0 
Lambuth University 2-0 
Tusculum College 3-2 
Christian Brothers University 4-5 

(From top to bottom, and left to right): Mr. Mark Duble (Coach), Jennifer Grant, Roxaline Holbrook, Kate Luedde, 
Kathryn Hohenberger, Jennifer Daniels, Liz Pratt, Mr. Ian Cross (Assistant Coach), Polly Johnson, Amanda 
Lebreton, Tanja Rustand, Sara Donaldson, Karissa Case, Allison Rump, Rachel Stanton, Kim Hinson, Mary 
Persenaire, Charlotte Collison, Martha Kickasola, Robin Duble, Samantha Mitchell, Paige Trimmier, Lisa 
Mortellaro, and Amanda Levi. 

Spoms 53 

Men's Cross Counviy 

This year's Men's Cross Country team experienced unprecedented 
success. The Men's National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics record 
was 49 - 20 with first place finishes at the Tusculum and Covenant 
Invitationals. Team Captain Eddy Hilger led the Team's third place finish 
at Regionals, finishing fourth; earning the right to represent the school at 
Nationals in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Perhaps the greatest success the men's 
team experienced was in the binding together through grace in Christian 
fellowship. The team started off the year strong by consciously identify- 
ing their goal to glorify Christ through their actions and motives. Time was 
spent in prayer each day giving Christ honor as a team and thinking Him 
for all of their talents and gifts. The team was known throughout the region 
by its unity and encouragement of each other and other teams, and its good 

Enduring the race, (below) 
The men's lineup, (right) 

John Huisman (the windblown look). 


Eric VanZee and Kevin Vedders goin' 
strong, (center) 

Jeremy Jones steps it out. (bottom left) 

Timing isn't everything, Eddy Hilger. 

(bottom right) 

54 Conam Deo 

Covenant Intersquad/ 


Oglethorpe Dual (Win) 

7th out of 7 



U.T.C. Invitational 


2nd out of 10 


Tusculum Invitational 

11th out of 22 


1st out of 3 


Sewanee Invitational 


3rd out of 10 

108th out of 329 finishers 

Oglethorpe Double Dual 

(2 individual qualifiers) 


Eddy Hilger 

Emory Invitational 


2nd out of 8 

TEAM: Eddy Hilger, 

Covenant College Invita- 

Toby Riggs, Jeremy 

tional 1st out of 5 

Jones, Eric VanZee, Brad 


Tennessee-Virginia Ath- 

Stout, Joe Kaufmann, 

letic Conference 

Kevin Vedders 

1st out of 2 (15 PT SWEEP) 


Southeastern Classic 



(From top to bottom, and left to right): Paul Nakhla, John Huisman, Kevin Vedders, Marcus Mininger, Mr. David 
Taylor (Coach), Eddy Hilger, Eric VanZee, Joe Kaufmann, Toby Riggs, Jeremy Davis, Brad Stout, Jeremy Jones, 
Sam Robertstad, Travis Knight, and Will Funches. 

Spoms 55 

Vtamfs Qwss Ccwmy 

With only four returning runners — three of whom were sopho- 
mores — and a plethora of newcomers, some may have assumed this would 
have been a "building year" for the Women's Cross Country Team. This 
year would be one from which not much would be expected, with the 
intention of preparing a young team for the years to come. However, it 
surely did not turn out that way. The new members of the team proved to 
be exceedingly hard workers, patient encouragers, and amazing runners. 
The returning runners were excited, to say the least, about the potential they 
saw. The blessings went far beyond this, though. They had one of the best 
seasons in Covenant's women's team history. 

On top of this, they grew together as a team and as friends through 
the practices and races, long van rides, and late dinners. Each one continu- 
ally encouraged her teammates to keep their goals in the proper focus, with 
Christ as the center and purpose for it all. 

The secret's in the shoes, (below 
Starting out on the right foot, (right 

Abby Reeder sports a determined look. 


Ready for the race, (center) 

Mary Miner and Heather Lippincott lead 

the way. (bottom left) 

Melanie Anderson ...still going, (bottom 


56 CoRam Deo 

Carson - Newman Invita- 



5th out of 5 

2nd out of 8 


U.T.C. Invitational 

8th out of 16 

3rd out of 9 

Tusculum Invitational 


3rd out of 9 


Sewanee Invitational 

109th out of 329 finishers 

3rd out of 9 

Abby Reeder 

Oglethorpe Double Dual 



Emory Invitational 


3rd out of 10 

Reeder, Michelle Acker, 

Covenant College Invita- 

Catherine Middendorf, 


Micah Pickett, Mary 

1st out of 5 

Miner, Heather Ferngren 

Tennessee- Virginia Athletic 



1st out of 3 full teams 

WOMEN: Abby Reeder, j 

Southeastern Classic 

Catherine Middendorf 


(From top to bottom, and left to right): Mr. Robert Richmond (Assistant Coach), Angela Ficca, Catherine Middendorf, 
Emily McCampbell, Mr. David Taylor (Coach), Micah Pickett, Melanie Anderson, Heather Lippincott, Abby 
Reeder, Carissa Maliepaard, Leah Behm, Michelle Acker, Keri Weigle, Heather Ferngren, and Mary Miner. 

Spoms 57 

lady Scots VolUyhall 

Upon reflecting on the 1994 season, the Lady Scots Volley- 
ball team is reminded of a special time they had over Fall Break 
in Florida. The team had the opportunity on Sunday morning to 
worship at a men's maximum security prison where Rebecca 
Doerbaum's father serves as chaplain. Amy Huffine and Rachelle 
Biddinger used their musical talents to worship there at the 
prison. Tears welled up in the girls' eyes as they saw God speak 
through them to ordinary prisoners. The volleyball team brought 
together so many different girls who ordinarily would not have 
come together. As a result, many talents and gifts were brought to 
the team, but were used to touch the lives of others as well. Just 
days after their visit to the prison, the team received a card from 
the prisoners thanking them for such a special time. 

Patricia Tucker in mid-serve, (below 
Shadow puppets and a block, (right' 

Lisa Lum Lung sets it up. (above) 

Rebecca Doerbaum and Rachelle 
Biddinger after a point, (center) 

A teamwork bump, (bottom left) 

Rebecca Doerbaum goes for the reach. 

(bottom right) 

58 Conam Deo 




Trevecca Nazarene College 


Tusculum College 


David Lipscomb College 


Milligan College 


Martin Methodist College 


Montreat- Anderson College 


Toccoa Falls College 


King College 


Bryan College 


Clinch Valley College 


Tusculum College 


Bluefield College 


Milligan College 


Lee College 


Montreat- Anderson College 


Tennessee Temple University 
Toccoa Falls College 


LaGrange College 


2-0 i 

Bryan College 


Atlanta Christian College 


Lee College 


Agnes Scott College 


Bluefield College 


Spelman College 


King College 


Southeastern Bible College 


Clinch Valley College 


Martin Methodist College 


Tennessee Temple University 


Maryville College 


Georgia SW College 


(From top to bottom, and left to right): Rachelle Biddinger, Rachel Shattuck, Rebecca Doerbaum, Julie Fitzgerald, 
Heather McCauley, Sara Huffine, Kathleen Swierzb, Lisa Lum Lung, Leanna Yeazel, Ashley Brown, Charis 
Barbee, Patricia Tucker, Jennifer Moore, and Amy Huffine. Not Pictured: Mr. Darryl Taylor (Coach) 

Spams 59 

Men's Vansny Basketball 

The 1994-95 Scots Basketball season began with high expectations 
that didn't necessarily materialize in the final record. The Scots were coming 
off a 19-16 year and were returning a solid nucleus. Back with the Scots were 
co-MVP's from the previous year, Nathan Unruh and Nathaniel "Bats" 
Miller, along with All-Freshman performer Chad Urie and part-time starter 
Dell Cornett. The season ended with a disappointing record of 13-20. The 
Scots were plagued with various injuries as well as extended sickness to key 
personnel. The Scots also lost many close games, a total of eleven by nine 
points less. These factors combined with Covenant's tough conference and 
extremely difficult non-conference schedule turned a promising season into 
one that did not meet pre-season expectations. Highlights of the year 
included wins over nationally ranked Alice Lloyd, perennial NCAA III 
power Maryville at Mary ville, area rivals, Bryan College at home and a rout 
of Tennessee Temple at Temple, and a triple overtime thriller at home 
against Tennessee Wesleyan. Post season honors went to Nathan Unruh 
who was named to the N AIA honarable mention Ail-American team, as well 
as All-Conference in the TVAC (ruuner-up in player of the year voting) and 
Joel Lawerence who made the TVAC All-Freshman team. Team awards 
went to Nathan Unruh-MVP, Chad Urie, Chairman of the Boards and Most 
Improved, and Eric Herring, Man on the Bench. 

Chad Urie jumps up to receive a pass. 


Dell Cornett shots for two-points, (right) 

Chad Urie shrieks as he strives to make a 

lay-up. (above) 

Nathaniel"Bats" Miller reaches past Bryan 
defenders to make a basket, (center) 

Although Nathaniel"Bats" Miller is 

throughly covered, he still attempts a 
basket, (bottom left) 

Joel Lawerence dribbling past his defender. 

(bottom right) 

60 Conam Deo 


~'*'mk W' f 


f/ , 








Faulkner University 


TN Wesleyan Coll. 

83-87 20T 

LaGrange College 


Maryville College 


Lee College 


Milligan College 


Cumberland Univ. 


TN Temple College 


Life College 


Clinch Valley Coll. 


Bryan College 


VA Intermont Coll. 


King College 


Bryan College 


Milligan College 


Bluefield College 




VA Intermont Coll. 


Tusculum College 


TN Wesleyan Coll. 

103-100 30T 

Cumberland Univ. 


Alice Lloyd Coll. 


Columbus College 


Bluefield College 


Alice Lloyd College 


TN Temple Coll. 


King College 




Clinch Valley Coll. 


Tusculum College 


Lee College 


Alice Lloyd College 


Jax. State Univ. 


(left to right): Nathaniel "Bats" Miller, Ray Hellings, Joey Logterman, Travis Horton, Clint Ball, Eric 
Hellings, Nathan Unruh,Chad Urie, Jeremy Prys, Ken Brooks (Coach), Oliva Brooks, Mike Vonhof, Dell 
Cornett, Joe Casby, Chuck Holt, Joel Lawerence, Tony Duckworth (Asst. Coach), and Shawn McKnight. 

SpOKTS bl 

Ytomm's Vowsny Bosfeeifedl 

At the end of the 1994-95 season, the Lady Scots finished with a 19- 
13 record. However, many people did not believe that coming in 6th in the 
conference was an accurate representation of the talent on the team and 
were disappointed with the results. Player to player, some thought the 
team had talent to be in the top bracket, but unfortunately the players 
struggled to come together as a team. They lacked what it took to take care 
of the little things that win a championship. 

In spite of some disappointment, it was a good season. The players 
meshed well off the court and as the season progressed on the court as well. 
This building of friendships made all the hard work and travelling really 
enjoyable. They made some great memories this year off and on the court. 
Many were anxious to come back next year and do what it takesto make 
next year's season just as incredible on the court. 

Kim Hinson drives to the basket dodging 
an Alice Lloyd defender, (below) 

Carlee Bevis makes the shot in front of a 

defender, (right) 

Tammy Morgan manuver her way to the 
basket in front of many Milligan defend- 
ers, (above) 

Carlee Bevis arches over everyone to 
make a basket, (center) 

Krista Kiehl dribbles beside a Lee de- 
fender, (bottom left) *» 

Ramah Andrews races toward the basket 
while escaping Virginia Intermont de- 
fender, (bottom right) 

62 CoKam Deo 




Lee College 


TN Wesleyan College 


Freed-Hardeman Univ. 


Atlanta Christian College 


Bryan College 


Milligan College 


Spring Hill College 


TN Temple University 


King College 


Clinch Valley College 


Milligan College 


VA Intermont College 


Montreal Anderson College 




Judson College 


Bluefield College 


Tusculum College 


VA Intermont College 


Georgetown College 


TN Wesleyan College 


Gordon College 


Alice Lloyd College 


Alice Lloyd College 


Bluefield College 


King College 


TN Temple University 


Clinch Valley College 


Montreat-Anderson College 


Lee College 


Tusculum College 


S. Wesleyan Univ. 


Alice Lloyd College 





t* -.. 

'iJL. ■# 



(from front to back and left to right): Tanya Rustand (Student Asst.), Carter Brown (Asst. Coach), Melissa Ferman, 
Angela Krieg, Kim Crawford, Tami Smialek (Coach), Sue Rowe (Asst. Coach) Abby Reeder, Jennifer Brown, 
Carlee Bevis, Ramah Andrews, Sara Huffine, Lisa Franklin, Tammy Morgan, Kim Klein, Amanda Ellen- 
burg, and Krista Kiehl. 

Shorts 63 

No More Skin and Bones 


Shortly After Birth 


A Few Good Men 






' / 

5 *p" 

The men's football season included five teams this 
year. Rainouts, caused several delays and ultimately 
caused the total cancellation of the playoffs. This meant 
that the championship would be decided by the regular 
season records. Whoever emerged with the best record at 
season's end would be declared the championship and be 
awarded the coveted intramural t-shirts. 

Shortly After Birth, led by Mark Lynch and Ray 
Hellings, was the early season favorite as the team hand- 
ily won its first three games. No More Skin and Bones, 
however, was also reaching an undefeated season due to 
the heroics of Chris Wingate and Jeremy Deutschmann. 
The two teams would meet in the final game to decide the 

No More Skin and Bones was impressive in this 
final game. Matt Kuiper scored touchdowns on passes 
from Chris Wingate as their team claimed the title with a 
14-0 victory. Jeremy Deutschmann scored a touchdown 
off of an interception for the same team. 

A Few Good Men could not overcome a dismal 
start and finished at the 500 mark while Blackwatch and 
Bloodlust struggled throughout the year. 

64 Comm Deo 

Sweat + Friends + pigskin = intramural football, (top) 

Chris Wingate floats for the first down, (above left) 

No, this is not the statue of I wo Jima, it's intramural footbal 


Going long, (bottom left) 

Mark Lynch breaks left, (bottom right) 

■ « 1 1 


■■■■■ ■■.■■■!■ ..■■■..■..■■.. . r '■■ ■ 

■ i ; ■ 

11 Juniors 


11 Seniors 

1 i 

■ 1 11 Sc 

PI h 





Get her!" (top left) 

'he Junior team plays on to another victory, (directly above) 

You go girl!" Covenant girls playing intramural football, (right) 

Games were few and far between in the women's 
football league. Forfeits and rain-outs severely short- 
ened the season. One team, the Freshmen, never even 
got to play. 

The critical game of the season came in the first 
week when the Juniors blasted the Jennifer Daniels-less 
Seniors 21-0. This turned out to be the pivotal game as 
the Juniors and Seniors both won their final two games. 
The Juniors' undefeated season could be partially cred- 
ited to their dedicated coaches, Brent Thompson and 
Joey Pipa. 

The Sophomores had a mediocre year winning 
one game out of three. 

Spans 65 

Two teams stood out as the favorites to take the 
crown. Huckleberry went undefeated and entered the 
tournament as the #1 team. Meat, led by Benji Clark and 
Charlie Wier, were definitely the most outrageous team, 
and cruised to the #2 spot. The Cocheeze started slowly 
but got six straight wins, led by Dave Harkins and the 
Belk Brothers to get the #3 spot. The Freshmen, all 
newcomers to the intramural scene, enjoyed an impres- 
siveseason with tough physical soccer and took the#4 position. 

As expected, each of these teams won their pre- 
liminary matches and advanced to the final four. There, 
Meat forfeited against the Cocheeze in their semi-final 
match and Huckleberry man-handled the Freshmen to 
reach the final. 

Earlier in the season, Huckleberry had beaten the 
Cocheeze 5-2 but this match-up would have avery dif- 
ferent outcome. The match was tied 1-1 at the end of 
regulation play and entered sudden death overtime. 
About two minutes in, Donnie Belk ripped a long shot 
off the keeper and into the side netting as the Coheeze 
took the title 2-1. 

Toby Riggs looks for an open teammate as he is surrounded b) 
defenders, (below) 

Nathan Roberts side-stepping up the court, (directly below) 
Jonathan Weyer leaps over Dave Harkins. (below left) 



66 Concim Deo 

Tricia Tucker and Anna Krahn fight over the ball, (below) 
Elizabeth Wilson dribbling the ball, (directly below) 

Women's Intramural Soccer ended up finishing in 
the spring semester for the first time due to lack of available 
gym time. 

Two teams breezed through the regular season while 
the third played impressively. The Lethal Potatoes, led by Jen 
Daniels, Samantha Mitchell and Charlotte Collison, went 
undefeated with a 7-0 record, entering the tournament. The 
Balcony plus One held down the #2 spot with a 6-1 record. 
The Funky Freshman had a fine year with Amanda Lebreton 
and easily won the scoring title with over twenty goals; that 
is better than three goals a game average. 

In the tournament, the top teams advanced to the 
final as expected. However, like the men's side, the lower 
seed would upset the #1 team and grab the title. The Lethal 
Potatoes, without Mitchell and Collison, would bow to 
Balcony plus One in a exciting final. The game ended in a 2- 
score as Dumper and Hohenberger both connected first 
half goals. Without any substitues, the Lethal Potatoes wore 
down and could never find the back of the net. 

The Championship team for the Women 

consisted of: 

Leah Behm 

Ashley Brown 

Jessica Colvert 

Sharon Davis 

Kim Hinson 

Katie Hohenberger 

Kate Luedde 

Chandra Solle 

Deborah Spiritosanto 

Stephanie Van Reken 

Suzi Dumper (Captain) 

The Balcony plus One 


SpORTS 67 

Ticked Off 


Little Flowers of St. Francis 




Orange Crush 



9-4 ! 

St. Elmo Rules 

7-6 i 

A Few Good Men 




Out On The Tiles 


Lynch Mob 


Just Your Average Joes 


You Don't Worry 




Chess VII 


A long regular season of intramural basketball 
ended with an exciting several days of playoffs. In the 
first round of the men's bracket, the top four seeds got 
the night off. Four games were scheduled but only two 
were actually played. Two teams, Gamecocks (5th) 
and Out on the Tiles, progressed due to other teams 
forfeiting. The other games' winners were St. Elmo 
Rules (6th) and A Few Good Men (7th). In the second 
round, St. Elmo got knocked out by Fletchabuts(2nd) 
in a rough, foul-plagued game. Gamecocks lost a close 
one to Orange Crush(4th). A Few Good Men fought 
valiantly but lost to The Little Flowers of St. Francis 
(2nd). Ticked Off, the no. 1 team blew out Out on the 
Tiles. The final four saw only one game played. The 
Fletchabuts could not field a team and forfeited to the 
Little Flowers. Ticked Off won against Orange Crush 
and advanced to the final. In the championship, Ticked 
Off overwhelmed the Little Flowers to take the title. 

Travis Poortinga attempts a basket with defenders all around. 


Players wait to see what the ball is going to do. (above left) 
Travis Poortinga attempts again to make a basket, (directly above) 

68 Conao) Deo 

Emily McCampbell tries to block Daniel Laphne's shot, (above) 

Amanda Lebreton flies through the air to make a basket, (above 

Lady reaching for ball that was thrown from behind, (directly 

In a season that saw every team have at least one loss, 
the girls intramural basketball playoffs promised to be 
action-packed. In the first rouncfof the women's bracket, 
the top four seeds all advanced to the semi-finals. The 
women's side was broken into two divisions so each team 
played a team from the opposite division. 

The Cheerios, the #2 seed in Div. 1, took on Those Girls 
in a down-to-the-wire battle and emerged with a close 29- 
26 victory. In another slim decision, the #2 seed in Div. 2, 
Rare Essence, took a 22-17 win over Your Mama's in 
| DeNile. The Lava Lamps, #1 in Div. 2, disposed of We're 
j Better Than Your Mama, 36-17. Lastly, the Champions 
Return, the #1 team overall, ran it up on Hopson's 
Hoopsters and advanced with an 80-6 win. 

In the semi-finals the Champions return continued 
their impressive run with a big 57-23 win over the Cheerios. 
In probably the most exciting women's game of the year, 
Jen Moore nailed a long jumper with several seconds left 
to give her team, Rare Essence, an overtime victory, 19-17 
over the Lava Lamps. 

The final was a close-fought battle in the first half with 
the Champions Return up by one, 10-9. They finished off 
Rare Essence early in the second half with a 12-1 run, and 
coasted from there to a 38-20 championship victory. 

Spoms e>9 

This year, thirteen teams, of about eight people a 
piece, participated in the intramural volleyball 
season, the one co-ed intramural sport on cam- 
pus. Champions Return won the season with 
ten wins and two losses on record. Director's 
Choice was in a close second with a record of 
nine wins and three losses. In third pice was 
Serbian Muscians with 8-4 record, while BR549 
and Little Flowers tied for fourth placee. The 
season was a success because each team member 
played hard and had a lot of fun. 

Sara Huffine sets the ball for a teammate to spike, (below) 

Jon Vannoy gets ready to serve the ball, (directly below) 

Jesse Montgomery bumps the ball while Sara Huffine looking 
on intently, (below left) 

Champions Return 


Director's Choice 


Serbian Musicians 


BR 549 


Little Flowers 



- -»BMS#»*»«** ,B !^W^ 


* 1 • 

70 Coma) Deo 

Amanda Lebreton taps the ball up while Brant Sykes 
comes to help, (below) 

Lisa Franklin hits the ball over the net. (center) 

A gentleman spikes the ball on to the other side, (directly 

Amanda Lebreton jumps up to spike the ball with two 
people come to her aid. (below right) 

The members of the Championship team: 

Tricia Tucker 
Brandon Shannon 
Dell Cornett 
Daniel McKinney 
Jackson Alexander 
Ryan Todt 
Chris Hitchcock 
Chandra Solle 
Katie Hohenberger 
Lisa Lum Lung (captain) 

Spoors 71 

MmiSTemng u 

"... The only thing that counts is faith express- 
ing itself through love." Galatians 5:6 

Faith isn't like a rock but a plant 

that is nourished and grows. 
Love isn't like a lake but like a river 

that flows and is channeled. 
Both have the capacity to increase 
and strengthen. 
Both can be sources of abundance and 

Written by Roy Lessin. 

Used by permission from Dayspring. 

11 Conao) Deo 

1 Corinthians 12:12 

'The body is a unit, though it is 
made up of many parts; and though all 
its parts are many, they form one body 
So it is with Christ. " 

Covenant is made up of many dif- 
ferent students with many different tal- 
ents and abilities, including singing, 
leadership, and serving. These abilities 
are all put to use through various clubs. 
Many people have witnessed the tal- 
ented voices of the sixteen people in 

The Vnesence op God... 


^H i 





Madrigals. Leadership skills are needed 
by the members of the Student Senate, 
the leaders of the more than forty clubs 
on campus, and the editors of the cam- 
pus publications such as the Tartan and 
the Bagpipe. Students are able to act out 
the Great Commission and show 
servanthood in various ministries such 
as Break on Impact, Prison Ministries, 
and Inner-City Ministries. In each of 
these areas, students strive to show 
Christ through the gifts He has given 

2 Corinthians 3:3 

"You show that you are a letter 
from Christ, the result of our ministry, 
written not with ink but with the Spirit 
of the living God, not on tablets of stone 
but on tablets of human hearts/' 

Clubs 73 

Aenohics Cluh 

The Aerobics Club members included (back row left to 
right): Rebekah Needham, Charlotte Crane, Leigh 
Mullinax, Noel Bentson, Elizabeth Pratt, Kristin Fiol, 
Melissa Parish, Jessica Carey, Windy Magnum, (front 
row left to right): Julie Oinonen, Naomi Raines, Sarah 
Roberts, and Kathleen Gulick. 

The Aerobics club existed to provide students 
with an opportunity to enjoy a challenging workout. 
Through exercise, people experienced God's grace 
by enjoying the ability He gave them to grow in 
physical strength and health through movement 
and discipline. This year, exercise has been particu- 
larly enjoyable for most of the participants. They 
have been able to spend time with friends and people 
they would not have otherwise known. This year has 
also been good to the club because the Senate, recog- 
nizing the valuable service the Aerobics club pro- 
vided, gave the club funds to purchase good steps. 

Backpacking Cluh 

The Backpacking Club (left to right): Betsy Rice, Matt Lind- 
ley, Will Honeycutt, and Alice Belz. 

The Backpacking Club took trips to Georgia, 
Tennessee, Alabama, and North Carolina. The trip 
activities included rigorous backpacking, swim- 
ming, campf ires, eating excellent food prepared by 
gourmet chef Matt Lindley, foraging for nuts, and 
doing what bears do in the woods. 

74 Conam Deo 

Tbe Bagpipe 

The Bagpipe 

Covenant's minority financial aid policy to change again 

A financial aid policy that 
(warded minority students unlit 
'"mflnvi il packages composed of 
IS* grans and 25f loam instead 
of tbe usual 50-30% split offered 

pi'jal many member? of tbe ad- 

Brock. President of the college. "I 
dad not expect the wfliie backlash 
and il mix really worth off end 

people we would please. " 
The decision to drop the "75- 

ttlini I've seen anything in ml- 

However, during the Octu-ber Zb 
meeting of the President's Coun- 

1 the Tuk 


According id Charlie Phillips. 
■- -:■ prest Jcru tot Development 
and vJ.ii tssxx i the policy *as 
dropped because il was "a rigid, 
inequitable system simply t> doic 


*ai made in and x- proposal pre 

'W. but The Bagpipt Force on Admissions and Hnan- 

alerted to the change ^ Ajd Policies, chaired by Dr 

i why the student body Charles Donaldson 

*as not Bid about the change eoa- The proposal called for finan 

cenung tninority financial aid. cial aid package* to be awonled to 

Brock responded "It's probably application basis simitar to the 

in coiCinssjig qucsaon because rncni jrJ> S-tvlafJii.- 

the train U we assigned the whole programs. While the Council did 

pr.*lr:n to a committee and the m^ approve all the recomroenda- 

commmEe began » massage data} uxis of the Task Force, they did 

grcadv affect financial aid. Financially ipeaking the new 

Itiu lips evplainoJ the pn>j«.>iaJ n»lic» will fie much more pracli 

sayine that. The Multicultural cal than (he original '75-25* 

l .Hiuniriec ij going <*■■ bav » i"» ' I" 1 " • iim Ji'iB <■• I'hillip-. 

of fundi to award that the undent "I think the hinadei dcfiniticD 

basically has the burden n> show ol diversity is more equitable B 

thai they ait £<.<in$ Ki make j COD- nan with therefore the pool CM- 

puj." pegged to iJit individual >, . DQUi 

According lo Bob Hubert, bution rather than being on ncro;s 

\kc ruciidctit jl -\Jminutijiicr tin- hojidruluif; like "'? t > 15 with 

and Finance, ihe financial pool out regard to the individual 1 , [ui 

»os funded by collapsing the lb ocular contribution," Philhpsisjd 

scholarships originally teserved "Htiancially tu the iniflonjun... it's 

students. In addition, tbe interna- cause it's based on a person and 

oonal student scholarships were not on a group ' he continued 

likewise collapsed and put mlo the Di Clili Kircman. a member ol 

pool However. Harterci pointed iheF-acuhyM 


The official head of the 1994 - 1995 Bagpipe. 

The Official Masthead of the 1994-1995 Bagpipe 

'The Bagpipe is the official student newspa- 
per of Covenant College. It is a bi-weekly publica- 
tion that is of the students, by the students, and for 
the students. Its goal is to glorify God by using the 
staff's talents and minds to evaluate the world from 
a Christian mind-set, and to mirror the college's 
motto: In all things . . . Christ pre-eminent/" 

Editor-in-Chief : Mark D. Mountan 

Other Editors : Matt Lindley, Rachel Kennedy, Joel 

Wells, Jennifer Graham, Laurel Reames, Betsy Rice, 

Heather Ferngren, Greg Baus, Dave Harkins, 

Stephen Davenport, Trisha Morgan, and Joe Kauf- 


Campus Acnvmes 

Campus Activities Board (CAB) (clockwise): Jessica "Tex" 
Lodge, Keri Weigle, Aaron Tolson, Matt Lindley, Shawn 
Winburn, Jessica Carey, Todd Crusey, and Ethan Farqua- 



Cliaeftwii votaanp [higtiem peak] overlooking ttrrtwed 

M»»i »^0M T«iS 0, &«€W v^uitA f J '*' 

««> * <**€«- Wit- a-JO-anr wsrcj 

*** V*NC <MVwCio> 


"COMICS V.WUE s&nr? t m*,b *• *-XK»m' 
5f a **' b ^ w »~«t *<t '-am Aosswav,*- *»t 
To >MM( k t>**> ! ^wij «:«» »«, THW.ue 

^ctc vn*. »«%«• -n> e^M& ei**^ , M 

W6KMW, *»«'-*" T* !«8SitJ>eC A-cosaTB^P 
To Th« »<t«s ! UHCft* «««>««, ft t^CKV 

~ri»>i«'t ue a^t *wwt frx&t -re»-i w«p6 

ll ^**P rt * MCxAfjrrAv**^^ jA)N»ii ot*€ of. -TV*tfM 
****** '"StWUt*** >JV MC Pv>«m,v *** 

1 "Tr^CiaoaeS 1 

^ 3oTSU 

Clubs 75 

Campus Tow 

The staff of CFO consisted of (left to right): Ben Claassen, 
Kevin Vedders, Nathan Allison, and Jennifer Shaw. Not 
Pictured: Yonas Alemayehu and Rob Rowton. 

This year, Campus Foto Organization (CFO) 
brought the presence of God to the campus through 
servanthood. The members of CFO came to under- 
stand the principle of servant leadership as they 
worked to take photos for the Tartan and the Bagpipe, 
as they persevered in efforts to come before Senate 
for finances, and as they worked with a small staff to 
produce a large amount of pictures. 


months mone and then the hanuestl' | tell you, 



>> ,„ „ -WO 

p( Operation 




n T#S : 

covewAiwr coue&ee ruieo awmual MiSSiows cowreeeMce 

Speiker PguJ KooLetra 

JAM. 16 ro i? 

at the fields' They cme Ripe f. oh hanoesf.' 








Commisioned made its presence known on campus through 
the appearance of these missions signs near the time of the 
missions conference that it sponsored. 

The purpose of Commissioned was to lift 
missionaries, countries, and Covenant's minis- 
tries up to the Lord in prayer. Every week mem- 
bers of the club focused on different areas in the 
world. Missionary kids, nationals from other coun- 
tries, and ministry leaders came to the club to talk 
about their personal experiences and to give prayer 
requests for various countries. Through the per- 
sonal insights of these people, the group was able 
to pray more effectively for areas all over the 
world. The club gave its members a Christ-cen- 
tered perspective on the different areas and en- 
abled the members of Commissioned to pray more 
effectively for the people that are without Christ. 

76 CoRam Deo 

CC Cheejdeadens 

The Covenant College Cheerleaders were (backrow): Eliza- 
beth Pratt, (middle row, left to right): Lesley Monroe, Melissa 
Parish, Christy Ellingsworth, MeresaYoungblood, (front 
row, left to right): Ben Claassen, Jennifer Shaffer, Karen 
Raney, and Joey Pipa. 

Cheerleading at Covenant College was more 
than jumping around in a cute little uniform. It was 
more than being at every game. Hanging up the 
uniforms did not mean that the cheerleaders were 
done until the next game. Once people became Scot 
Cheerleaders, they were always cheerleaders, 
whether it was cheering for the players on the court 
or encouraging people off the court. The cheerlead- 
ers' primary goal was to glorify God through their 
actions. Their secondary goal was to lead the Cov- 
enant crowd in chants to support Covenant's bas- 
ketball teams. Go Scots! 

•j** s"f f"X FT* 

CC Dance Teacv 

Dance team members sported their smiles and trendy 
unitards. Members included (counterclockwise from left): 
Kristy Had ley, Windy Magnum, Grace Sukhia, Janeen 
VanSomeren, Jennifer Beland, Jennifer Stowe, Emily 
McCampbelL Heather Aiken, Courtney Ligon, and Londa 

The presence of God was obvious among the 
members of the dance team. He brought the team 
together in a special way and bonded it together. One 
could hear in the prayers and see in the attitudes of the 
ladies involved that God was working in each lady's 
life. The dancers praise God for what He has done for 
the dance team. 

Clubs 77 

Covenam Rammer 

(clockwise from the left): Nathan Allison, Cara Dolenz, Jan 
Hoven, Nate Burke, Kim Crocker, Stephen Davenport, 
John Thomas, Dorothy Fisher, Jeff Barr, and Susan White 
demonstrated not all business people wear suits. 

Covenant College's Business Club was affili- 
ated with Rotary International. This past fall, with 
the help of Rotary, club members took a trip to New 
Orleans to visit businesses which are unique to that 
area and to experience the culture of the city. One of 
the more memorable experiences was when club 
members took a walk down Burbon street and, be- 
cause of this, acknowledged how thankful they were 
to have the presence of God in their lives. 

CC Srep Teaw 


"■** : "'- . v 

(left to right): Sharon Davis, Jody Barrett, Jennifer Ma- 
haffey, and Kristin Sandhoff decide to demonstrate their 
sitting skills as well. 

Praise God that He has fearfully and 
wonderfully made the members of the step 
team. The step team members, in gratitude for 
the way God created their bodies, glorified 
Him in rhythmic routines using their feet, 
hands, and voices. With stomping and clap- 
ping, jumping and slapping, and even a little 
leap frog , the Covenant Step Team sought to 
bring the presence of God to the campus 
through praise. 

78 Conaa) Deo 


EarthKeepers were (counterclockwise from left): Everitt 
Pierce, Sarah Oline, Kerry Tebbs, Alice Belz, and David 

NEW RECYCLING BINS! After three long 
years, founder and president Kerry Tebbs rejoiced 
in the fact that recycling at Covenant was now 
permanently established. Club members thanked 
God, Artie Green, Bard Schreur, Student Senate, 
and all the students who bought EarthKeepers T- 
shirts for this accomplishment. The funds from the 
T-shirts went to help pay for the recycling bins. 

fact that a majority of students did not embrace, but 
instead were rather skeptical, of the purpose for 
EarthKeepers, the club stood on the sound Biblical 
teaching that everyone must care for the earth. The 
members hope their fanatical reputation challenges 
the status quo apathy. 





<N ' 

Evangelism Club 

Evangelism Team consisted of (left to right): Heather Lip- 
pincott, Gordon Anderson, Nathan Allison, Amy Riley, 
and Rick Quinn. (not pictured): Greg Baus, Josh Jackson, 
Phil Ledgerwood, Todd Joling, Nathan Carlson, and Jim 

During this past school year the evangelism 
ministry saw God at work in the housing projects 
of Chattanooga. When the club started out in Au- 
gust '94, it was a two-man ministry. So, these two 
members prayed to the Lord of the harvest that He 
would send forth laborers into His harvest, and He 
did. The Lord provided many faithful servants to 
proclaim the gospel. By God's grace and for His 
glory, the Evangelism team was able to share the 
gospel with many people, to give away many New 
Testaments (as well as various otherScripturenelps), 
to encourage fellow believers, to befriend people in 
the community, and to counsel people with ques- 
tions about the Bible. What a blessing it has been to 
be faithful to and to serve the King of Kings who 
loves Christians and gave Himself for them. 

Clubs 79 

bum Cny Mmmws 

Inner City Ministries (back row, left to right): Matt Kuiper, 
Mark Michal, (middle row, left to right): Jody Barrett, Lois 
Gutierrez, Teresa Parler, (front row,left toright): Karen Elmer, 
Heather Hartman, Jamie Griggs, Christy Ellingsworth, and 
Jennifer Calvert. 

Beginning with Bible- Alive time (the prepa- 
ration hour) to actually being with the Inner-City 
kids, the members of the Inner-City team could 
see how God worked in both the members' and 
the kid's lives. This year the members got to know 
the kids on a more personal level. The members 
were also challenged to share the truth and to give 
the kids the loving attention they needed so much. 


Imemawnd Swdetrrs 

International Students included (left to right): Jonathan 
Khoury, Masaji Nakayama, Sila Tuju, David Yaegashi, 
Risa Sankawa, and Cui Hua. 

The International Students brought more 
than mere cultural diversity to Covenant, they 
brought a love for God and passion for ministry 
from a different perspective. 

Most of the Internationals did not grow up 
in Christian families. Many became Christians as 
teenagers and have powerful testimonies of how 
God saved them from the pit. 

It has been encouraging to hear these testi- 
monies and, in awe, to worship God who tran- 
scends language and culture in His love for His 

80 Corciq) Deo 

Jackson Hill 

The Firefighters were (left to right): Billy Blea, Hannah 
Peters, Jeremy Roerdink, and Jeff Roerdink. The children 
of Marshall and Sue Rowe are also picrtured. 

The Fort Oglethorpe Fire and Rescue 
Department's Station 19, Jackson Hill, was located 
just south of Covenant College on Scenic Highway. 
It was manned primarily by Covenant students. 
The fire fighters had a unique opportunity to min- 
ister to every community within their fire district as 
well as to all calls outside the district in South 
Lookout Mtn. Station 19 provided all its fire and 
services free of charge to the community. The fire 
fighters fought fire because God placed a burden 
on their hearts to serve in this way. They worked 
hard to be good at what they did, saving lives and 
protecting property, but they also took their faith 
and mission seriously. They were in constant prayer 
and studying of scriptures to find out how to better 
implement their faith into their work. 

Juggling Club 

The Juggling Club consists of old-timers and new-timers. 
They are (left to right); Beth Hurley, Greg Cutler, David 
White, Colin Campbell, Jan Hoven, Ken Collison, and 
Theo Kim. 

The Juggling Club was relatively new to Covenant 
College. The juggling club met at regular intervals 
to have fellowship, fun, and to improve coordina- 
tion. Clearly, the presence of God was seen in the 
club by the smiling faces of those who participated. 

"If you can juggle 18 hours, a job, and a social life, 
what's a few chain-saws?'' 

Clubs 81 


Kharis Dancers were (counterclockwise from the left): 
Kate Peters, Heather Cross, Jennifer Daniels, Ashley 
Brown, Lelia Kendrick-Holmes, Jennif er Magnuson, and 
Lesley Monroe. 

God was faithful to bless Kharis with His presence 
as the dancers desired to maintain Kharis' goal of 
worshipping God by interpreting His blessings and 
the truth He revealed to them though dance. It was 
evident that God was actively involved in answer- 
ing their prayers for creativity in making up steps for 
the dances. The members of Kharis felt they were 
fulfilling their identity as image bearers of God as He 
provided them with the ability to move and to be 

It was awesome to be able not only to dance but to 
work together and interpret music, a song's words, 
or scripture into dance. Tney felt as if God was giving 
them a greater understanding for what they 
heard.The most fulfilling and greatest proof that 
God was working through Kharis was when the 
people that watched them dance understood what 
the dancers of Kharis felt in their souls and were 
touched by God through the dancer's movements. 

Mine Shape Tlayens \ 

The Mine Shaft Players consisted of (clockwise from left): 
Allison Boyd, Amanda Thompson, Samuel White, Jen 
Graham, Karen Elmer, Phil Ledgerwood, Tracy Rollo, 
Kristi Spinello, Tim Gregson, Jennifer Stowe, Jeremy 
Jones, Todd Crusey, Lydia Peters, Beth Hurley, David 
White, and Jeremy Hutson. 

The play was the thing that always made 
everyone involved go beserk ! Casts had to endure 
long rehearsals and late hours as well as outside 
pressure (occasionally they remembered that they 
actually had classes too!). In the midst of all the 
insanity, however, people inevitably formed bonds 
of friendship and, here at Covenant, also turned to 
the Lord for guidance and strength. Indeed, He has 
been faithful this year, for nothing the Mine Shaft 
Players accomplished could have done without the 
Lord's patient and continual help. 

82 CoRam Deo 

Mu Kappa 

The Missionary Kids (left to right) : Da vid Yaegashi , Daniel 
Legters, Rob Rowton, Lisa Stucky, Corrie Blanken- 
beckler. Alii McFarland, Sarah Viss, Mary Lee Lykins, 
Esther Herron, Rinnie Meiners, and Wendy Harder. 

The purpose of the Mu Kappa group was to give 
support to the missionary kids that go to 
Covenant The students had meetings where 
they played games and reminised about similar 
experiences that they had while at "home/' They 
also met once a week for dinner to share and 
encourage one another. There were about thirty 
missionary kids that attended Covenant this 

New Genenarwn 




New Generation, God is raising up a new generation, 
God is raising up an army. 

Through prayer, the study of the Word, 
consecration, discipleship, and leadership train- 
ing, this campus ministry was one that not only 
affected the lives of Covenant students, but was 
part of the national college and high school minis- 
try. Being part of a national organization was a 
source of strength for Covenant students who 
realized they were part of something larger than 
just this campus. 

Cluhs 83 

Science Associarwn 

The Pre-Professional Association members included (left to 
right): Katie Hohenberger, Luke Emerson, Everett Pierce, 
Brad Stout, Max Edamula, Eric Pohl, Ben Claassen, Kathy 
Sherbon, Adam Bray, Jessica Colvert, Tim Pattison, Mel- 
issa Matthews, Lois Gutierrez, Melissa Ptasznik, Leah 
Behm, Mike McDonald, Amy Warner, and Elizabeth Wynja. 

In this its second year of existence/ the Pre- 
Professional Science Association (PSA) continued 
in its original intent to provide opportunities for 
students interested in the sciences to become in- 
volved and oriented with the many different as- 
pects of the sciences. Specifically, PSA attempted to 
assist students by enabling them to pursue to a 
greater extent their particular majors and disci- 
plines. Graduate school and summer program in- 
formation, along with volunteer opportunities were 
also provided for interested students. It was the 
Pre-Professional Science Association's desire to pro- 
vide the opportunity for fellowship among those 
interested in the sciences, while at the same time 
enhancing the reputation of Covenant's science 

Vinson Minisimes 

Prison rmnistries consisted of (back row left to right ): Amy 
Mof f itt, Kari Carlson, Bryan Counts, Amanda Levi, (middk 
row, left to right): Susan Fields, Raven Crown, Deborah 
Spiritosanto, Clair Miller, Tim Black, Brent Moore, Ben 
Baxter, Charlotte Crane, Elizabeth Wynja, and lying across 
the front: Corrie Blankenbeckler. 

It's really difficult to say exactly what it was 
about going down to a halfway house that made 
people want to go in spite of homework, deadlines, 
and scheduling conflicts. Perhaps it had something 
to do with getting the opportunity to be around 
people who, like Covenant students, were at a point 
where the rest of their lives was a blank page, and 
who were uncertain about the future, but unlike 
Covenant students, were there because of mistakes 
that resulted in time spent in prison. Perhaps it had 
to do with closeness felt during times of prayer 
where honesty became a necessity and God was 
earnestly petitioned to bless His work. Whatever 
the reason, no one came away from Dismas House 
with quite the same perspective on God's mercy, 
and almost everyone who had been to the house 
came back again and again. 

84 Comm Deo 

The future psychologists? Psi Chi members (left to right): 
Martha Kickasola, Elaine Lausch, Desiree Toms, Ken Col- 
lison, Ashley Hopson, Christy Ellings worth, Aimee Lowe, 
and Jen Mahaffey. 

The purpose of the Psi Chi was to encourage, 
stimulate and maintain excellence in scholarship 
and to advance the science of psychology for the 
kingdom of God. 

Each semester Psi Chi sponsored a tradi- 
tional sunrise service on Day of Prayer. Vans and 
cars caravaned in the dark hours of the morning to 
Rock City where students gathered on the bluff 
overlooking Chattanooga and spent time praying 
while waiting for the sun to rise. Afterwards, dough- 
nuts and hot chocolate were enjoyed by all before 
returning to campus. This campus-wide activity 
helped set the tone for the remainder of the day. 

Tte Raping Teopi 

The Rafting Club was disappointed that on their last 
rafting trip the Ochs river was iced over. 

In its second year, the Rafting Club added 
the Nantahala and Nolichucky Rivers to its list of 
accomplishments. The Nantahala river featured 
small rapids allowing club members to guide their 
own rafts. The Nolichucky was one of the prime 
rivers in the Southeast. The aforementioned rivers 
featured class III and IV rapids. 

Cluks 85 



The Executive 
Travis Knight 
Rob Rowton 
Toni Cagnolatti 
Trippy Farmer 

Class Presidents: 
Pam Kennedy 
Stephen Davenport 
Joel Wells 
Josh Good 

Director of Student 
Bryan Walker 
Student Ministries 
Tim Cummings 
Christopher Dyches 

,.„,.,ifi.'.-:::<.v» / 

The Executive Committee 

God gives people everything that they need for 
life. The Senate appreciated the gifts that God had 
given the members, including good health, sound 
minds and able bodies. However, on top of that, He 
also gave the Senate the opportunity to be leaders in 
the Covenant community and hopefully to bring Him 
glory by the efforts of trying to be good stewards of all 
the other things God has given them! 

86 Coma? De?o 

e Presidents 

Class functions were a bit different this 
year from years' past. The 1994-95 school year 
included several opportunities for interaction be- 
tween the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes. 
The Sunday evening "praise mixer" both the fall 
and spring semesters allowed members of the 
different classes to join together in praising God. 
Staff members also took time to share with stu- 
dents on a personal level. As class leaders, we 
thank God for the people who helped make these 
events come together so that we could enjoy one 
another in CORAM DEO, His presence always. 

I I A i 

Student Ministries 

Student Ministries had certain goals that Bryan 
Walker felt were addressed and have served the Cov- 
enant community well. First, he abolished all honorari- 
ums in his department because he thought it was an 
excessive allocation of funds. Second, Bryan wanted to 
integrate the local churches to sponsor the ministries in 
some way so that Covenant ministries would not be a 
para-church within a para-church. Third, he wanted to 
put together the third annual missions conference to 
address the issue that all Christians are all missionaries 
in some way as conforming to the Great Commission. 

Bryan praises and thanks God for allowing him 
to serve the men and women of Covenant. May God 
bless the Covenant community in all that the students 
do in and for His great and mighty name. 

Clubs 87 

The Taman 

The 1994-1995 Tartan staff included, but was not exclusive 
to, the following people(baek row, left to right): Lelia Ken- 
drick-Holmes, Karen Elmer, Kristi Spinello, Janneke Counts, 
Risa Sanka wa, (front row, left to right): Allison Boyd, Samuel 
White, Alii McFarland, Stephen Davenport, and Toni Cag- 

The Tartan, as everyone knows, involved 
huge amounts of work. While working on staff, 
people learned how to deal with other people, 
deadlines, and time management. People also 
learned to feel the presence of God in several ways. 
This year, God's presence was found in the satisfac- 
tion of completed deadlines, a staff celebration at 
Bennigan's, and just messing around with fellow 
Tartan people. God's presence was also felt during 
the difficult times. The conflicts in and among the 
staff were resolved with help from God. He sowed 
much peace among the staff. He gave the yearbook 
all the success it has enjoyed. 

The Thorn 

The Thorn's staff consisted of Steve Zinn, Chandra SolM, 
and Amy Moffitt. 

We must accept that this creative pulse within us 
is God's creative pulse itself. 
-Joseph Chilton Pearce- 
It is the creative potential itself in human beings that 
is the image of God. 
-Mary Daly- 
Poetry reveals to us the loveliness of nature, 
brings back the freshness of youthful feeling, 
revives the relish of simple pleasures, 
keeps unquenched the enthusiasm 
which warmed the springtime of our being, 

refines youthful love, 

strenghtens our interests in human nature, 

by vivid delineations of its tenderest and softest feelings, 

and, through the brightness of its prophetic visions, 

helps faith to lay hold on the future life. 


88 Comm Deo 

Unban Young life 

The Urban Young Life leaders were (back row, left to 
right): Julie Hodgson, Sarah Burke, Aaron Tolson, Sila 
Tuju. (front row, left to right): Daniel Legters, Jeanna 
Mullenix, Ashley Brown, Stephanie Marshall, Jennifer 
Shaw, and Becky Huggins. 

Urban Young Life was a ministry that 
reached inner-city kids of the junior high age group. 
Throughout the involvement with this ministry, 
the leaders saw that actions spoke louder than 
words. Each week, little bits of the gospel were 
presented, but what really touched the hard hearts 
of these kids were the leaders' faithfulness to them. 
That was how the kids saw Jesus. The coldest and 
toughest kids asked the leaders, "Why do you do 
this," and "What do you get for being with us?" In 
their environment where they can trust no one, the 
leaders' consistent and caring involvement in their 
lives made these kids want what the leaders had in 
Jesus. It was a great joy to see Jesus make incredible 
changes in the lives of these kids. 

Widow's Ourneach 

Hannah Peters standing among the widows to whom she 

The Widow's ministry was a way for Cov- 
enant College students to reach out to widows in 
the Chattanooga area through physical work, writ- 
ing encouraging letters to the widows, and meeting 
them all once a month at a luncheon for Bible study, 
prayer, and fellowship. 

Students were also encouraged to build deep 
relationships with these women. Many times, stu- 
dents felt that they were out to minister to these 
ladies, when, most of the time, the widows minis- 
tered to them simultaneously. Being a part of the 
Widow's ministry was a great way to serve as the 
Lord has called all Christians to do. 

"Religion that God our Father accepts as 
pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and 
widows in their distress and to keep oneself from 
being polluted by the world/' James 1:27 

Clubs nor Ticnmed: 

Clean Vlare Club - pom op Eamh KeepeRS 

Covenam Climkmq Wall Ouqamzaiwn 

Covenam Tennis Club 

EducaTion Club 

ImeRiiaiional Owmeach tAunsiRies 

Kmdned Spinas 


Men's BneakpasT Club 

Nursiiilj Howe MimsTRies 

OPUS - Covenam Academic Journal 

Reel lipe 

Siqqm Tau Delia 

Clubs 89 


" . . .There is a friend who sticks closer than a 
brother." Proverbs 18:24 

On rainy days, He helps us see the rainbow . . 

In difficult times, He helps us find a smile . 

During times of uncertainity 

He helps us stand firm . . 

When we are discouraged 

He keeps us from giving up . 

Written by Roy Lessin. 

Used by permission from Dayspring. 

90 Coma) Deo 


Romans 13:8 

"Let no cjebt remain outstand- 
ing, except the continuing debt to love 
one another, for he who loves his fel- 
low man has fulfilled the law." 

The Covenant community is 
made up of a variety of people from 
many backgrounds. They are the chil- 
dren of missionaries and pastors, the 
children of secretaries and business 
owners. They live in other 


in rbe Vnesence 


countries and all parts of the United 
States. Although they may not share 
the same origins, Covenant's students 
come together as a community with 
Christ as their common bond. This 
year was one of tremendous growth 
for the body and, in the end, God was 

Romans 8:28 

"And we know that in all things 
God works for the good of those who 
love Him, who have been called ac- 
cording to His good purpose." 

People 91 

"Can you believe this? We got these shirts for doing a service project." 
(below left) 

Samuel "Simon" White at his best, (below right) 


S! I 


Professor Randy Smith generously 
donates to 4th Central's Scavenger 
hunt/ mystery date, (top right) 

Those Founder's folk are sure strange! 


Brandt Sykes, Colin Campbell, and 
Nathan Hitchcock are having a great 
time, (below right) 

92 Corlw Deo 

Kate Peters and Susan Frazier are 

the best of friends, (left) 

Whoa Dude! This is an awesome 
Lip Sync! (center) 

Charlotte Hooper models a flower pattern gown by Liz Claiborne 
while Stephanie Marshall displays this matching outfit by Anne 
Klein, (left) 

Brad Nantt and Shannon Gienapp preparing to go on their 
"mystery date." (above left) 

Noel Bentson in her usual happy state, (above right) 

People 93 

Charlotte Collison, Kathy Sherbon, Heather 
Erickson, and Ashley Wykoff display their 
best plaid, (below) 

What's going on in the Great Hall? A group 
of ladies stare intently out of the beverage 
area, (right) 


fit 1% *■ "£?'! 

Movie watching in the Commons can be 

a great form of hall bonding, (center) 

You caught me off-guard! Becki Luedde 
in the Founders' elevator, (above) 

Jennifer Peterson, Allison Boyd, Melissa 
Ptasznik, and Amanda Lee pose straight 
out of the '60s for a shot, (right) 

94 Com.0) Deo 

Hey! What are you looking at! (left) 

Shotaro Suzuki carefully tries to 
capture the '50s look for Kitler 
Night, (center) 

Ryan Mclhenny, Adam Bray, and 
Tim Pattison display hall unity, 
(directly below) 


"Well, Bill, it looks like the great Van 
Zee is going for the corner shot." 
(directly above) 

"Uh . . . Hello! I'm trying to sleep in 
here." (left) 

People 95 

While Amy Hudson shares a sweet smile, Alii McFarland dares to be 
different, (below left) 

I told you I still knew how to hula-hoop! beams Jessica Wallis. (below right) 

Andy Gast prepares to make a shot, 
(top right) 

Rachel Wheeles, Lisa Mortellaro, 
Lisa Stuckey, and Hannah Peters 

bond in the Jungle commons, 

All attention turns to Cara Dolenz 

the winner of the card game! (below 

96 Conacn Deo 

Lisa Croese, Maria Deutschmann, 
and Sarah Oline are caught in the 
act of being themselves. You guys 
are a fire hazard, ya' know! (left) 

Brian Vedders assumes a scholarly 
pose, (center) 


Tracy Malone takes center stage as Mike Keuning and Campbell 
Silman set the background, (left) 

"Hi, my name is Kristen Sandhoff and I'm a Freshman here at 
Covenant." (above left) 

Joshua Caleb Green I tries to make a decision, (above right) 

Feople 97 

Now we know what you do when you think 
no one is watching, Will Honeycutt! (below) 

Carter Praise on the Second South balcony, 

Ryan Mcllhenny, Skip Gienapp, and 
John Gienapp of The Carriers jam after 
the one-acts, (center) 

Kenny MacDonald smiles for the 
camera, (above) 

"Okay Brandt Sykes! Let's try it again! 
One . . . Two . . ." (right) 

98 Conam Deo 

Tracy Rollo poses for the camera, 

Sara Henry, demonstrates her 
hula-hooping skills, (center) 

Jan Hoven - What are you up to?! 
(directly below) 

Todd Crusey can't resist the beautiful 
Katie Slawter. (directly above) 

The Balcony Babes were prepared to 
stay in Kathleen's apartment all night 
until she told them what she knew 
about the stolen trophy, (left) 

People 99 

"For those God foreknew He also predestined 
to be conformed to the likeness of His Son . . ." 
Romans 8:29 

God delights in His children. 
He is the perfect parent, embracing us . . . 
supporting us as we learn to walk . . . 
Encouraging us to grow . . . 
Providing an example for us to follow . . . 

correcting us so we can mature. 
We are the apple of His eye . . . 
the treasure of His heart . . . 
the object of his love! 

Written by Roy Lessin 

Used by permission by Dayspring 

100 Conacn Deo 

living in 

Proverbs 27:10 

"Do not forsake your friend and 
the friend of your father, and do not go 
to your brother's house when disaster 
strikes you - better is a neighbor nearby 
than a brother far away." 

When compared to other liberal 
arts schools, Covenant College is a 
unique institution. Covenant's faculty, 
staff, and especially its students take its 
motto "In all things... Christ pre-emi- 
nent" seriously. For each hall of each 

ibe Vnesence or GOD... 

dorm, there is a resident assistant (RA) 
which presides over the hall, assists 
new students in getting familiar with 
Covenant life, and helps returning stu- 
dents with room situations. RAs have 
given their hallmates much needed sup- 
port and friendship. They have also 
encouraged hall unity through hall 
meetings, Bible studies, crazy activi- 
ties, and service projects. In doing so, 
they hope to edify each individual and 
build up those individuals to form a 
close knit group that share the common 
bonds of being brothers or sisters in 
Christ and living on that hall. 

Proverbs 27:17 

"As iron sharpens iron, so one 
man sharpens another." 

Halls 101 


Hall Memkens: 

Fere Holwn (R.A.) 

Jeff "TROTskf Benneu 

Vhil Ledqenwood 

LaRuy Shoup 

Nathan Cavlson 

Ian Goodman 

Joseph Nichols 

Micah Spnungen 


Clay Douglass 

Narhan Rokenrs 

Chanhe Wien 

Nar Malkus 

Mike D. Wahens 

Tim lanson 

Gvjeg Curlen 

Gneg Nickisch 

Chms TmmmieK 

John livingswn 

John Mamens 

Jon Woodand 

Welcome to the Combs of the Cat — site of Chattanooga's only 
J.C. Ranch, home to the not-so-famous incognito galactic taran- 
tula, and the last bastion of antidisestablishmentarianism. Wel- 
come to the place where ideal forms with gossamer wings dive 
and whirl in devilish dance of delight, where Eutychus 
lives - and dies - again, where the Shoup of Earl bellows his 
sovereign will and where stereos and other electronics came 
to die. Welcome to where lots of women tended to not be, 
unless they got lost or something. 

"What," you cry, "was the structure of your ideology?" 
"Shaq!" we replied, because we just didn't make a lot of 
sense sometimes. 

We did without the fancy frills of other halls. One didn't 
find any electric garage door openers, Aqua Net, or cuticle 
depressors here. We tried to lynch the Ku Klux Klansman that 
lives inside everyone at times. We surmounted the mental 
beaver dams that hold lesser men in check. Yea verily, we were 
men of destiny. Waldo tells us, "a foolish consistency is the 
hobgoblin of Little minds, "and we believed him. We had a 
well-developed stance on transubstantiation. Take a bite out 
of God? We didn't think so. So, welcome to the Catacombs. It 
is an Eden, and a really, really huge fire hazard. 

- In loving memory of Mr. Greaves R.I.P. 

The Randy's 24 oz. Club: Mark Jenkins, 
Nathan Carlson, Pete Holton, Phil 
Ledgerwood, and John Livingston, 

102 Conam Deo 


First Belz clowning around, (above) 

First Belz brings part of the cave back with 
them, (above right) 

Alex Haire and Rob Vaughn break the 
rules at First Belz dinner, (directly above) 

This year saw the birth of a new hall, Advent. An advent 
is a coming and refers specifically to the coming of our 
Lord. Advent was one of the most diverse halls in terms of 
ethnicity, musical taste, and hair styles. 

The men were proud to house four Japanese and two 
Hispanic men; the men felt that their presence brought a 
new and broader perspective to hall discussions and activi- 
ties, such as celebrating an authentic Sam's Club Japanese 
Dinner with their sister hall. 

They had fun sharing musical delights-Brahms, U2, Amy 
Grant, Mozart, Smashing Pumpkins, Strauss, Def Leopard, 
Monkey Hustle, Green Day, Beastie Boys, Enya.. well, you 
get the picture. With a little consideration and a lot of 
discussion, though, they began to master the fine art of 
living with people's peculiar tastes. 

Their diversity found expression in their hair styles, with 
everything from dreds, wanna-be afros, and mid-back 
lengths to bleached curls and goatees appearing simulta- 

With over half of the hall entering as newcomers to 
Covenant, they learned to do more than just tolerate their 
differences, they enjoyed and valued the diversity of God's 
people, and challenged one another to grow in their daily 
walk with Him and realized just "how good and pleasant 
it is when brothers live together in unity!" 

Hall Memhens: 

Bnam Sykes (R.A.) 
jeiff VRagen 
Narhan Sukhia 
Evan Moone 
David Yaegashi 
Chuck Hoh 
)oel Lawnence 
Andy Rowe 
Roh Vaughn 
Tim Varnson 
Adam Bnay 
Ryan CoKKigan 
Bnad Stout 
Masaji Nakayama 
ShoTano Suzuki 
Alex Hame 
AlfceRT leavengood 
NaThan Knmson 
Ryan Mcllhenny 
]enemy Hmson 
Quena Gonzalez 
Marrhew Onwig 

Halls 103 

Second Somb 

Hall Memhens: 

Jon Weyen (R.A.) 

STephen Scott 

Ben CopiTbonn 

]usTice Lnle 

Sam RobemsTad 

STephen Wynja 

Emc ?ohl 

Michael McDonald 

Vaul McDonald 

Jemmy Ross 

Mank Mouman 

]enemy Deinschmann 

Aanon Zimmerman 

Yonas Alemayehu 

Bnyan Aumngwn 

Kms King 


Rick Venney 

Bnyan Coums 

Bman McNutt 

Jason Heenema 

TimoThy McDowell 

David Tish 

Vctck HyaTT 

Clam Milieu 

MaTThew Kuipen 

Mancus Mimngen 

Tom Tnoxell 

ChmsTopheK Dyches 

Andnew Hansen 

Jamie Gmggs 

Chms WingaTe 

If there was one word to describe Second South it would 
have been, change. Second South, known traditionally as 
the International Hall that studied a lot, became the hall that 
never slept. Consequently, Second South went ballistic. 
The ever famous "hall soccer" was also changed by the 
Freshmen with the addition of the fire alarm and several 
broken light bulbs (It adds a kind of romantic atmosphere, 
no?). They had numerous activities, including Fresnman 
Initiation, capture the flag, movies at the Brocks, and base- 
ball games. In addition to being the Intramural football 
champs, they were brought some shocking news early in 
the year. ..Dr. Foreman had moved to the hall. 

Not only did the spirit of the hall change by way of 
personality, but it changed spiritually. Tne hall Bible 
Studies focused on servanthood, and involved deep 
discussions and prayer for one another. As a wonderful 
example of servanthood, one member of Second South 
began the year by washing everyone's feet as Jesus did 
for the disciples. The hall was also concerned with 
academic pursuits as Dr. Baxter and Dr. McLelland 
spoke on the members of the hall. Overall, the members 
and the hall grew closer together as Christian brothers in 
the Lord. 

Yonas Alemayehu being a "visionary" for 
the group, (above left) 

Chris Wingate and his victim, (above) 

Mark Mountan and Brian Counts during 
Freshmen Initiation, (directly above) 

104 Conam Deo 


After much thought and consideration about 
how the presence of God was felt on their hall, Black- 
watch came to the consensus that the fact that they all 
existed and that there was a world around them was 
testimony enough to the presence of God. 

The flying Funches. (above) 

"On P!" (above right) 

Hall camping at Casa Grady, 
(directly above) 

Hall Theme: 

igg Favorite Saying:: 
Hall Motto: 

Hall Verse: 
Hall Activities: 
Hall Goals: 

Intramural Teams: 

Hall Foreigner: 
Hall Mascot: 

If it's not Scottish, it's not worth 


"On P!" 

Semper Manatis Felidam cum 


Proverbs 18:10 

You mean besides CAB? 

I wanna be a fireman when 

I grow up. 

Chess 7: Fletch Lives (mostly 

Blackwatch with some visiting 


Sila (The Grand Kenyan) 

Bishop Tuju! 

Will Funches 

Hall Memhens 

Emc Van Zee (R.A.) 
Bman McKeon 
Todd Causey 
Erhan FaKQiihaK 
Wylly Collins 
Michael lingen 
Ryan Todr 
Buy an Walken 
Jonathan Jackson 
Kurt laudenslagen 
Scott Finch 
Jason Gnady 
Josh Horren 
Jeff Vaughn 
Mike Masino 
Gondon Andenson 
NaTe Davis 
Vctck Bnangwn 
Jenewy Veldman 
Michael Veld wan 
Will Funches 
Tnavis KnighT 
Dominic Aouila 
Geovjge Fox 

Halls 105 

Second CeniKal 

Hall Memhens: 

John Mamno (R.A.j 

Vienson Genmrsen 

Mank Rusren 

Man lindley 

Br6«t Thompson 

Camphell Silman 

Samuel Whire 

Mike Keuning 

Tnacy Malone 

Dell Comen 

CJ. Williams 

Mike VavkeK 

Doyle Allen 

David Hankms 

Emc Chandlen 

Bnady King 

]oe Cashy 

]osh Leonard 

Ted Sinn 

]ohn English 

Ike Reeden 

Ian MarTice 

KmsTophen Venkins 

Man Bmyson 

Ben Smnh 

Joe Kaupmann 

John Huisman 

2C! These two letters represented the hall 
Second Central. But what exactly did the hall repre- 
sent? They liked to think that they were trying to be 
a hall of God. Sure that sounds like a cliche, but they 
really tried to make it so. Their ultimate goal was to 
make God "Central" to their thinking, actions, and 
talk. They liked to think their Sunday hall Bible study 
was different from the norm. Instead of a straight 
study from the Bible they did different things. Thanks 
to the blessing of a musician (Thanks, Campbell), they 
liked to praise the Lord through songs. The songs 
ranged from "Amazing Grace" to "River of Life" to 
"The Blood Flows." The music would go for a good 
portion of the time. They had a Bible reading, and 
then shared ideas from the past week and prayed for 
their fellow brothers on the hall as well as throughout 
the campus. 

Although their main purpose was to praise 
God, there was also time for hall bonding. Some of the 
ways they bonded were through scavenger hunts, 
arousing study breaks, hall parties, late-night bowl- 
ing, occasional "good natured" pranks, eating to- 
gether, and just hanging out on the hall. 

The R.A. John Marino and Carter Council 
Representative Pierson Gerritsen worked hard to make 
the hall a brotherhood. The most important idea they 
tried to remember was that the hall was not theirs, but 

2nd Central is all going down, (above) 

106 Conacn Deo 

Second Belz 

Jeff Barr. You haven't been conquered by 
Tracy Rollo, too? Have You? (above) 

Trippy Farmer stares off into space at the 

Stoplight Cafe, (above right) 

Why were they called Second Belz? Duh. Any- 
way, they liked their name. Second was a young 
hall, full of energy. It was a year when the mem- 
bers built strong friendships, and learned more 
about themselves and about their relationship 
with the Lord. They were challenged in prayer, in 
particular, and grew in their accountability with 
each other. Sunday night praise was an important 
part of their week. They also enjoyed much food 
together. Everything from doughnut runs, lots of 
chips and salsa, study breaks with girls' halls, to 
stuffing themselves at Randy's and Ryan's. Most 
importantly the individual men of Second Belz 
made it a great hall. 

Hall Members: 

Narban HiTchcock(R.A.) 
Jonarhan Nichols 
David Rose 
Tmppy Fanmen 
Todd Joling 
Jason Hawis 
Jeff Bam 
David Wbne 
HunreK Blackburn 
Ben Claassen 
Han luchenbill 
David Gilhs 
CKOshy Smnh 
Tnavis Voominga 
Sven Roenscbgens 
Andy Gasr 
Bnenr Moone 
Vavken McFantand 
Emc Eenning 
Ben Baxren 
Josh Jackson 
Bill McCaaiphell 
Joey Vipa 

Halls 107 


The Ghetto- as everyone knows- was a crazy 
group of individuals. Often times, words such as obnox- 
ious, exclusive, even brash were used in characteriz- 
ing the Ghetto and it's inhabitants. But, as one member 
of the hall for the past three years said, "these words 
shed little light on the true spirit of the Ghetto." In a 
very real and unique sense, they were a family, and 
although each of them brought their own individual 
"baggage" to the hall dynamic, they accepted and 
thrived on those differences. From Sunday night 
prayer /Bible study time, to classes Monday through 
Friday, even to their witness on the soccer pitch, cross- 
country course, or wherever, the Ghetto strived to 
bring all aspects of life into submission and service to 
their Lord Jesus Christ. 

"An amazing spirit of acceptance was felt among 
the guys on the hall. I never felt that since I was a 
freshman I just didn't fit in. The pleasant aroma of 
brotherly love rose above the stench of hallway trash." 
-Jeremy Jones (Freshman) 

Hall Bonding? Ghetto members shave 
their heads, (above) 

108 Conacn Deo 



Rob Simmons after a huge test, (above) 

Charles Royal and Julie Stair visit Santa 
and tell him what they want for Christmas. 
(above right) 

foel Warren doing what he loves best: 
Medieval sword-fighting, (directly above) 

Throughout their long and lustrous 
history the men of Rivendell have been re- 
nowned for their courage and strength. Hav- 
ing braved and survived Jack's Place once 
without power and in the middle of an ice 
storm, they decided to make things a little 
more challenging this year: they invited the 
Balcony Babes to go with them. Wielding 
hair-dryers and shotguns, the girls tested them 
every chance they got. But the spirit within 
the men of Rivendell never broke. There have 
been other challenges through the year (some 
easier, some har...nah!) but through it all, they 
have stood tall. I wish I could say the same 
about the fish. 

Hall Memhens: 

Colin Camphell (R.A.) 
Gneg Baus 
Michael A. Wakens 
Wayne EUiot 
]oel Wannen 
]esse Momgowmy 
Clay Tolson 
Rofe Sioowons 
Chanles Royal 
Aanon Tolson 
jenemy Roendmh 
Theo Kim 
Bill Ainswomh 
Man Corra 
Jonarhan Khouny 
Michael KnameK 
Shawn Winhunn 
]ake SruaKT 
]osh Jackson 
Narhan Rohems 

Halls 109 


Hall Memhens: 

Kevin Veddens (R.A.j 

Joey LogTenman 

John Gienapp 

Joshua Gneen 

Aanon Schnupp 

Tim Cummings 

Tim Black 

Tim Gneqson 

Narhan Allison 

Scott Davenpom 

Jamie Gienapp 

Andy Ganmsi 

Mike Vonhop 

Jenemy Davis 

John Wand 

Ray Rellings 

Tnavis Romon 

Kenny McDonald 

Mank lynch 

Shawn McKnighT 

Catch Phrases from the Penthouse: 


Score me one, 

Is there a hall meeting? If so where and at what time? 

Could you write it on all of our doors? 

*Sunday night hall prayer 

"Quiet, Tim's sleeping!!!" 

Yeaheaheah do! 

Didn't we used to have a refrigerator? 


Calm Yourself! 

Lemmispla insumtintoya 


Your rather cryptic E-mail message has me at a loss. 


Your picture is our flag. Your words are our credo. 

E>umpster diving. 

Monkey Hustle on the hall. 

Ward's Reggae 

Who is our R.A. anyway? 

"But just as he who called you is holy; so be 
holy in all you do." 1 Peter 1:15-16 

Joey Logterman rests his eyes as he is 
reading a Bagpipe, (above left) 

Travis Horton laughing, (above) 

"Mike Vonhof and Ray Hellings" 

looking at different tape and CD clubs to 
decide which one to go with, (directly above 

1 10 Conam Deo 

Thind Sourh 


(L to R) Raven Crown, Amy Downing, 

Amy Bretschneider, Jen Beland, and 

Jennifer Stowe, out for ice cream at Mr. 

T's. (above) 

The grunge look! (above right) 

Angela Ficca, and Pam Harkins hanging 

out on the hall, (directly above) 

This year, Third South had 18 new students, 
more than any other hall. Because there were so 
many, they were able to take ownership of the hall 
and reel at home early in the semester. The new and 
returning students meshed together really well form- 
ing a friendly, social hall. Third South was home to 
firls from such exotic places as Morocco and Ne- 
raska. Their athletic ability was shown by the num- 
ber of varsity soccer and volleyball players, cross- 
country and dance team members and cheerleaders 
that lived there. The variety of activities the girls were 
involved in off the hall enhanced the time that they 
spent together. Activities included everything from 
a Lookouts game with Second South and dinner at 
the Brock's, to birthday parties at Randy's and Sun- 
day night hall fellowship. Their prayer was that this 
year they would not only achieve academically and 
grow in their friendships, but that they would also 
know God in a more intimate way from having lived 
with each other. 

Hall Memhens: 

Amy Downing (R.A.) 
Tanja Rusrand 
Connie Blankenhecklen 
Hearken McCauley 
Angela Ticca 
Kenny Vallo 
CbanloTTe Colhson 
Kaihy Shenhon 
Hearhen Enickson 
Ashley Wykofj: 
Kjinsren Benrson 
Noel Bemson 
Vam Hanhns 
Kane Thompson 
Ashley Jackson 
Menesa Younghlood 
Bersy Rice 
Jen Beland 
Knisiy Radley 
Amy Bnerschneiden 
Raven Cnown 
Jennifen Swwe 
Rearhen Tenngnen 
Tomelle Adams 
Amanda leknewn 
Volly Johnson 
Micah Vickerr 

Halls 1 1 1 

Hall Memhens: 

Jenn Mens (R.A.) 

Sana Henny 

Kewy Tehhs 

]essica lodge 

Lisa MoRTellano 

Vich Bnown 

Melissa Vanish 

Many lee lyhns 

jenny Bnagdon 

Rurh Ganmsi 

Sanah Oline 

Kanen Raney 

lizzie Neuhoff 

Mancy Wilson 

DoKorhy Vishen 

Sanah Rohems 

Jessica Caney 

Mama Deurschmann 

lona Rohhns 

Hannah Verens 

lisa Jrnanklin 

lisa Cnoese 

Cowrney WisweR 

Rachel Wheeles 

Kmsren Vannoy 

Once upon a time deep in the jungle, there lived 25 
girls. They had been raised by wolves and believed them- 
selves to be monkeys. Jenn the Queen of De-Nile and 
Momma Lisa took care of everything in the jungle (-the 
mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight.) The little monkeys 
delighted in swinging about on vines, free from the hin- 
drances of clothing singing praises as they beat their ches ... 
uh, ankles. 

Their main joy in life was using things over and over 
and dividing their trash into separate receptacles. For some 
inexplicable reason this strange behaviour developed into a 
worldwide trend called "recycling." 

One day the little monkeys discovered big hair 
bowling and made a spectacle of themselves. Momma Lisa 
decided that her young were acting quite uncouth and 
needed haircuts-so she shaved their heads and there was 
much rejoicing (a wimbaway). 

Beneath the surface of the jungle lived a bunch of 
rats, Van Zee that. The little monkeys Eked to frustrate the 
meaningless existence of the rats by stealing their banner, and 
hanging it too high for them to reach. The rats retaliated by 
blowing conch shells loudly. 

The moral of the story is - DON'T MESS WITH 
YOUR MOMMA! (a wimbaway) 

Jungle women, obviously superior, glory 

over their spoils of war. (above left) 

Lisa Croese expresses how she feels about 

the new hairstyle Kristen Vannoy and 

Courtney Wismer have designed for her. 


Why is it you can never find a cop when 

you need one? (directly above) 

112 Conam Deo 

Thmd Cemnal 

Third Central just "smashing pumpkins." 

Amy Daniel - Just how did that icing 
appear on your face? (above right) 

Jenny Anderson, Nici Huard, Abbye 
Dilling, and Shannon Silman display the 
close ties formed on the hall, (directly above) 

Third Central: The Heart of Carter Hall 

Third Central was a hall where you 
could always find an open door, someone to 
listen, or someone to do aerobics with. The 
twenty-eight women who lived there genu- 
inely cared for one another, exhibited a humil- 
ity to consider the needs of one another as 
greater than their own, and built solid relation- 
ships with each other. They built this tie by 
having hall activities once a month, celebrat- 
ing everyone's birthday, and participating in a 
weekly fellowship called "Stopwatch." Stop- 
watch was a time when the girls came together, 
shared with each other, and prayed for one 
another. It was a time where each member of 
the hall could be uplifted. Each girl that lived 
there built memories of one another that she 
will always cherish. These memories were 
possible because of the foundation they had as 
sisters in Christ. 

Rail Memhens: 

Nici Huand (R.A.) 
Kellen Munch 
Angie Whne 
Kmsien Fiol 
Michelle Williams 
Tjusryn Casanave 
Kim Cnawpond 
Amhen Temple 
Jenny Andenson 
Hearten Warne 
Leigh Mullmax 
Shannon Silman 
Ahhye Billing 
Hearhen Bundge 
Rachel Simmons 
Sanah Bunke 
Shelley Slaren 
leanna Yeazel 
Jill Hansen 
Amy Daniel 
Lindsay Davis 
Roxalme Holhnook 
Rebecca Flandens 
Rehekah Ludwick 
Abigail Reeden 
Jenmj:en Lewis 
Launel Reames 

Halls 113 

Hall Memlsens: 

Kane Slameu (R.A.) 

Leslie Elopson 

Carmona Tmce 

]enni Tmce 

Yam leavengood 

Hmoko Iguchi 

]en Calvenr 

Jen Gnaham 

Hearken Hamman 

Desmee Toms 

ChmsTina Appenson 

Kem Weigle 

Kane Akin 

Susan Fields 

Elizaherh Banken 

Amy Hoxren 


Ice Cream Runs 

Dumpster Diving 
Muddy Boys in the Bathroom 

Dunking for Apples 
Stolen Shower Curtains 
Birthday Parties 

Memorial Hospital 
Spaghetti Dinner with Sister Hall 

Dish Ditty 
Spiritual Gifts 

Do You Like Grits? 
Dancing with the Bridge Master 
Amy Grant 

Hall Meeting in the Hall 
Let's do it naked! 

The Rulons 
Hall Bible Study - Thursday at 5:30 


Showing teeth, (above left) 

Heather Hartman and Jennifer Calvert grat 
some ARA. (above) 

Is this a police line up or just the Galler) 
getting ready? (directly above) 

114 CoKam Deo 

Thmd Nomh 

1 . 


1 1 *"^ 





' ji 

jV ijm 

f^5> u' " ' 

H^ mm, l 


yv • 

• i 

r ^Bk 

3rd North's popcorn and movies at the 

Brock's, (above) 

Heather Aiken, Joanna Danner, and 

Angela Krieg get surprised by a camera. 

(above right) 

Glamorous Ladies! 3rd North ladies pose 

for a picture. 

The girls of Third North were a group with energy and 
a wide variety of interests. This was clear in all the 
activities that they were involved in: basketball, soccer, 
dance, volleyball, cross-country, youth ministry, teach- 
ing pre-school, camping, babysitting, music, and so much 
more. With all that was going on, it was hard to find the 
time to get together and enjoy one another, but when 
those rare moments came, they enjoyed just being to- 
gether, talking, and hanging out. 

They had the opportunity to meet together as a fellow- 
ship group. Each week someone had the chance to share 
about what God was doing in her life, which proved to 
be a very personal way of going deeper with each other. 
But before someone shared each week, they spent time 
praising God through song. One of their favorite things 
was to sing together, "Have you seen Jesus my Lord." 
This song taught them that Jesus could be seen in every 
area of life, if they looked for Him. With all the different 
activities pulling these girls in so many different direc- 
tions, Christ was at the center. When they looked, they 
could see Jesus at work in each situation. 

Rinme Meinens 
Joanna Dannen 
Angi Gnady 

Halls 115 

Yowib Sourb 

Hall Memkens: 

ChmsTine Gmebel(R.A.) 

Allison Boyd 

Melissa Viaszmk 

JenmjieR Ferenson 

Amanda Lee 

Kelly Yeagen 

Bersy Marrhews 

Kmsren Andrews 

Liz Pratt 

Amy Wannen 

Naomi Raines 

Kanen Elmen 

Kmsri Spmello 

Tnacy Rollo 

Chamssa Dale 

Jennipen Guam 

Rachel Sranron 

Hearbeji Husron 

Beih Huviey 

Lesley Monnoe 

Angie Eaken 

Janeen VanSomenen 

As their hall picture depicts, each mem- 
ber of Fourth South was very different and 
involved in a variety of activities. So, of course 
their schedules were very busy and it was 
very hard to spend time together. But when 
they did, they enjoyed time together laughing, 
talking, eating, and enjoying each other's com- 

They were giving of their time, energy, 
and talent to support other hall members, 
whether it was with an encouraging note, 
spending time listening to a hallmate, attend- 
ing a soccer game, or the play. The women of 
Fourth South learned what it meant to sup- 
port each other as sisters in Christ. A couple 
of their favorite hall events were an annual 
Yom Kippur feast at Randy's and making 
stockings to decorate the hall. 

Charissa Dale on the phone again! 
(above left) 

Naomi Raines, Christine Griebel, and 
Kristen Andrews pose for a picture. 


The return of hippies? Jennifer Peterson, 
Amanda Lee, Melissa Ptasznik, and 
Allison Boyd are returning to the 70's by 
Carter Picture Night, (directly above) 

116 Conam Deo 


Jessica Colvert, Kate Luedde, Deborah 
Spiritosanto, Suzi Dumper, Stephanie 
Van Reken, and Katie Hohenberger, enjoy 
spontaneous fun on the hall, (above) 
Seven Balconyers at a men's tournament 
soccer game at New Scotland Yard, (above 

Balcony at Cloudland Canyon on Day of 
Prayer, (directly above) 

Top Ten Reasons to Live on the Balcony 

10. Our graduates made a difference in the world. 

9. We had a frisbee/ stress relief club. 

8. We were closer to God. 

7. We liked to get messy. 

6. We were the most creative Homecoming Hall. 

5. Best view of sunrises in Founders. 

4. Where else could you get goodnight kisses. 

3. Your wardrobe increased 24 times. 

2. Our table in the Great Hall always had room for one more. 

1. Sooner or later, I'll be the one that's getting married. 

Hall verse I Peter 4:11 

This was a great year on the Balcony. They tried to keep their 

focus on God (I Chronicles 16:11) and to live according to the 

Bible (I Peter 4:11). They had Tuesday night times of prayer, 

praises through song, and wonderful Donut Praise Runs 

every month. They had a prayer walk around Founders for 

a week to pray that the walls between people would come 

crumbling down. On Day of Prayer, they took picnic lunches 

to Cloudland Canyon and enjoyed fellowship with one 

another in God's beautiful creation. Overall, they saw God 

work in their lives through the powerful prayers of His 


Hall hiemhens: 

Sjephame Van Reken (R.A.) 
jenny Shaken 
Dehonab Spimwsamo 
Suzi Dumpen 
Tana Hanms 
Susan Shephend 
l Emn Shuoop 
Kane HohenheRgen 
Chandna Salle' 
Ashley Bnown 
Heidi Memakoudes 
laume Nelson 
]eanne Doyle 


Kare luedde 
Shawn Davis 
]uhe Sram 
Many Minen 
Leah Behm 
Awy Wuppme 
Melanie Gneen 
lois GuTiennez 
Tenesa Vanlen 
Sana Ruppine 
Rehecca luedde 

Halls 1 1 7 

Hall Memkens: 

Anna Harden (R.A.) 

lona Enickson 

Jenmj:en Hosrerren 

Anearna Malone 

Akky Simpson 

Amy Berb Tuncell 

Julia Hanningwn 

Gina Hasselknmg 

Dekkie Mansball 

Eliza Sbennill 

Jody Bannerr 

Gemma Casamassina 

Elaine Lauscb 

Nikh Monnison 

Anca luca 

Kainina Oskonne 

Shannon Gienapp 

Kim Elmen 

Ahssa Bnagdon 

Jessica Walks 

Lelia Kendnick-Holmes 

Hearben Gauh 

Amy Hudson 

Toumb Cemnal 

Welcome to 4th Central- 
Home of some of the best looking girls 
on campus. Well, they had the best time any- 
way. They were also the proud recipients of 
the first place award for the Carter Hall Christ- 
mas Hall Decorating Contest. Whether it was 
Sunset Rock on the Day of Prayer, breakfast 
with Blackwatch, hall fellowship on Sunday 
night, a mystery date scavenger hunt, or "girl 
time" at the Brocks, 4th Central was a hall that 
was bonded together through Christ's Love. 
God blessed this hall with laughter, friend- 
ships, and even an occasional date on Saturday 

4th Central goes to the Brock's. 

Marshall, (above left) 

to see 

Flower Power! 4th Central were sunflow- 
ers for Carter's Picture Night, (above) 

Friends on 4th Central gather for a 
picture after church, (directly above) 

118 Conam Deo 


Kristen Sandhof f celebrates her 
birthday with her hall, (above) 

Kristen Sandhof f thanks Jeanna 
Mullenix for her birthday party with a 
birthday hug. (above right) 

Color coordination is the key. 
(directly above) 








homemade pizza 

the kitchen sink 

door decorating contest 

conferring in the corridor 


Tuesday night meetings 

secret sisters 


lending out clothes 

homework in the commons 

late nights in the social commons 

Hall Memhens: 

]eanna Mullemx(R.A.) 
Rachelie BiddingeK 
Chanlone Cnane 
Chanlone Hoopen 
STephanie Manshall 
Mmiam Gnady 
Rurh E. Gnossmann 
Tom Cagnolarn 
Canme langem 
Cana Dolenz 
lee Ann Dunn 
Emn Alrena 
Gnerchen Schwamh 
Kay BKajcben 
Sana ?ipa 
]ennipen Shaw 
Amy Chapman 
Rmh Gnoss 
Becky Huggins 
Knisren Sandhopp 
Anne-hAame Yenngnen 
Weaihen Rohmson 
Sanah Donaldson 
Kim Rmson 

Halls 119 

Tounrh Nomb 

Hall MemheRs: 

Chamssa Kipley(R.A.) 

Kare VereRS 

Susan FRazieR 

ElizaheTh Wilson 

TRiaa TuckeR 

]uhe Harris 

ChaRis BaRhee 

]an Hoven 

ElizaheTh Wynja 

SaRab Vidal 

Taige TRiooooieR 

]anneke Counts 

Amy Campbell 

Lydia Veiens 

GRace Sukhia 

SaRab Viss 

Risa Sankawa 

Ashley Hopson 

Diversity was an evident part of this hall. The 
members all had very different lives and 
interests, but were able to come together as a 
hall to love and support each other. Some 
activities they did were: The Great Mystery 
Date Dinner, water bombing the Ghetto, and 
Old Fashioned Photo shoots. Although di- 
verse, they really liked going on donut runs, 
hanging out with fellow hallmates, and talk- 
ing about "the usual". 

Balloons used to bomb the ghetto, 
(above left) 

Paige Trimmier just hangin' out. (above) 

Kate Peters, Amy Campbell, and Grace 
Sukhia are listening intently at a hall 
meeting, (directly above) 

120 Conam Deo 

Yipih Sourh 

Leah Morrison, Sophie Chinchen, 
and Wendy Harder, the good 'ole girls, 

Julie Oinonen, Jen Magnuson, Gwen 
Westervelt, and Jenn Daniels, room- 
mates forever, (above right) 
5th South's intramural soccer team- 
"The Tinks." (directly above) 

Oh! Jenn Daniels was our famous music star 

Karissa, the best soccer goalie by far 

Amy M. put out the fires cuz she's on the squad 

Amy L. was very smart and liked to pray to God. 

Missy M. was cool- she ran naked down the hall. 

Emily's parents did great cooking for us all 

Rachel K. and Julie O. decided they would start 

A feminist club which seven of us were a part 

Rebekah went out dancing and landed on her head. 

Though Amanda had mono, she didn't stay in bed. 

Jen M. was the interpretive dancer who stayed up late. 

Windy M. was on the dance team and she sure was great. 

Amy Lake and Sophie C had the most smiles of us all 

Leah M. exhorted us to go to activities of the hall 

Wendy H. said that youth ministry was her favorite thing. 

Melanie A. was in Madrigals and surely liked to sing. 

Helene D. was our sweet debutante who always loved to ski. 

While Jessica B. squeaked, "I know you do hate me." 

Susan Milam was gone for good and we sure missed her a lot. 

Gwen Westervelt our smartest studied like we ought 

And Amy K. though I love her, her name I almost forgot! 

Oh! We were all the 5th South Lofters, yes, we loved our hall! 

And we thought Stephanie Salley was the best R.A. of all! 

Rail Memhens: 

STephame Salley (R.A.) 
Helene DerrwilleR 
Windi Mangum . 
Rehekah Camewn 
Amy Mercalp 


Amy lake Vunvis 
Sophie Chinchen 
Emily McCamphell 
Susan Milam 
Amy Liesman 
Melanie Andenson 
Wendi Handen 
Jessica Bucks 
Amanda Hamilwn 
Missy MaTThewr 
Rachel Kennedy 
Leah Moimson 
Kamssa Case 
lennipeu Magnuson 
Jennipeu Daniels 
]uhe Oinonen 
Gwen WesrenvelT 

Halls 121 

Hall Memhens: 

SaRab Hinman (R.A.) 

Bersy Andeuson 

Joy Yonge 

Samamha Mnchell 

Mania Weinbold 

Jenmpen Buown 

Amanda Thompson 

Mame Dokson 

Amy MoppiTT 

Colhy Mason 

Amanda Levi 

Amy Riley 

Laimence Wessel 

RearheK lippincorr 

Lisa Srucky 

Anna Knabn 

Rehecca Doenkaum 

Narahe Shenouse 

Mooke Musrenman 

Shanon Wagonen 

Amanda Tloyd 

Camssa Mahepaand 

Rachel Sbarruck 

Kam Canlson 

Dnrmav T anvinv?\ 

Kane Swienzh 

Tipih Nomh 

5th North was a place where 

moshers may glow; 
Just don't try to scare them 

outside the window 
If you did, Sarah would 

turn mean 
And you and Mrs. Lyon would 

become a great team. 
5th North was a place where 

the hall stayed a mess, 
But our hall unity was 

uniquely the BEST! 
We loved Crosby we 

have for a while, 
So, honey, we loved you, 

but we just can't smile. 


Top 10 for 5th 

puzzle pieces 
U2 40 

Holy Hannah 
Krispy Kreme 
We love 

Monkey Bread 
Happy Nappy 

Carissa Maliepaard says "Tpppppt!" to 

studying, (directly above) 

It's an Amanda Floyd sandwich! She is 

being sandwiched by Amy Moffit and 
Brooke Musterman. (above left) 
Beautiful women! Colby Mason and Jen- 
nifer Brown do relaxing beauty treatments, 

122 CoRam Deo 

Kamoman leading ibe linen ai Foundens 

Born and bred right here on Lookout Mountain, 
Kathleen spent her first fourteen years here on the moun- 
tain. Her dad was the associate pastor at Lookout Moun- 
tain Presbyterian Church. When the time came for a 
college decision, Kathleen headed on up to Wheaton, 
Illinois to attend Wheaton College. After majoring in 
communications, she went further north to Eastern Col- 
lege to work as an admissions counselor. For three years 
she experienced the college environment and enjoyed the 
time spent with the workers in the admissions office. The 
job at Eastern backed up her desire to be involved in the 

lives of college students. The sales part of the job was far 
from a favorite. So back to Wheaton (the call of the city 
is irresistible!) Kathleen went to pursue a masters in 
educational ministries. Grad school was wonderful, 
another period of confirming her desire to be involved in 
the lives of college students. Grad school completed, 
Kathleen came to Covenant to fulfill the position as 
Resident Director of Founders. Her time is spent train- 
ing RA's to minister to the halls, planning Founder's 
activities, counseling, and discipling. Kathleen's desire 
is to continue to work with college aged adults. 

Kathleen Gulick, the New RD of Founders, is doing what she 

does best, talking with people, (above left) 

The Founders Council Representatives and Kathleen Gulick 

pose for a picture after Founders' Skit Night, (above) 

Caught by in the Act! Kathleen Gulick helps clean up. (bottom 


Oh no! The hierarchy of leadership in Founders has been found 

out. (directly above) 

Halls 123 

Avakimem Dwellens: 

JenmpeR Mahappey (R A) 

Chmsry EllingswoRrh 

Sanah Bivans 

Sanah Zachamas 

Mike Vanken 

Jocelyn MaseReka 

Monk Enmck 

Reachel Goodnight 

Janet Dixon 

Chms Bnaaksma 

Ramah Andnews 

Apml BRewsteR 

Lama Kimhall 

Chad Ume 

AuhuRn Vaulk 

Jon Neubopp 

David Fishen 

Bonnie Fox 

Hearken Roendink 

Desmy MaynaRd 

Stephanie SweR 

Nancy Singleton 

TRisha MoRgan 

Zuzana Dlugopolska 

Sasha Dennis 

Ben Neubopp 

ChaRlene HolhROok 

Joy WoodwaRd 

Rachel TReick 

Nathan UnRuh 

Swdem Apcmooems 

The apartment life helped students take 
what they knew about the Bible and put that 
knowledge into practice. Since there was more 
freedom and less supervision for these stu- 
dents than for those who dwelt in the dorms, 
living there was more like living in the "real 
world." Indeed, the students learned that 
when sin came knocking at their door, they 
had to decide whether or not to let it in. 

Stephanie Stoer enjoys "Little House on 
the Prairie" as she relaxes in her apart- 
ment, (above left) 

Chris Braaksma works on his SIP at his 
computer in the comforts of his own 
home, (above) 

Ramah Andrews' apartment is invaded 
by the Lady Scots basketball team, 
(directly above) 

124 Conaai Deo 

Opp Campus 

Becky Paulsen and Anne Wingate 

celebrate Christmas in their apartment. 


"Seven men in a cabin" - it fits! (above 


Jonathan Entrekin takes a break on his 

couch at home, (directly above) 

When I lived on campus, I enjoyed cam- 
pus life, being surrounded by so many people, 
but there was always a seed of pressure inside. 
This seed never relaxed. It was there when I 
was sleeping, alone in my room, or walking on 
campus. The pressure of school could not be 
separated from my life. This seed remained 
until I sensed its absence. When I moved off 
campus, this seed was weeded from me. I can 
go to school, interact with people and when I 
return home, I am away from school. I feel ... 
relaxed. I feel a peace I did not feel on campus. 
I have no regrets about living in the dorm, it 
contains some of the most important times of 
my life, but this last year I was ready to move off 

- contributed by Steve Zinn(Senior) 

Halls 125 

Cornell's Council: 

Naomi Raines 
Stephen Scott 
Vienson Gemirsen 
Missy MaTTbews 
BeTsy Andenson 
Karhy Shenhon 
Michelle Williams 
Lona Emckson 
Alice Belz 
)uhe HaKRis 



We will not mount 
war horses . . . Crunch it! . . 
. Sarah's opera . . .Monday 
nights. . . Col.3:l-17. . . The 
Wall . . . Frank and Dottie . 
. . Room Contracts . . . Name 
tags . . . Anna's enagement 
. . . rubber stamps . . . Blue- 
berry muffins 
moooshing . . . Lookouts 
game . . . Hell night at Dade 
Field . . . Directions to 
Hutchison, AL . . . Chris 
Marino . . . Big River . . . fire 
alarms . . . Toby's guitaring 
. . . 1 on Is . . . Broad Street 
Derby . . . Share and Care . 
. . The Poker Game (Nice 
chips) . . . lobster . . .5N 
Christmas loggers . . . oven 
vandalization . . . Hosea 14 
. . . Life Together. 

The 1994-95 school year has shown that Carter 
Council contains eleven enthusiastic representatives from 
each hall who are ready and willing to serve. Our goal as 
a council is to unify the residents of Carter Hall. We 
believe that as Christians, we are to be unified as the body 
of Christ. We have tried to create unity through hall 
activities, a lip-sync contest, a Christmas party, Tour de 
Carter, Carter Praise, Picture Night, and a 24 hr. prayer 
chain in the tower on the Day of Prayer. 

126 Coma) Deo 


Founder's Council sought to help make 
Founders a better and more fun place to live, as well as 
to help improve Founder /Carter relations. They saw 
God at work on the halls as they sought to serve their 
R.A.s and fellow hall members. Many of the members 
saw their halls become more unif ied and seek to be a 
place where God was glorified and students could 
develop into strong Christian adults. They were also 
able to help each other on the council, encouraging and 
lifting each other up, praying weekly for each other as 
well as for the problems and concerns they saw in 
Founders and around campus. They want to thank all 
those who supported them by buying donuts all year, 
and even more those who didn't, because they sure 
enjoyed all those free donuts. 

March 1994: ten students 
opened up envelopes and 
found out that they would 
be one of Founder's R.A.'s 
for 1994-95. This was their 
official job description: 
The Resident Advisor is respon- 
sible for working toward the aca- 
demic, emotional, social, and 
physical development (all of 
which are considered "spiritual") 
of his/her residents. The R. A. is 
to demonstrate an active Chris- 
tian commitment, manifested in 
such areas as a counselor, advi- 
sor, and facilitator of student de- 

Unfortunately, definitions 
like this are much easier to 
write than to live out and to 
pontificate on during an in- 
terview than to be during 
the year. In addition, each 
R.A. knew or soon learned 
that he or she was completely 
unable to change other 
peoples' lives. Leadership 
made them feel weak, the 
kind of weak that made them 
want to quit — the same 
weakness that God grabbed 
a hold of and began using to 
change lives in Founders. 
The R.A.s' servanthood 
caught the community's at- 
tention, but their humility 
made the students look past 
them to God. 

ToundeKs' R.A.s: 

Kathleen GuLick (R.D.) 
Narhan Hnhcock 
Jenmpen Mens ' 
Veren Hohon 
BnandT Sykes 
Jeanna Muihnax 
Colin Campbell 
Srephame Van Reken 
Kane Slawien 
Kevin Veddens 
Eric Van Zee 

Toundens' Council: 

Jonarhan Nichols 
Adam Bnay 
Leslie Elopson 
Cam Dolenz 
Bman McKeon 
Jessica Colvem 
Lisa Momellano 
Jesse Momgomeny 
Rachel Wanaselja 
Josh Jackson 

Halls 127 

"... I will not forget you!" Isaiah 49: 15 

Remember all the things you worried about 
that never happened . . . 
Remember all the needs you had 

that God faithfully provided for 
Remember all the nice things that happened 
that took you by surprise . . . 
Remember all the difficult situations 

that God used for your good . . . 

Remember God will never forget about you. 

Written by Roy Lessin. 

Used by permission from Dayspring. 

Moving on in 

128 Cokciq) Deo 

Jeremiah 29: 11 

"For I know the plans I have for 
you," declares the Lord, "plans to pros- 
per you and not to harm you, plans to 
give you a hope and a future." 

There is a very special group of people 
here at Covenant College — a group of 
people who have worked their way 
through three years of college and now 
stand at the end of their college career. 
This group of people are the one and only 
SENIORS. They have been through it all: 
the excitement, the boredom, the food, 
the activities, 

rbe Vnesence op GOD,.. 

the victories, the defeats, the SIP. The 
Seniors have run the race that was marked 
out for them, always aware of the hand of 
God guiding their every step. Now the 
question becomes, "What next?" Well, 
this unique group of individuals will be 
moving on — moving on to different 
places, moving on to a different commu- 
nity of people, moving on to new and 
exciting situations — these Seniors are 
moving on to a new race that God has 
prepared for them. This is a race full of 
joys and fears, happiness and tears; a 
race meant to challenge them as well as 
to help them grow. And just as God's 
presence was with them in the race be- 
fore, even more will His presence be with 
them in the race to come. 

Hebrews 12: 1 

"... and let us run with persever- 
ance the race marked out for us." 

SenwKS 129 

Friendly, outgoing, fun, caring, encouraging, and 
positive. These are all words mat come to mind 
when one thinks of Heather Erin Caines. Through- 
out her experience at Covenant, she has learned that 
classes aren't everything; they are important, but so 
are relationships. She advises the underclassmen to 
establish deep friendships and to use those friend- 
ships to learn about themselves. Heather has also 
learned to be honest about sin and difficult times and 
she has reaped the benefits from expressing these to 
friends. Heather challenges the underclassmen to 
respect all others and also not to be restricted to just 
one group of friends. Heather, herself, would like to 
be remembered as someone who wasn't just friends 
with one group of people. 

Heather, born in the Cayman Islands on April 17, 
1973, is one of six children in the family of Render 
and Linda Caines. After two other moves, her family 
finally established their current residency of Ringold., 
Georgia. Her father is currently the pastor of Cov- 
enant Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga and her 
mother is a homemaker. The rest of her family con- 
sists of an older brother, and four younger siblings. 
On a sunny Saturday afternoon at the Caines' home 
one could expect to find them all involved in a 
friendly game of family flag football. Their family is 
very close and thoroughly enjoys spending time 

Heather loves to sing and has been a member of 
Chorale and her church choir throughout her college 
years. The past two years she has served as an RA for 
Third North. She has led her hall in intramural 
sports, hall fellowships, and hall activities. As the 
leader of her hall, she has learned that even with all 
the different activities pulling hall members in so 
many directions, Christ is at the center. By looking 
closely, they can see Jesus at work in each situation. 
Heather would like to use the gifts and talents 
God has given her to relate to people. She would like 
to use her degree in Sociology to work with children. 
Upon graduating, she anticipates going to St. Louis 
to work. The desire closest to her heart is to get 
married and raise a family of her own, but is content 
for now to follow the path God has for her. 

A Southern prodigy from Macon, Georgia, young I 
Wylly Collins was too much for the locals. So armed 
with his parents, older brother James, and sister I 
Lachlan, the family set out to conquer Milwaukee, I 
Wisconsin. Spending time with his father and the rest 
of his family- shaping and molding them into what I 
they are today- Wylly set the precedent for the future I 
life to come. And the rest, they say, is history. That is, | 
a history major. 

The legend continued through his junior year in , 
high school, when he first came into contact with 
Covenant College during Preview Weekend. During 
his four years here, the mark left by Wylly has affected 
and impacted many of the students and faculty, in a 
way that only somebody blessed by the Lord could. 
Because he spent time with his hall, was involved in 
intramurals, and was on the Student Senate his fresh- 

man through junior years, there were few who did not 
feel the Lord moving in a special way through him. 

The outside community was equally important to 
Wylly as well. To that end, Wylly became the liaison 
between Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church and 
Covenant. God used experiences gained by working 
with student government and his church to lead him 
toward the pastorate. 

Wylly attributes his peace to the Lord. The sum of all 
that he believes and tries to live daily can be found in 
a hymn that we hear often in Chapel - "Great is Thy 
Faithfulness." When asked why he chose this hymn 
"to sum it all up," he answered that looking back he 
really didn't have a direction in his life, but now he is 
able to see the Lord was there and that He had full 
control. Because of this and the influence that Cov- 
enant had on him, he feels that he is more prone to 
experience life, to be positive, more assertive, and 
more confident in Christ. 

Wylly is truly a witness of God's faithfulness be- 
cause he has been given knowledge and wisdom that 
he has used to glorify God. Evidences of his desire to 
glorify the Father have been his love, compassion, and 
joy for life and Covenant. 

l 30 Coma) Deo 

Whether running in the national championships or 
starting one of the few successful Bible studies on the 
Ghetto, Eddy Hilger is a talented man of the Lord who 
continues to put the Father first in everything that he 
does. In his last semester at Covenant, Eddy has led a 
life that many college students would envy and ad- 

Born in Montana as a vagabond (his father was in 
the Air Force), and settling in the sixth grade in Colo- 
rado Springs, CO, Eddy enjoyed the warmth and love 
of close Christian parents and an older sister. After 
entering Colorado Springs Christian School, he spent 
time developing his soccer and basketball talents at 
the same time holding to his high academic standards. 

During his five years at Covenant, Eddy, has en- 
joyed a life full of the blessings of a Christian educa- 

tion, superb athletic career, and the many friends and 
acquaintances that have increased through the years. 
After spending four years as a varsity soccer player 
and three on the basketball team, Eddy decided to go 
for a third sport to add to his list amazing feats at 
Covenant. This fall he went to NAIA nationals during 
his first try at cross-country. 

After graduation, Eddy plans on heading back to 
Colorado to save some money and spend time with his 
parents. He will also get a chance to spend time in the 
great outdoors and indulge in some of his many 
hobbies, including elk and deer hunting- "especially 
in Montana," hiking, camping, and skiing, which is 
probably his favorite. 

More than just a wonderful athlete, dean's list stu- 
dent and a genuine and open person that attracts 
people to him, Eddy Hilger is a man that truly seeks 
the Lord and His will for everyday life with all his 
heart and soul; one that lives up to the high standards 
that Covenant's motto challenges us all to reach for "In 
All Things Christ Pre-Eminent." Though he leaves 
behind an example for us to follow and an overwhelm- 
ing amount of love, Eddy also leaves a void which no 
one can fill. He will be sorely missed. 

Rugged mountains, solitary sunsets, starry nights... 
these are settings in which Stephanie Marshall feels at 
home. With a sharp mind and a broad outlook, she 
pursues novel experiences and new adventures as a 
way of life. 

Growing up in Taiwan, Stephanie was exposed to a 
culture different from the one in which she now lives. 
The second of five children, she was able to observe 
firsthand the struggles and joys of her parents' mission 
work. This observance has given her a heart for the 
unreached, an interest in cultural experiences, and a 
desire to return to the mission field at some point in her 

After returning from overseas, the Marshall family 
spent one year in Wheaton, Illinois before moving to 
permanently reside in Los Angeles, California. Later, 
Stephanie followed her older sister to Covenant in 

A diligent student, Stephanie was awarded the 
MacLellan Scholarship for her academic achievements 
and her leadership ability. Her course of study at 
Covenant has been divided between three fields: Soci- 
ology, Psychology, and Missions. She has had ample 
opportunity to use these fields while at school as she 
participated in numerous clubs and ministry groups 
including Mu Kappa, Chorale, Inner City Ministries, 
Young Life, and Intramural Sports. 

At Covenant, Stephanie has developed skills in 
examining her presuppositions to know what she be- 
lieves and how to evaluate the beliefs of others. Her 
experience here has enabled her to apply her faith to 
new contexts and situations. 

Although often teased for being notoriously short, 
Stephanie has a momentous influence because of her 
devotion to friendship and ability to encourage. "Make 
a few, deep friendships with people who will challenge 
you," she advises, "Never write somebody off or 
hesitate to befriend them, because the influence one 
person can have on a life is lasting." 

Missionary work is on her agenda; Stephanie has 
committed her life to the will of God, and looks for Him 
to guide her through the rest of her life. 

SemoRS 131 

WskemupeK mMee wmnderson 

' * v Hoamown: Miami, FloRida 
" Major: Elememary EducaTion 

"Whenever happens, happens by God's permission.' 

Wiselame 'MManol Wmndmson 

Homewwn: Colorado Springs, ColoRado 
MajoR: Music Educanon 

"All my hope, all my smengih, all my secunny 
is pound in you, loud Most High." 

Wmocmmc mmmbony Wtouila IL 

RomeTOwn: Miaon, Flomda 

Majon: Elememary EducaTion 

Phihppians 4:5-7 

"Fear causes hesnaiion, and hesnanon causes yom 

worst pears to come True." 

iliiiiiiiiiiiliijiiro I 

iS'wIie S«wfl Wmell 

Homewwn: Ballwm, Missouri 
MapR: Elememany EducaTion 

"American hy hiRTh; SoinheRn by The grace 
op God." Anonyowus 

WMaRlee M' o m^evis 

Homewwn: Dorban, Alabama 
Mu]or: biology 

'The besT place I could eveR be ... is mgln in 
The cemeR op God's will." 


W^ames Wseirh wMinghaw 

Homewwn: Dalwn, Georgia 

MajoR: Hiswny 

Minor: Secondany EducaTion 

132 Corao) Deo 

i^marah Wsell m&ivans 

Hoaiewwn: Caojeron, North Carolina 

Major: HiSTory 

Minor: Music 

"Procrastination is my sin. h brings ax nougln but sorrow. 





Homewwn: Miami, Florida 

Major: Business 

Muior: Marketing 

"Some op God's greatesT gifts me unanswered prayers" 

msenmper uM,inda m&»ragdon 

Homewwn: Greenville, South Carolina 
Major: Elemeniarv Educanon 

"The mosi beautiful discovery True friends make 
is that They can grow separably wnhoin growing 
aparT. I love you girls'." 


(gmoey Wmnannon 

Homewwn: Ocala, Florida 

Major: Imerdisciplmary Srudies 

Business, Bible, Philosophy 

Minor: Yoinh Ministries 

"Never quit and never give less Than whaT you 

know you are capable op giving." 

Ipml (m^oanne U 


Hometown: Sweetwater, Tennessee 
Major: Elememary EducaTion 

"Delight yourselp in The Lord and He will give you 
The desires op your heart" Vsalm 37:4-5 


mmarshall Wtoree ^Jtmrock 

Homewwn: lookout Mountain, Tennessee 

Major: Imerdisciplmary Smdies 

Math, Physics, Philosophy 

"It now remains w pour mw The beam itself what 

the mind has absorbed." Calvin's Institutes 

Seniors 133 






k J^ 





IMearheR Wa&tn mm>imdge 

Homewwn: Savannah, GeoRgia 
Mapn: Sociology 


Kin Wmames 

Hometown: Ringgold, Geongia 

Mujor: Sociology 

Minor: Bible 

"Always he pnepaned w give an answen w 

evenyone who asks you to give The Reason 

poK The hope Thai you have." I TeTen 3:15 

lean l&iiM WBaaiphell 

Homewwn: Omnge Pank, Vlomda 

MapR: HiswRy 

"WhaT do you mean you can'T go out wirb me? The 

Bible says, "You can do all Things all Things 

Through ChmsT who strengthens you"" 


Wmnjamm WMbeRawn WMlaKk 

Homewwn: lookom Mountain, Georgia 

Mapn: Bible 
Mwor: Hiswny 

Mylly WmaheKsham Wmolhns 

Homewwn: Whnepish Bay, Wisconsin 
Majon: HiswKy 

"GneaT is Thy panhpulness." 

WMbanloTTe uMhmsTine Wmollison 

Homewwn: Kmkwood, Missouri 

MajOR: Business 

Muior: Music 

"T))e man who does nor ear everyming musr nor condemn t\k 

man who does, poR God has accepred him." Romans H:3b 

134 CoRaoi Deo 

RegoRy Wssolm 'iSmook 

Homewwn: ChaTTanooga, Tennessee 
MapR: Biblical Studies 
Muior: Music 

mbeRT WmaiiRice WmoKdormieR 

Homewwn: VaRis, Fnance 
MajORs: InpoRmarion and CompwreK Science, Music 

"God gave us music war we may pRaise Hw> 



lama JlWse 

Homewwn: Chile, Fern, and Bmbenwn, FloRiba 
Major: Business 

"iRue huonlny is unconscious senvamhood," 

-Dan DeTTaan 


IhsakeTh I 


Homewwn: Changchun, People's Republic op China 

MapR: Business 

"You will pmb, as you look hack upon yom hpe, Thar The 

momems when you have Really lived one The momems 

when you have done Things in The spurn op love." 

JSMenmpeK Bernse WSiamels 

Homewwn: lookom Moumain, GeoRgia 

Major: Psychology 

Muwr: Art 

"Cha cha op Rea. Cha cha covisa. Covisa longo. 

Cha cha chulonoa. Cuawaynee. Cuawaynee." 


pmcoTT m£aRy iMmavenpoRT 

Homewwn: BRevaRb, NoRTh CaRohna 

MajOR: HiswRy 

MmoR: MaihemaTics 

"Vast Learning boes nor Teach people w he 

imelliGem. " 

SeniORS 135 

Mfefe/e W&khssa bulling 

Hometown: Gneermlle, South Canohna 
Major: Elementary Educcnwn 
"Blessed ane Those who have learned to acclaim 
you, who walk in The light of youn presence, 
Loud." Psalm 89:15 

mnet wmarie wmxon 

Hometown: St. Simon's Island, GeoRgia 
Major: Elementary Education 

"To every decision there is a consequence." 

Uiavid Moms Wtulw 

Hometown: Simi Valley, California 

Major: History 

Mwor: Bible 

"T\)e old Blackwarch had a wondenful engagement ratio. 

I highly Recommend it. Pnovidence was good w us." 

oBguzaime Miarie Wmumper 

Homewwn: Gulf Breeze, Flomda 

Major: Interdisciplinary STudies 

Sociology, Youth Ministry, Education 

'Greet one anorhen. wnh a holy kiss." Romans 16:16 


Inn wkunn 

HomeTown: PeoihRoke Vines, FloRida 

Major: Sociology 

Muwr: Imerpersonal Counseling 

"Trust m The loRd wnh all yow heam and lean nor on youn 

own undersranding. In all youR ways acknowledge Him and He 

will make youn paths STRaiglrr." Proverbs 3:5,6 

Mfiax (§Mohn midamala 

Hometown: KeRala, India and luanshya, Zaaibia 

Major: Biology 
Muwr: Chemist Ry 

136 Corao? Deo 

WMenniper Smanol mMdling 

Homewwn: Escondido, California 
Majort.: Imerdisciphnary Siudies 
English, Am, Eduamon 

"We'ne curious..." 

Wihrisrine Miane WMllingsworTh 

Hometown: Cockeysville, Maryland 
Major: Psychology 

"I have ser The LoRd community bepore me; 

because He is ai my mgln hand, I will nor he 

shaken." Psalm 16:8 


1 j 





\M&isa jMaye Wmlopson 

Homewwn: Minneapolis, Minnesoia 

Major: Biology 

Minor: Chemisiry 

"Friendship is one op God's beaunpul giprs- 'ReRbie, 

Ames, UpspV I love you Dad, Mom, laslie, Micha, 

KaRa, and Narhaniel!" 

MMonaThan JIltaTe ffi«TKgki/i 

Homewwn: Gulp Breeze, Florida 

MapR: Music 

"Oh, war men would seek immorial momemsl" 

-William Blake 

Wmnne-wmarie Wkhzaberh ^memgren 

Homewwn: CoRvalhs, ORegon 
gjJL Majors: Music, HiswRy 




lickenson WkisheR 

Homewwn: Alexandria, Virginia 

Mujor: HiswRy 

Minor: English 

"the surrender op hpe is norhmg nexi w sinking down 

imo acknowledgmem op inpenoriry."-]ohn C. Calhoun 

SeniORS 137 

Hometown: Lookoin Moumain, GeoRgia 

MajOR: ChemistRy 

Muior: Math 

"He who has neveR jailed somewheRe, that man 

cannot be qneaf - Hemmn Melville 

Smehecca Wmnne Wmlandens 

Hometown: Gmewille, Soinh Canohna 

MajOR: Sociology 

Muiors: Bible, Yoiab MimstRy 

"WherheRyou mm Rigln or lep~, yew. eaRs will heaR a 

voice saying, "Tl)is is the way; walk m it.' " \said) 30:21 




Hometown: AtascadeRO, CalipoRma 
MajoR: HisTORy 

MinoR: InfORcmmon and ComputeR Science 
"IheRe is nothing like puking wnh somebody w 
make you inw old fRiends." - Sylvia Plath 

wmohn Wmuvall m&ienapp 

Hometown: New FReedom, Pennsylvania 

MapR: English 

Muior: Psychology 

'lipe is like an ice CReam cone; just when you think 

you've got u licked, n dRips on you." 

Wmpml Wmlame jgmeese Wmoode 

Hometown: lookout Mountain, GeoRgia 
MapR: EleojentaRy Education 

Qmenrnpen wmnne W&Kahaa) 

Hometown: MaRlton, NewJeRsey 

MapR: English 

MinoR: Philosophy 

"All the worWs a stage!" 

138 CoRam Deo 

MMelame tmtpenceR WiiReen 

RoQierown: Colucvbia, SoutI) Canohna 
Major: Elememany Educcnwn 
"And we know ihar in all Things, God wonks poR 
The good of Those who love Rim, who due called 
according to His pimpose." Roamns 8:28 


lynn mmansen 

Homewwn: WesT Colua)bia, Sowrh Carolina 

Ma/ok: InpoRmaTion and CompmeR Science 

Minon: MaTheanmcs 

"ComemplaTe The wonden op it all." 

IMsrtRfl wmichel WmaRKis 

Romerown: St. Louis, Missouri 
MajoR: ElememaRy Educcmon 

"Take a nap eveny aprennoon" 

- RoheRT Eulghucn 


X^enjamm Mkkm MMawk 

Romewwn: TeaipleTon, CahpoRiua 

MajoR: English 

Muwr: EducaTion 

"Wouldn 't it he qwrc pRopnable to bRowse Tlmough 


' W^eResa (gmean Mmermioues 

Romewwn: GuaTemala Cny, GuaTemala 
Ma]ORs: Biblical Smdies, Sociology 

"Whoai have I in heaven bm Thee? And Tte«g is norhmg 
on eamh Thar I desme besides Thee. My plesh and my 
heaRT may pail, bm God is Tin STRengTh op my heaRT 
and my poRTion poReveR." Psalm 73: 25,26 




MhRiswie WMenny 

RomeTown: NoRpolk, Vmgima 
MajoR: English 

"Unless each day has had some joy, some Real 

sanspacTion, tJmt day is a loss." 

-Dwigln D. EisenhoweR 

SemoRS 139 


mddy mlavib milgeK 

Hometown: Colomdo SpRings, Colomdo 
MajoR: hireRdisciphnaRV Srudies 

Biology, Physical Educanon, Bible 

"The pom hoRseaien aRe alive." 

cillobH WmhmswpheK wmnchcock 

Hometown: Augusta, GeoRgia 

MajOR: Biblical Studies 

Muior: Youth Minisrmes 

"Make sime that noboby pays back WRong poR 

wRong, bur always my ro be kind w each orheii. 

Be pypul always. "I Ihessalomans 5:16-17 


\0Rine MkoopeR 

Hoamowm Richmond, Indiana 
Mapn: English, Psychology 

\ "Bur be you blirhe and bonny,.." 


Wkoshua WLyvone 

Hometown: Douglasville, GeoRgia 

Majon: InreRdisciphnaR)' Srudies 

Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy 

"[guoRance is only tempoRURy." 

jltlicole gtyerre WmaRd 

Hometown: Tanmington Hills, Michigan 
MajoR: Elementany Educarwn 
"Whar lies behind you and whar lies bepoRe you 
pales in significance ro whar lies wirhm you." 

Ralph Waldo EmeRSon 

Msosiab mkichaRd mkuggins 

Homer own: Easr Peppenell, Massachusetts 

Mujor: English 

"A Question I've opren pondeRed: \p soaieone thinks 
milk is Rotten, why do you ask rhem ro rasre it?' 

*" \ 

HO CoRam Deo 

c&'odi li&lynne msuaies 

Romewwn: SpRingpield, MassachuseTTS 

Mapn: Psychology 

MmoRs: Art, Biblical Smdies 

"We am God's woRkmanshp, cuemed in CJjrist 

Jesus to do good works, which God jmepciRed in 

advance poR us to do." Ephesians 2:10 


fean SMaRvis 

RomewwYi: Fort LaudeRdale, FloRida 
MajoR: EleaiemaRy EducaTion 

"You need a Reason to be sad... you don'T need a 

Reason to he happy." 

<&Mose Mhguel Wthmenez 

Romewwn: Miami, FloRida 

MapR: ElememaRy Educanon - (4-8) 

"EveRVThing is sweerened bv Risk." 


Wtodd }MjarRick Wslolmg 

Rocvewwn: Salem, ORegon 

MajOR: English 

"You will keep in peRpeci peace hen whose mind is 

sieadpasi, because he trusts in You." 

Isaiah 2b:3 

W&my mmynn IMQaupmann 

RomeTown: Stouc Moumam, GeoRQia 
MapR: ImeRdisciplmaRy STudies 

EducaTion, Psychology, Sociology 

"Thou hasT made us fOR Thyselp and our heaRTS aRe 
ResTless umil They ResT in Thee" -St. AugusTine 


Imlamela Wieavengood W^ennedy 

Romewwn: Biloxi, Mississippi 
MajoRs: History SecondaRy EducaTion 

"\ can do all Things ThRough ChRisT who 
STRengThens me." Vhilippians 4:13 


Hometown: Rock Hill, Souih Carolina 
Mojor: English 
Muwr: Psychology 

"And many antes to go bepoRe I sleep/ 
- Robem Frost 





Homewwn: Ferny, TLomda 

MapR: Sociology 

Miwr: Missions 

"Manning by manning He awakens me and opens my 

unbensianbing to His will." Isaiah 50:4 

Mmm/- 1 1 .L/ I 

wmicbael Wmllen mmdffmklU 

Homewwn: Melbourne, Flomda 
Mapn: Biblical Srudies 

wnarhan wManh 


Homewwn: Haimsbung, Mississippi 
Majon: Histokv 

"Hold yoimselp above eveny mean acTion. Be 

STRicrly honomhle in eveRy aa, and be nor 

ashamed w do nighi." 

IJ^Iukt wmichael sSaudenslagen 

Homewwn: Berhlehem, Pennsylvania 

Ma]on: Business Admimstmnon 

Muior: Accoummg 

"And now abiderh panh, hope, love, ihese ihnee; bin ihe 

gneaiesi op These is love." I CoRinrhians 13:13 

mlame '' 


HomeTown: Panama Cny, PloRida 
MajOR: Psychology 

'"Tor I know The plans I have pon you,' declaRes The 

LoRd, 'plans w pRospeR you and hot w haRm you, 

plans to give you a hope and a puTURe.'" Jen. 29:1 1 

142 Conam Deo 

ttoamowu Valdosia, GeoRgia 
Major: Applied Music: Oboe 

"The arts and cnearion poim to God's gloRy. Use 
Them to 'Be stiII and know Thar [He is] God.' * 

WsGtmpm Umonna wMahappey 

Homewwn: Hanmsville, Mississippi 

Major: Psychology 

Muwr: ImeRpensonal Counseling 

"SiRengih and dignny ane hen clorhmg, and she 

smiles at ihe puTime." Pmvenhs 3 1 :25 

hephame Wsoy WBtansball 
Hocvewwn: Cypness, CalipoRnia 
Major: ImeRdisciplmany Srudies 

Sociology, Psychology, Missions 
"We pix our eyes... on whai is unseen. For whai is 
seen is lempoRany, bm whai is unseen is eieRnal." 
2 CoRimhans 4:18 

jeppney asking >EM>alcomson 

Homewwn: Los Osos, CalipoRnia 

Ma/or: HisTORy 

Muwr: Educanon 

"CReaiion nselp will be libenaied pRom its 

bondage to decay and bRoughT imo ihe gloRious 

pReedom op ihe childRen op God." Romans 8:21 



Homewwn: Ocala, PloRida 

Mujor: ImendisciplinaRy Srudies 

Bible, Sociology, Yoinh MimsiRV 

"And my God will meei all youR needs accoRding to 

His gloRious Riches in Clmisi Jesus." Philippians 4:19 

WMrir <$mames MscDamel 

Homewwn: Fhmsww, GeoRgia I 
Major: Sociology I 
Muwr: Yoinh MmiSTRies 

Romans 5:3-5 

SemoRS 143 

WMenmpeR gMichelle Jflgrre 
Homewwn: Tampa, Flomda 
Mapn: Sociology 

"He rends His flock like a shephend: He garbens 
The laaiks in His amis and cawies them close to 
His beam" Isaiah 40:11 

\ HI 

Wkathaniel wMevkeRi msilleR 

Homewwn: Nassau, Bahamas 

Mapn: Imendisaplinanj Studies 

Psychology, Sociology, Physical Educcmon 

amona i^may msanvis Wmoone 

Hometown: Rising Fawn, Georgia 

Major: Business OngamzaTional Managemem 

MinoR: InponoMTion and Compuren Science 

"All human beings am cleared in The image op God. 

May we ke pnee to Replect The glony op God." 


Wimsba (Mseanne WBongan 

Homewwn: Richmond, Vmgima 

Majons: Sociology, ImeRdisciphnaRy Studies 

English, Philosophy, Business 

Because op The LoRd's gReai love, we aRe nor consumed, 

poR His compassions neveR pail. They aRe new eveny 

moRmng; gneat is youR panhpulness." lam 3:22-23 



m^aRk WmonaLd mmouman 

Homewwn: Atlanta, GeoRgia 

MajOR: ImeRdisciphnaRy Srudies 

English, Bible, Philosophy 

"I've neveR been at a loss poR woRds except now in 

wRmng This Ridiculous Quote. Have a nice hpe." 

Wmeanna Wkae W3ullemx 

Homewwn: ColoRado SpRings, ColoRado 

MajoR: ImeRdisciphnaRy Studies 

Education, Sociology, Youth MimstRies 

"I'd RarheR believe that cows ply Than Thar a 

pRiend lie to me." Rev. Hawk 

144 CoRaaj Deo 

miauRie Wketh wkelson 

Hometown: Waccaaiaw Riven, Soinh Canohna 

Mapn: Psychology 

Mmon: Biblical Smdies 

"Intelligence and passion bom of living, The aklny to 

wove and be moved by ihe sukrlenes op the wind and 

spmn weRe what Really cowned." 

mjacmn Bmillip smeuhoff 

Hometown: Pasadena, California 

MapR: ImeRdisciplinaRy Smdies 

Sociology, HistoRy, Bible 

"I just warn you w know, good luck and we'ne all 
pulling poR you." -Amplane 


lavid IHIzcJjoIs 

Hooietown: lakeland, PloRida 

Major: Elewenrmy Education - (pRe-K - 5) 

"You must live a life that's mm and you must 
jell Theo) whaT you know," 

m&isa (mscmelle Wmhanek 

Hometown: Winten PaRk, FL 
MapR: Biblical Studies 

(MkaRah (Miane WLhne 

Hometown: Tampa, VloRida 

MapR: ElementaRy Education - (Pne-K - 5) 

"I am placed wheRe I am so that I may leaRn, so 
that I may gnow." 

WkatRina mmawn WtsboRne 

Hometown: SoudeRton, Pennsylvania 

MajoR: Elementany Education 

"\ am the LoRd youR God, who teaches you what is 

best fon you, who dmects you in the way you 

should go." Isaiah 48:17 

f . }■ 


'****,» i^ 


>*J * 

W ' 

<- "*■*. * ^ ':3 

(9 f 


9 ^f; „" 

.% ■ * 



^fv% ■ 1 

SemoRS 145 

Homewwn: Niceville, PloRida 
Majon: English 
Minor: Mankering 

"Big ansrake. Huge. I have w go shopping" 


Hoamown: Cusco, Pcru 

Major: NaiuRal Science- Pne Physical Thenapy 

Mmom Imenpensonal Counseling 

"A I comemplaR las mommas me pnegumo: De 

donde vendm on ayuda? Mi ayuda vendna del 

SenoR, CRedoR del cielo y de la iiRRa." Salem 121:1-7 


vcrcii sMmieRce 


Homewwn: Mamerm, GeoRgia 
MajoRi Envmonmenial Biology 

"NaiuRe gives beamy and splendoR w our lives. 
RespecT it, poR u also is God's cR.ea.iion." 

likjf jf.^1 Ear 

}ml,hilip WsthoMcts UBroctor 

Homewwn: Nashville, Tennessee 

Major: English 

Minon: Secondany Educauon 

''He pindeih and Receiveih noi ihe TRue Good so long 

as he Remameih unchanged." -Theologia GeRmamca 




■ ' i \- 

fll -j. JP 

\ > n ■"■ > 1 

v^S' t*'v 

i1flV c 


- ■ **'i M ' 

S3 li 1 m 

I • "' Imm 



! '■ 91 

* iugh imLRedeRick Wmeinhandi 

Hoaiewwn: Dunhan, Souih Apnea via Housion, Texas 
MapR: HisiORy 
| Minor: English 

"Concepiual Vmmmonks?" 

'WtleoRge JrfcobeRi X^ibei 

Homewwn: Vleasamon, California 

Major: Historv 

MmoR: Educauon 

"CReaie in me a pme heani, God; and Renew a 

sieadpasi spmn wnhm me" Psalm 51:10 

146 Comm Deo 

{mm @Mhepley Wwicbards 

Hometown: Penny, Georgia 
Major: Elementary Education 

"After all, toaiorrow is another day." 

-Scarlett O'Hara 

Hometown: Undecided 

Major: History 

Minor: Education 

"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks 

m all circumstances, pan this is God's will for 

you in Chmst Jesus." I Thessalomans 5:16-18 

L/lavid &>ong Hi jJmose 
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado 
Major: Biology 
Minor: Chemistry 

"Make every effort to hve m peace mto all men and to he 
hdy; ivnlxwr hchness no ore will see tJk lord." Hebrews 12:14 

atthew Wmowton 

Hometown: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 

Major: Business 

Minors: Marketing, Accounting 

"Communication is both inward and outward, but 

bringing the inside out is so essential so that others 

can bring your inside in." Dr. Henry Krabbendao) 

WShawlyn WmcheU Jmulon 

Hometown: lookout Mountain, Georgia 
Maprs: Business, Biology 

"Reoiember this, that very little is needed to 
make a happy life." -Marcus Aurehus Antomus 

fiMtephanie Wmame Wmalley 

Hometown: Chapxn, South Carolina 

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies 

Education, Bible, Sociology 

Minor: History 

"Accept surprises that upset your plans. is not 

chance... leave the Father free himself to weave the 

patterns op your days." Dom Helder Camara 

Seniors 147 

H HI vgft i 

&Menmf€R m^anganeT omchempp 

Homewwn: Pougkeepsie, New Yank 

MawR: Voice 

Miuor: MaRkewig 

"Das Gnas ist vendoRer mid die Blume abgepallen. 

AbeR des HeRRn Wort bleibeT in Ewigken." 

Wsknandon jIIIcott Wmhanwn 

Homewwn: ColoRado Spnmqs, ColoRado 
Mcljor: Business 

"The January Rain"- BRandon Shannon 

]l&,aRRy m®. mmoup, Br. 

Homewwn: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
MajoR: Biblical Studies 
Miuor: Educarwn 

"Still theRe aRe many Things/Thai I have neveR 
seen:/ in eveny wood on eveny spRing/rhene is a 
dippenem gReen." Tolkien 

Wmhanwn mmizaheib Wmilman 

Homewwn: Hameshunq, Mississippi 

Majon: Elememany Education 

"Tor I know rhe plans I have poR you, " 

declaRes the LoRd,"... plans w give you hope 

and a puTune." 

WMbwsrma ml.icamlh Wmingleron 

Homewwn: Ocala, FloRida 

MajoR: HiswRy 

Miuor: Education 

"Two Roads diveRged in a wood, and I - 1 wok rhe 

one less tmaveled by, and That has made all The 

dippeRence." -RobeRT Frost 

Wkancy vmee Wmnqlewn 

Homewwn: DecamR, GeoRgia 
MajoR: Elememany Educarwn 

Good fRiends aRe just like The EneRgizeR bunny, - 
They just keep going and going and going..." 

Colossians 2:6,7 

148 CoRam Deo 

Wsa.ihK.yn Wmileen t^mlawieR 

Hometown: iookoin tAounram, GeoRgia 
Major: lmendisaphnany Siudies 

Psychology, EducaTion, Youih Mimsjny 
Minor: Art 
"Kane, don'i be a wus. 

(msetfKey Mi. tfmieel 

Homeiown: Ocala, Tlomda 
Major: lmeKdisaphncmy Srudies 
Bible, Sociology, Youih tAinismy 

"To coy wondenpd. wife: Thank you pon all op youn 
love and suppoRi. I love you veRy much." 

WmbOTOLKO (Miuzukl 

Homeiown: Sendai, Japan 
Major: Biology 

"Shu Wa Subamshn, GReai is ihe loud." 

\MieRRy W&ichele uMebbs 

Homeiown: Sykesville, Maryland 

Major: EnviRonmemal Biology 

Minor: Education 

'LeaRn 10 pin aside youR own desmes and gladly 
lei God have his way wnh you." 2 PeieR 1 :6 

WtEOseph WmnbRew WihackeR 

Homeiown: New W/mdeR, Maryland 
MapR: Biblical Siubies 
Minor: English 

"Bin He knows His way wnh me." Job 23:10 

ohn Iff eRlui Wihomas 

Homeiown: Bnademon, FloRida 

MajOR: InpoRmanon and CompuieR Science 

"WheRe is ihe wisdom, we have losi in knowledge? 

WweRe is ihe knowledge we have losi m inpoRmanon?' 

-T. S. Elhoi 

Senions 149 


hlhao) WHkodTpon. Hp^t 

Roamown: Union, Missouri 

Major: lmen.disaph.naKy Studies 

Counseling, Education, Youth Ministny 

"It must opren be so,... when rhngs cme ar siake: 

Someone has to give Them up... so Thar othens amy 

keep Them." pRodo Baggins 

WtesiRee Ws£ amon Wiom 

Roamown: RendeRsonville, Nomh Carolina 
Major: Psychology 
Minor: Sociology 
"My sod finds resT in God alone; my salvanon comes 
prom him. Re alone is my Rock and my salvation; he is 
my fortress, I mil never he shaken." Psalm 62: 1-2 



■ *■»■■» A * 

m mi 



hzaherh umneick 

Hometown: San Jose, California 

MajoR: English 

MinoRs: Marketing, Interpersonal Counseling 

"What is a)y trespass? Whar is my sin, that ami 

have so hotly puRsued am?" Genesis 32:36 




Romerown: Trostproop, Florida 
Major: English 

"Imagine being hom with gold-Timed corneas and 

undeRTohng a lifelong seaRch por gold. You'd never find 

it. " -Taken proa? The Second Coming by WalkeR PeRcy 

Wmanhew Wssohn Wzatcken, 

Romerown: lakeland, FloRida 
MajoR: Business Administration 

"All my love to you, Kim." 

hnathan jM^eteR w^sannoy 

RomeTOwn: lookour Mountain, GeoRgia 

MajoR: GeoRgia Tech Dual Decree PRogRam: 

NawRal Science and Civil Engineering, IDS - 

Physics, Math, and Bible "Be on youn guaRd; STand 

pirm in The panh; be men of couRage; be STRong. 

Do eveRyThmg in love." I CoRimhians 16: 13,14 

150 Corao) Deo 

1HS nisTen WMerh Wmannoy 

Homewwn: Wilanngwn, Delawane 
Mapn: Sociology 

tanhew mmichael 


Romewwn: Oncnond Beach, Elonida 

Mapn: Eleamnany EducaTion - (Pne-K - 5) 

"It is hot The will op youn PaThen in heaven 

rhar any op These Imle ones should he Iost." 

MaTThew 18:14 

Wseppney @mTephen ^maughn 

Romewwn: Mesa, Amzona 

Mapn: English 

Mmon: Secondary EducaTion 

"We is no pool tJmt gives whaT he cannoT keep, to 

gam whaT he cannoT lose." -]im Ellior 





Romewwn: Onange, California 
Mapn: IndTendisiplmany Swdies and English 

"Dehgln younselp in T?je Loud and He will give you 
The op youn beam," Psalm 37:4 

WMachel Ulikme Wiheeles 

Romewwn: Spanra, Illinois 

Mapn: Riswny 

Mmon: Bible 

"Did we in oun own sTnengrh conpide, Oun smiving 

would he losing." -Manxin Lurhen 


lanielle Wmnn m&cKinley WSilkie 

Romewwn: Binnamwood, Wisconsin 

Mapn: English 

Minon: EducaTion 

"I have one neou^sv. may I neven use coy neason 
agamsT rnmh" -Rasidic Rabbi's Pnayen 

Semons 151 

WmlayTon WMay ''y&ilhams 

Romwwn: Vnrshimgh, Pennsylvania 
Majon.: History 

Wsi>amela wsm urh Wyykopp 

Hometown: las Vegas, Nevada 
Major: English 
Minon: Spanish 

,5 K ' "my, 

rephen MMmn 

Homerown: Knomlle, Tennessee 

Majon: inemTime 

Mdvr: Music 

"\t is necessany to have anorhen kind op pRiesrs, called 

peers, to Remind ns Thar They aRe nor deadyer." 

G. K. ChesreRson 

wonda WMlizaberh 


Hoaierown: Lookout Mounrain, GeoRgia 
Major: English 
Muwr: Spanish 

die &Mohanna Smown 

Homerown: Townsend, Massachuserrs 

MapR: English and History 

"I myself have neven been able w pnd out precisely whm peamnsw 

is: I only know ilm people call we a pewimsr whneven 1 express 

setmmems tImt dipfenemnare we piow a dooKwar." 

Rebecca Wcst, 1913 

152 CoRam Deo 

oSsacQiiehne HH. Smooven 

Homewwn: Hagenswwn, Mcmyland 
Mcijor: Ongamzaiwnal Business 

"The Quesr TRognam has been a challenging Roab to 
rmvel, bm wnh God's help, I have am success ai 
eveny cokmr." 

W&axsba i^ayne-WQiissell 

Homewwn: Birmingham, Alabama 
Major: ORQainzaiwnal Business 

"Educamn, The gvfx you give youRselp." 



Hoamown: Chananooga, Tennessee 
Mo/ok: Ongamzarional Business 

"Wnh my family's suppom, I was successful in my 



Wlack °@myawnds 

Homewwn: Soddy Daisy, Tennessee 
Major: Ongamzaiional Business 

"Bettor law Than NeveR." 

<Smean szHbORKen 

Homewwn: Uniomown, Alabama 
Majon: Onganizanonal Business 

"Wnh God all Things ane possible - To God he The 


SeniORS 153 

154 CoKaoj Deo 

, ,,, 



S 1* 


We'ne outtcl hene! 

SemoKS 155 

Smdying in 

Just think, you're not here by chance, 
but by God's choosing. 
His hand formed you 

and made you the person you are. 
He compares you to no one else- 

you are one of a kind. 
You lack nothing that His grace can't give you. 
He has allowed you to be here 

at this time in history 
to fulfill His special purpose for this genera- 

' To every thing is a season, and a time to 
every purpose under the heaven." 
Ecclesiastes 3:1. 

Written by Roy Lessin 

Used by permission from Dayspring. 

156 Corcio) Deo 

James 1:22 

"Do not merely listen to the word and so 
deceive yourself. Do what it says." 

Studying. AUGH! It seems that we eat, 
breath and sleep to study. It consumes our lives 
totally. However, it doesn't mean just reading 
books, memorizing facts and spitting them out 
again for a quiz, test or exam. It means applying 
these facts, thoughts and questions to our lives. 

ibe Vnesence or GOD... 

The Covenant College motto - "In all 

things Christ pre-eminent"- challenges us to 

apply God to our lives in EVERYTHING. With- 
out Him it all becomes empty, void, without 
worth. Phillipians 4:13 states "I can do all things 
through Him who gives me strength". 

It all ties up with God.. So what if your 
calculus knowledge doesn't seem to connect 
with the analysis of T. S. Elliot. All that work 
will eventually come to good. 

Genesis 50:20 

"You intended to harm me, but God 
intended it for good to accomplish what is now 
being done, the saving of many lives." 

UndeKclassmen 157 

Srudyinq in The Tnesence op God 

Michelle Acker 

Tonielle Adams 

Heather Aiken 

Bill Ainsworth 

Katie Akin 

Yonas Alemavehu 

Jackson Alexander 

Nathan Allison 

Erin Altena 

Rachel Altork 

Betsy Anderson 

J. Gordon Anderson 

Kristen Andrews 

Ramah Andrews 

Christina Apperson 

Bryan Arrington 

Suzy Bakke 

Charis Barhee 

Elisabeth Barker 

Jeffrey Barr 

Jody Barrett 

Greg Baus 

Ben Baxter 

Leah Behm 

Jennifer Beland 

Donnie Belk 

T.J. Belk 

Alice Belz 

Jeff Bennett 

Kjirstin Bentson 

Noel Bentson 

Rachelle Biddinger 

Tim Black 

Hunter Blackburn 

Corrie Blankenbeckler 

Allison Boyd 

Alissa Bragdon 

Londa Bragdon 

Peter Brangwin 

Kay Bratcher 

Adam Bray 

Amy Bretschneider 

Ashley Brown 

Jennifer Brown 

Vicki Brown 

Jeff Bryson 

Matt Bryson 

Jessica Buers 

Nate Burke 

158 Coklioi Deo 


Sarah Burke 
Tonita Cagnolatti 
Gretchen Caines 
Philip Caines 
Jennifer Calvert 
Rebekah Cameron 
Amy Campbell 

Jessica Carey 
Kari Carlson 
Nathan Carlson 
Tristyn Casanave 
Karissa Case 
Eric Chandler 
Amy Chapman 

Sophie Chinchen 
Benjamin Claassen 
Ken Collison 
Jessica Colvert 
Ben Copithorn 
Ryan Corrigan 
Matthew Cotta 

Janneke Counts 
Charlotte Crane 
Kim Crawford 
Kim Crocker 
Raven Crown 
Todd Crusey 
Elisabeth Cui 

Timothy Cummings 
Susannah Cunningham 
Greg Cutler 
Charissa Dale 
Amy Daniel 
Joanna Danner 
Scott Davenport 

Jeremy Davis 
Stephen Davenport 
Lindsay Davis 
Peter Davis 
Sharon Davis 
Sasha Dennis 
Helene Dettwiller 

Jeremy Deutschmann 
Maria Deutschmann 
Juliana Dixon 
Zuzarma Dlugapolska 
Marie Dobson 
Rebecca Doerbaum 
Joel Doerfel 

Underclassmen 159 

Studying in The Pnesence op God 

Cara Dolonz 

Sarah Donaldson 

Clayton Douglass 

Amy Downing 

Jeanne Doyle 

Robvn Duble 

Christopher Dvches 

Angie Eaker 

Amanda Ellenburg 

Wayne Elliott 

Karen Elmer 

Kim Elmer 

Leslie Elofson 

Josh Emerson 

Luke Emerson 

John English 

Heather Erickson 

Lora Erickson 

Mark Errick 

Tad Evearitt 

Trippy Farmer 

Ethan Farquhar 

Melissa Ferman 

Heather Ferngren 

Angela Ficca 

Susan Fields 

Scott Finch 

Kristin Fiol 

David Fish 

Dorothy Fisher 

Mattew Flower 

Amanda Floyd 

Bonnie Fox 

George Fox 

Lisa Franklin 

Susan Frazier 
Will Funches 
Andy Garrisi 

Ruth Garrisi 

Andrew Gast 

Heather Gault 

Eric Gelston 

Krista Gerow 

Maggie Gerritsen 

Pierson Gerritsen 

Jamie Gienapp 

Shannon Gienapp 

Quena Gonzalez 

Josh Good 

160 Comcn Deo 


Ian Goodman 
Reachel Goodnight 
Angela Grady 
Jason Grady 
Miriam Grady 
Jennifer Grant 
Josh Green 

Todd Greeson 
Tim Gregson 
Christine Griebel 
Jamie Griggs 
Ruth Gross 
Ruth E. Grossman 
Lois Guiterrez 

Kristy Hadley 
Alex Haire 
Amanda Hamilton 
Matthew Hampton 
Andrew Hansen 
Jill Hansen 
Wendy Harder 

David Harkins 
Pam Harkins 
Julia Harrington 
Jason Harris 
Julie Harris 
Heather Hartman 
Gina Hasselbring 

Anna Hatcher 
Jason Heerema 
Drew Heisig 
Raymond Hellings 
Teresa Henriques 
Eric Herring 
Esther Herron 

Sarah Hinman 
Kim Hinson 
Nathan Hitchcock 
Julie Hodgson 
Sven Hoerschgens 
Alex Hogsett 
Kathryn Hohenberger 

Roxaline Holbrook 
Charles Holt 
Peter Holton 
Ashley Hopson 
Travis Horton 
Jennifer Hostetter 
Jan Hoven 

Underclassmen 161 

Studying in the Vnesence op God 

Amy Hoxter 

Amy Hudson 

Amy Huffine 

Sara Huffine 

Kristen Huggins 

Rebekah Huggins 

Zach Hughes 

John Huisman 

Brad Hummel 

Beth Hurley 

Heather Huston 

Jeremy Hutson 

Hiroko Iguchi 

Ashley Jackson 

Jonathan Jackson 

Joshua Jackson 

Mark Jenkins 

Polly Johnson 

Todd Joling 

Jeremy Jones 

Joe Kaufmann 

Lelia Kendrick-Holmes 

Rachel Kennedy 

Mike Keuning 

Martha Kickasola 

Krista Kiehl 

Theo Kim 

Noel Kimball 

Brady King 

Kris King 

Kim Klein 

Travis Knight 

Nathan Knutson 

Michael Kramer 

Angela Krieg 

Matt Kuiper 

Jonathon Landrum 

Carrie Largent 

Tim Larson 

Albert Leavengood 

Amanda Lebreton 

Phil Ledgerwood 

Daniel Legters 

Dagney Leonard 

Joshua Leonard 

Rebecca Leutbecher 

Amanda Levi 

Jennifer Lewis 

Amy Liesman 

I f 



162 Conaa) Deo 


Courtney Ligon 
Matt Lindley 
Heather Lippincott 
Justice Litle 
John Livingston 
Jessica "TEX" Lodge 
Loey Logterman 

Aimee Lowe 
Anca Luca 
Matthew Luchenbi 
Rebekah Ludwick 
Becki Luedde 
Kate Luedde 
Mary Lee Lykins 

Erin Lynch 
Mark Lynch 
David Macallister 
Kenny MacDonald 
Jennifer Magnuson 
Carissa Maliepaard 
Nat Malkus 

Aneatra Malone 
Tracy Malone 
Windy Mangum 
John Marino 
Debbie Marshall 
John Martens 
Jocelyn Masereka 

Colby Mason 
Betsy Matthews 
Melissa Matthews 
Ian Mattice 
Destry Maynard 
Bill McCampbell 
Emily McCampbell 

Heather McCauley 
Ashley McCue 
Mike McDonald 
Paul McDonald 
Alicia McFarland 
Parker McFarland 
Ryan Mcllhenny 

Brian McKeon 
Daniel McKinney 
Shawn McKnight 
Sandy McLeod 
Brian McNutt 
Rinnie Meiners 
Amy Metcalf 

UndeKclassmen 163 

Smdymg in The Tnesence op God 

Heidi Metrakoudes 

Alanda Meyer 

Mark Michal 

Catherine Middendorf 

Clair Miller 

Mary Miner 

Marcus Mininger 

Samantha Mitchell 

Amy Moffitt 

Lesley Monroe 

Jesse Montgomery 
Brent Moore 
Chris Moore 
Evan Moore 

Jennifer Moore 
Tammy Morgan 
Jesse Morrison 
Leah Morrison 
Nikki Morrison 
Lisa Mortellaro 
Maria Muller 

Leigh Mullinax 

Brooke Musterman 

Masaji Nakayama 

Lizzie Neuhoff 
Jonathan Neuhoff 

Joseph Nichols 
Gregory Nickisch 

Stephen Oharek 

Matthew Orwig 

Julie Overall 

Kerry Pallo 

Melissa Parish 

Mike Parker 

Teresa Parler 

Tim Pattison 

Rebekah Paulsen 

Richard Penney 

Kris Perkins 

Mary Persenaire 

Kate Peters 

Lydia Peters 

Jennifer Peterson 
Micah Pickett 
Joey Pipa 
Sara Pipa 
Eric Pohl 
Dan Polk 

Travis Poortinga 

164 Conacn Deo 


Jeff Prager 
Elizabeth Pratt 
Jeremy Prys 
Melissa Ptasznik 
Amy Beth Prucell 
Amy Purvis 
Rick Quinn 

Naomi Raines 
Karen Raney 
Laurel Reames 
Abby Reeder 
Ike Reeder 
Joel Renkema 
Elizabeth Rice 

Toby Riggs 
Amy Riley 
Juley Robbins 
Lora Robbins 
Nathan Roberts 
Sarah Roberts 
Samuel Robertstad 

Heather Robinson 
Heather Roerdink 
Tracy Rollo 
Jeremy Ross 
Andy Rowe 
Charles Royal 
Allison Rump 

Tanja Rustand 
Mark Rusten 
Kristen Sandhoff 
Risa Sankawa 
Kimberly Schreur 
Aaron Schrupp 
Gretchen Schwamb 

Stephen Scott 
Jennifer Shaffer 
Rachel Shattuck 
Jennifer Shaw 
Susan Shepherd 
Kathey Sherbon 
Natalie Sherouse 

Eliza Sherrill 
Rachel Shump 
Campbell Silman 
Rachel Simmons 
Rob Simmons 
Abigail Simpson 
Tedrick Sinn 

UndeRclassmen 165 

Srudying in The Vnesence of God 

Shelley Slater 

Benjamin Smith 

Crosby Smith 

Chandra Solle' 

Kristi Spinello 

Deborah Spiritosanto 

Micah Sprunger 

Julie Stair 

Rachel Stanton 

Glenn Stegall 

Sara Stewart 

Stephanie Stoer 

Bradshaw Stout 

Jennifer Stowe 

Jacob Stuart 

Lisa Stucky 

Grace Sukhia 

Nathan Sukhia 

Kathleen Swierzb 

Brandt Sykes 

Amber Temple 

Aaron Thompson 

Amanda Thompson 

Brent Thompson 

Kate Thompson 

Aaron Tolson 

Clay Tolson 

Andy Touma 

Catriona Trice 

Jennifer Trice 

Paige Trimmier 

Tom Troxell 

Tricia Tucker 

Sila Tuju 

Nathan Unruh 

Chad Urie 

Stephanie Van Reken 

Eric Van Zee 

Janeen Van Someren 

Rob Vaughn 

Brian Vedders 

Kevin Vedders 

Jeremy Veldman 

Sarah Vidal 

Sarah Viss 

Michael Vonhof 

Sharon Wagoner 

Jessica Wallis 

Bryan Walker 

166 Conam Deo 


Michael A. Walters 
Michael D. Walters 
Rachel Wanaselja 
Jon Ward 
Amy Warner 
Joel Warren 
Heather Watne 

Keri Weigle 
Maria Weinhold 
Joel Wells 
Laurence Wessel 
Angie White 
David White 

Samuel White 
Susan White 
Charlie Wier 
Michelle Williams 
Elizabeth Wilson 
Marsha Wilson 
Shawn Winburn 

Anne Wingate 
Christopher Wingate 
Courtney Wismer 
Jon Woodard 
Joy Woodward 
Ashley Wykoff 
Elizabeth Wynja 

Stephen Wynja 
David Yaegashi 
Kelly Yeager 
Leanna Yeazel 
Joy Yonge 
Meresa Youngblood 
Sarah Zacharias 

Julie Zang 

Aaron Zimmerman 

Underclassmen 167 

1 68 Conam Deo 

A picTune is woinh a Thousand muds... 

UndeRclassmen 169 

"Thy words were found and I did eat 
them; and Thy word was unto me the joy 
and rejoicing of mine heart: for I am 
called by Thy name, O Lord God of 
hosts." - Jeremiah 15:16 

The voice of the Lord 

is the best sound we can hear. 
He speaks to us as a helper to encourage . . 

as a friend to support . . . 

as a shepherd to guide . . . 

as a teacher to instruct! 

Written by Roy Lessin 

Used by permission of Dayspring 

1 70 Comal Deo 

leading in 

James 3:1 

"Not many of you should presume 
to be teachers, My brothers, because you 
know that we who teach will be judged 
more strictly." 

At Covenant, we students can see 
the glory of God sliining through any 
professor or staff member. Teachers, such 
as Dr. Graham and Dr. Krabbendam, are 
so excited about teaching us how to apply 
God to every aspect of our life. Their 

rhe Vnesence of GOD... 

enthusiasm for God and their subject 
material is almost tangible. Their car- 
ing and love for the students is as 
warm as the hugs they so freely offer. 
To be taught by these men and women 
is truly a blessing, for God is using them 
all as his instruments. 

Hebrews 13:7, 17 

"Remember your leaders, who 
spoke the word of God to you. Con- 
sider the outcome of their way of life 
and imitate their faith. . . Obey your lead- 
ers and submit to their authority. They 
keep watch over you as men who must 
give an account. Obey them so that 
their work will be a joy, not a burden, for 
that would be of no advantage to you." 

Facuhy 111 

Tnow tie Desk oj: tie Vnesidem: 

"One of the comments I hear from students is that it is easy to become complacent as a Christian at 
Covenant College. "Everyone is a Christian," some say, as though it might be easier to be a Christian if there 
were more non-Christians present. The comment is not all bad, because atleast there is recognition of the danger 
of complacency; but the comment does reveal how easily we can slip into the idea that living up to a human 
standard is all that is required of the Christian. 

The irony of the complacent Christian students is that faculty, who grade the student's work, and resident 
advisors and directors, who seek to maintain true spirituality on the nails, seldom see the basis for such 
complacency. Furthermore, I almost never hear this comment from alumni. To the contrary, I most often hear 
from alumni that Covenant helped them put together the puzzle of life — how to have joy in the midst of struggle, 
why to stick to one's standards of honesty when others succeed by dishonesty, how to give when others are 
always taking, and how to have hope in the midst of cynicism and. despair. 

Some say that the pastor's job is to unsettle the comfortable and to comfort the unsettled. If we could truly 
understand what it means to live in the presence of God, I think we would all be unsettled. Think of the pain of 
the millions who are malnourished and diseased and how this must grieve Jesus. Think of material strife, 
divorce, alienation, sexual perversion, and violence among our families; and be reminded that Jesus would have 
families relate as He relates to His Father. Think of the hopelessness, suicide, drug and alcohol dependency, and 
be reminded that Jesus wept as he overlooked Jerusalem and longed to gather the people to himself as a mother 
hen would gather and protect her chicks. 

Jesus begins the sermon on the mount: "Blessed are ..." Those who seek blessedness in the form of 
material prosperity or success are always disappointed. Blessedness comes from living in the presence of God 
— and being a peacemaker, being pure in heart, being persecuted for righteousness sake. 

As you look back on this year at Covenant College, it is my prayer that the peace and joy of learning and 
living among brothers and sisters will spur you on to live in the presence of God wherever you are. May your 
peace and joy not come from your circumstances, which are always subject to change, but from the spirit who 
lives in you. If you will forgive as you have been forgiven, love as you have been loved, and do whatever you 
do to the glory of God, your light will so shine before men that they will see your good works and give glory to 
your Father in heaven. Pray for God's grace that you may live daily in His presence." 

1 72 Comai Deo 

Jenny King 

Mr. Jerry King - the man with 
much experience. After obtain- 
ing a degree in psychology from 
the U of S FL, Mr. King joined 
the Air Force for four years. Dur- 
ing this time, he was ministered to 
by the Navigators and later 
joined their staff. Through the 
Navigators, Mr. King met his wife 
with whom he ministered to 
| people in GA and TN. After this, 
he was a human resource manager 
and a safety inspection consultant. 
He received his MA in vocational 
rehabilitation from VGA in 1984. 
He has worked as an adjunct 
professor with the Quest program 
and is now Director of the Career 
Development Center. 

Mr. King has many plans for 
the Career Center. He would like 
to see all the students come in for 
help finding jobs. He would like 
to show students the value of a 
liberal arts Christian education. 
He wants to help students learn 
how to articulate not only who 
they are, but also the value of 
their degree and an understand- 
ing of the marketplace. Take ad- 
vantage of this invaluable re- 
source and begin now preparing 
yourself for life in the "job world." 

Jeff Hall, the new education 
professor, is from Pittsburgh, PA. 
His family includes his wife, Lynn, 
and their four children. He has 
attended Grove City College, 
Slippery Rock University, and 
UT. He used to be the elemen- 
tary-school principal at CCS. 

Mr. Hall can feel the presence 
of God among the faculty and 
students at Covenant. He hopes 
to remind the professors at Cov- 
enant that their teaching is not in 
vain and to encourage them to 
continue the excellent job they 
are doing. He has been encour- 
aged by the discussions he has 
had with students about spiritual 
issues and can sense an active and 
growing faith in them. He wishes 
to model the motto of the college 
through his involvement in aca- 
demics and his relationships with 

Mr. Hall is an elder at St. Elmo 
Presbyterian Church and is on 
the Board of the Christian 
Internationals. His interests in- 
clude attending musical concerts, 
playing the guitar, taking his fam- 
ily mountain biking, and going 
on walks. 

J. C. Ufnon 

Mr. J. C Upton was born in 
Sweetwater, Tennessee. He grew 
up in a close family of nine 
children. At the age of fourteen, 
he became a Christian and later 
attended New Tribes Bible In- 
stitute in Wisconsin. From there 
Mr. Upton trav- 
eled to Papua, 
where he was a 
missionary for 
five years. Short- 
ly after returning 
from there, Mr. 
Upton married 
his wife, now of 
twenty-five years. 
They have three 
adult children 

After being a 
pastor at a local 
church for eight years, Mr. Upton 
decided to attend Covenant to 
get his degree in teaching. He ma- 
jored in History, minored in Sec- 
ondary Education. Mr.Uptonlater 
attended UTC to get his Masters 
in Education Administrative Su- 
pervision. He is certified to teach 
in Chattanooga and is currently 

the only professor at Covenant 
who is fully qualified to teach 
Bible in the public schools. 

Mr. Upton says he would like 
to see Covenant become more ra- 
cially and ethnically diverse so 
mat more types of people can 
benefit from all 
Covenant has to 
offer. While Mr. 
Upton's official 
title is Assistant 
Professor of Edu- 
cation, he spends 
most of his time 
in the IDS Depart- 
ment. He cur- 
rently teaches one 
class, but is in- 
volved in the de- 
velopment of sev- 
eral other courses. 
* He is part of the 
Multi-Cultural Enhancement 
Committee and Self Study Plan- 
ning &mmittee. 

Mr. Upton enjoys outdoor 
activities, building things, and 
reading books. Overall, he is a 
wise and kind man who works 
hard and has an excellent set of 

Jepp Hall 

Cal Beisnen 

Mr. Cal Beisner - author, edi- 
tor, professor, husband, father, 
and an attender of Reformed Pres- 
byterian Church — all in one! Born 
inTusculoosa, Alabama, Mr. Beis- 
ner spent his childhood in rural 
upstate New York and his teen 
years in LA. He received a BA in 
IDS and an MA in society. Since 
then Mr. Beisner has written six 
books. Future plans include re- 
ceiving a Ph.D. from St. Andrews 
inScotland. Mr. Beisner will, how- 
ever, return to teach at Covenant. 

Mr. Beisner and his wife 
Deborah have "three and a quar- 
ter dozen" (six) children. They 
live in St. Elmo in a house regis- 
tered in the historical foundation, 
Le. a "fixerupper!" 

Mr. Beisner' s many ideas for 
Covenant include seeing Cov- 
enant "enhance the nation's ap- 
preciation of heritage of Godly 
liberation under the law" and un- 
derstand "the importance of or- 
der in commonwealth to human 
freedom and happiness with hap- 
piness equally blessed by God." 
Mr. Beisner, himself, would like 
to be a "cheerleader of excellency 
in scholarship, citizenship, and 
service in the Kingdom of God." 

Pennsylvania. That is where 
Mr. Paul Morton was born. He 
grew up in Philadelphia, the son 
of a Reformed Episcopalian min- 
ister. Mr. Morton graduated from 
Covenant, as did his three older 
brothers. And as a matter of fact, 
he is related to Professor Chuck 
Anderson. Mr. Morton has ob- 
tained an MA in history from 
Villanova and another MA in his- 
tory from the University of South- 
ern California. Right now, he is 
completing the final stages of his 
Ph.D. and is busy writing a dis- 
sertation on the diplomacy of 
migratory birds in the 20th cen- 
tury (a topic addressing interna- 
tional environmental questions). 

Mr. Morton recently moved to 
Chattanooga. After six years of 
living in Los Angeles, Mr. Morton 
is back in the East. He has been 
buying clothes to accommodate 
the colder temperatures and the 
less casual style of dress! 

His vision for the school is to 
develop critical thinking, intellec- 
tual Christians who will impact 
the world. 

Paul Monron 

Vacuity 173 

Richard Allen 

Dean of Experimental Education 

Robert Ashlock 

Professor of Education and Director 
of Master of Education Program 

Donald Bailey 

Grounds and Equipment 
Maintenance Supervisor 

Betty Barham 

Accounting Office and 
Administration Assistant 

Nicholas Barker 

Vice President of Academic 
Affairs and Dean of Faculty 

Sandra Barker 

Library Technical Assistant 

Julie Baumgardner 

Director of Student Assistance 
Sen'ices, Counselor 

Richard Baxter 

Professor of Business 

Calvin Beisner 

Associate Professor of 
Interdisciplinary Studies 

Rebecca Bigger 

Director of Student 
Financial Planning 

Daniel Bowles 

Associate Professor of Music 

Frank Brock 


Ken Brooks 

Assistant Professor ofPE, 
Men 's Basketball Coacli 

Ray Clark 

Associate Professor of 
Biblical Studies 

Joseph Clumpner 

Professor of Math and 
Applied Science 

Carol Collier 

Ken Collision 

Phyllis Crooks 

Brian Crossman 

William Dennison 

Assistant Supervisor of 

Physical Plant Clerk 

Controller of Accounting 

Associate Professor ofPE, Athletic 

Associate Professor of 



Director, Soccer Coach 

Interdisciplinary Studies 

1 74 Comm Deo 

Rebecca Dodson 

Assistant Director of Masters of 
Education, AV Service Director 

Charles Donaldson 

Professor ofOwmistry 

Tony Duckworth 

Accounting, Assistant Men 's 
Basketball Coach 

Tim Evearitt 

Professor of Education 

David Friberg 

Associate Professor of Music 


t '»" 








Arthur Gauthier 

Assistance Alain tenanct of 

Jenny Gienapp 

Assistant to Vice President t 

Gene Golden 

Administrative As 
Physical Plant 

stent of 

Donovan Graham 

Professor of Education 

Wilma Graham 

Administrative Assistant of 
Office of Records 

Artie Green 

Supervisor of B.E.ST. 

Susan Green 

Administrative Assistant of 
Student Development 

Shari Griggs 

Assistant Director of 
Career Development 

Herman Griggs 

Preventive Maintenance 
Specialist ofM&O 

Kathleen Gulick 

Resident Director of 
Founders Hall 

John Hake 

Office Secretary I Receptionist 
of Admissions 

Jeff Hall 

Associate Professor of Education 

John Hamm 

Professor of Music 

Robert Harbert 

Vict' President of Finance and 

Mike Hardie 

Coordinator of'EEP SBL 

Carolyn Hays 

Coordinator of Student 
Financial Planning 



Russell Heddendorf 

Professor of Sociology 

Paul Hesselink 

Professor of English, Director of 
Mackllan Scholars Program 

Bill Higgins 


: A U 1 

Henry Hilliard 

Supervisor ofM&O 

Mil* " 

David Hoover 

Associate Professor of Business 

Gary Huisman 


Christy Hummel 

Assistant RDA of Development 

Dorothy Hunter 

Assistant of Purchasing 

Stephen Kaufmann 

Associate Professor ofEdtication 

Edward Kellogg 

Professor of Art 

Jerry King 

Director of Career Development 

Henry Krabbendam 

Professor of Biblical Studies 

Heather Kvale 

Coordinator of Telephone 

Roger Lambert 

Professor of Biblical Studies and 

Dale Lee 

Director of Physical Plant 


Philip Little 

Electric Assistant ofM&O/ 

Jack Lothers 

Professor of Biology 

Larry Lynch 

Maintenance Mechanic of 

Craig Lyon 


1 76 Coxacn Deo 

Daniel MacDougall 

Assistant Professor of Biblical 

Reginald McLelland 

Professor of Philosophy 

Tricia Magnuson 

Assistant Office of Records 

Larry Mehne 

Associate Professor of 

Rodney Miller 

Dean of Records 

Pat Monroe 

Secretary, President "s Office 

Robert Monroe 

Professor of Music 

Ramona Moore 

Student Work Program 

Regina Moore 

Administration Assistant 
Human Resources 

Paul Morton 

Assistant Professor of History 

Jack Muller 

Professor of Sociology 

Paul Nakhla 

Grounds/ Field Tender 

Christine Page 

Director of Human Resources 

Donald Petcher 

Associate Professor of Physics 

Ethan Pettit 

Assistant Librarian 

Cathy Pinner 

Assistant Supervisor of 

Harry Pinner 

Director of Institutional Research 
and Planning 

Herb Politano 

Director of Auxiliary Services 

Patricia Ralston 

Director of Writing Center! English 

Scott Raymond 

Dean of Students 

Facuhy 177 

Robert Richmond 

Systems Manager 

Marshall Rowe 

Regional Director 

Michael Rulon 

Associate Professor of Psychology 

Stephen St. John 


W.J. Schaffers 

Professor of Mathematics 

Barb Schreur 

Associate Dean of Students 

Doug Sizemore 

Professor of Academic Computing 

Tami Smialek 

Associate Athletic Director 
Women 's BB Coach 

Drake Smisson 

Assistant Professor of Modern 

Randy Smith 

Assistant Professor of Information 
and Computer Science 

Joan Stanton 

Administrations Assistant 

Rhea Steel 

Assistant of Office of Records 

Henry Stevens 

Carpenter Assistant 

K k! 

Kathleen Stevens 

Library Technical Assistant 

Margaret Stewart 

Financial Planning Assistant 

David Taylor 

Grounds Keeper 
Cross Country Coach 

John Upton 

Assistant Professor of Education 


Robert Veal 

HVAC Technician 

Louis Voskuil 

Professor of History 

Glen Wieldraayer 


1 78 Conam Deo 

Faculty Not-Pictured: 

Claudette Andrews-Switchboard Operator 

Nicolas Amett-Development-Regional Director 

Eileen Auel-Office Services-Manager 

James Bamett-Development-Director of Operations 

Tracy B\ea-Conference Coordinator 

Robert BrOWTl-ICS-Adjunct Instructor 

Carter Brown-M&O/Physical Plant-Clerk 

Michelle Brucks-Lookout Inn-Housekeeper 

Leda Camak-Development-Regional Director 

Christopher Dodson-Business-Associate Prof. 

Mark Duble- Women's Soccer Coach 

Dee Duke-Office Services Assistant 

Greta Erickson-Marfefz'wg 

Clifford Voreman-English-Associate Professor 

Virginia Garrison-Quest-Portfolio Adm. Couns. 

Skip Gienapp-Ti;cfc Shoppe-Manager 

Eric Heller-Food Service-Director 

John Himebook-Guesf Services-Manager 

William Honeycutt -Resident Director-Carter 

Kent Huff-Grounds 

Margaret Huffine-Quest-Group Projects Coor. 

Jerry Johnson-Leadership Counselor 

Ronald Knoth-Food Service-Assistant Director 

Paula fjynch-Admissions-lnformation Coordinator 

Barbara Michal-Fte)/f/z Service-Director 

Dennis MiWer-Quest-Dean of Extended Studies 

Carol Moore-Development-Production Coor. 

Benjamin Neuhoff-Loofawf Inn-Housekeeper 

Lois Newton-Tudc Shoppe-Assistant Manager 

Charlie Philips- VP for Dev. and Adm. 

Carol Pierce-Quest-Admin. Secretary 

Michelle SaviWe-Academk Affairs-Self-Study Sec. 

Beverly Scott-Offices Services-Clerk 

Dennis Smith-Quest-Program Recruiter 

Joseph Stephens-Development-Regional Dir. 

Trina Stone-Student Fin. Planning-Receptionist 

Darrell Taylor- Volleyball Coach 

Len Teague-B;Moj/ Studies Professor 

Oliver Trimiew-fDS Professor 

Joan V ' OS-Student Development-Chapel Sec. 

Matt V ' OS-Quest-Recruiter 

Jerry YJenger-Biology-Associate Professor 

James Wildeman-EngZzs/z-/4ssocz'afe Professor 

Facuhy 179 

Marshall ^rock^ 

Marshall: 'We are proud of 

L'pv ^JH 

you and happy for your 

steadfastness in graduat- 


ing', ^'ou will always Be 

* 1 

our youngest precious gift 

jf 1 J 

from Qod whom we dearly 


'Mommy and 



Oh well, 

'Do your best, 

'Don't forget your dinner. 

leather "Erin Caines 

your love for Jesus and 
others is our greatest joy. 
May "die lead you into your 
future, and use you to 
impact this world for the 
cause of Christ. 

Larry Shoup, Jr. 

Dear Larry: Congratulations 
son. your mother and I are 
exceedingly joyful on your 
accomplishment. We pray that 
the Lord will h less and guide 
you through the coming years. 
(Psalm 37 


Mom and Dad 

( LrikjMc ( Dankl 

". . .'But those who hope in the 
Lord will renew their strength. 
'They will soar on wings lifce 
eagles. "Isaiah 40:31 
Dear 'Erik: Take flight. 

joe McDaniel and 
Lurlene McDaniel 

Charlotte C. Collison 


We have been blessed to see our 
child of the Covenant grow into a 
wonderful woman of Qod. Qod 
has been faithful when we have 
erred. We love you! 

(Desiree Toms 


9\[pt long ago you were a sweet 
pre-schooler asking many 
though tful questions. 9{ow you 
are a college graduate still asking 
thoughtful questions. We are 
proud of you. 


Mom and Dad 

Trisha Morgan 

May you thirst for Qods 
Word. May you meditate on 
it day and night. May He 
fulfill His promise to prosper 
all that you do. Joshua 1:8 



We Love you, 
Mom and Dad 



180 Conam Deo 

Scott (Davenport 

Congratulations Scott! 
"They that wait upon the 
Lord shaft reneu> their 
strength, mount up with 
unngs as eagles, run and not 
Be weary, walf^and not 
faint. " 

Love and (Prayers, 
'Mom and 'Dad 

Sarah Jane Oiine 


Dearest Sarah, 

m »• t 

'We are very proud of you. 

'your name means "Qod's 


'Princess. " 'We know that you 

will always be a beautiful 

reflection of 'Him. 

Our love, 

Mom and Dad 

Stephanie Marie Satfey 


Celebrating your college 
graduation reminds us of hozu 
special you are. your devotion 
to Qod and your dedication to 
excellence have made us proud. 


Mom and Dad 


*v " J 

Stephen Taut Zinn 

%eady again for life 's ne7(t 
adventure. . . %eady to trust 
in the chains of His love! 
Congratulations, Steve. Qod 
has made you ready! 'We 're 
proud of you! 


Mom and Dad 

(Dominic fUfuiCa II 

from your earliest days: 

c^ '^H 

aggressive, visionary, bold and 


fearless. Continue to use these 

traits to serve the Lord you 


love and the people 'He sends 


into your life. 

you are loved 


Mom and Dad 


Congratulations on your 
graduation from Cov- 
enant. We trust these 
years have laid a founda- 
tion of education, social 
credences and your zvalli 
with Qod to base your 
future. 'Best wishes. 

%achet ( L. "Wheeles 

Congratulations, we are very 
proud of you. We are thanf^ 
ful for your life and your walf^ 
with the Lord. It has been a 
privilege to share these years 
with you. 


Mom and Dad 

Buff* ** jL 

m L J 





Melanie Spencer Qreen 

Melanie Qreen 

We are very proud of you. We 
knoio Qod will bless you in 
your chosen vocation. We love 
you very much. 
Mom, Charity, andShon 

Ads 181 

Chris Oiitchcock^ 

"We have no greater joy than to 
hear that our children are zualking 
in the truth. " III 'John 4 

'We love you Chris, 

•Mom and 'Dad 





Cariee *Bevis 

Cariee, our unsh for you is that 
your children will be as much 
of a blessing to you as you 
have been for us. 

Mom and (Dad 

Jennifer Mahaffey 

'Jennifer, "I thank^Qodfor a 
wonderful daughter like you. " 
Vou have made it and I 'm so 
proud of you. I ivish you the best 
oflucfyin the future. 




Josh 9-(o?(ter 

We are proud of you and 
confident you will be useful to 
the 'Master. We pray for you 
'His wisdom; may the joy of 
the Lord be your strength.. . 

Sfiotaro Suzuki 

Trust in the Lord in all 
things, so that your life 
ivillbc pleasing to Him. 

Christy 'Lllingsworth 

Congratulations Christy 1 . fAs you 
graduate, we pray that you urill 
seek^Qods guidance throughout 
your life. We love you very 


Mom and Dad 

%ebecca glanders 

To 'Rebecca Jlanders, 

"I know the plans I have 

for you, " declares the Lord, 

"plans to give you hope and 

^■■b £ 

a future. " 

'Jeremiah 29:11 

Ml our love, 

Mom and Dad 

'Hugh %einhardt 

Congratulations and thankjyou 
for being a fine son in every way. 
We love you and are proud of 
you... 'Psalms 1:1-3 

182 Comai Deo 

Jennifer Bichette 

'Dearest Jen, 

you've worthed so very hard and 
it's finally paid off. WefeelQod 
richly blessed us with a sweet 
daughter like you. Congratula- 
tions on your special day. 'With 
love- Mom, (Dad, %ebecca, and 
Scott, and Qina 

Jeff 'Malcomson 

Time flies when you're growing up. 
It seems like yesterday when this 
preschool picture was taken. Look 
at you now-'Wow! May Qod's 
grace continue to bless you. 



Joseph whacker 

Joe, your courage to stand before 
the wavering church and cry, '"Holy 
is the Lord" is a gift from the Holy 
Spirit. Standfast 1 . Soli deo gloria'. 
Ill John 4 

Dad and Mom 

^^ Ee 

^jJLj '" "%Ss ! 

Laurie 'Beth ^etson "f' ^tf"?**? 

^ Congratulations'. Today 

is your day. you 're off to 
great places! -your 
mountain is waiting. So- 
get on your way!" The 
Lord and a fine education 
will lead you wherever 

HUM HPBS^Hk ^w jj^s 

Mom and Dad 

9{ancy Singleton 

'We are so proud of the accom- 
plishments you have attained, and 
your walf^with the Lord. 'We love 
you, and wish the very best for 
you, wherever Qod leads you. 
Mom and Dad 

Philip Proctor 

Tole Tole 9{dio Mwendo 
Mom and Dad 

(The above is a Swahili 
proverb meaning "Slow but 
sure wins the race. ") 

Matthew M. Vasta 

Congratulations'. 'We know that 
"He who began a good work-in 
you will carry it on to comple- 
tion. " We are proud of you and 
we love you... 

Mom, Dad, andAngie 

Teresa 9ienriques 

We will forever remember those 
wonderful years you gave us while 
you lived in our home. Zany, 
funny, loving Teresie's voice still 
echos. %eep Jesus first always! 

Ads 183 

%athryn Stawter 

ft '»* 



'/It' are very proud of you. 
'/It' art' delighted by your 
love for (fod and desire to 


serve 'Him. This photo is 

■ 1 

from the time Qod called 

you to 'Be a missionary 


i M 


Jeffrey 9{. Steel 

'Dear Jeff - 


'your mom and I are so proud 



of how well you have done at 


Covenant College . We have 


also witnessed the change 

C ^M 

Christ has brought into your 



(II Corinthians 5:1 7) 

Tara ^Harris 

A Beloved daughter, a caring 
sister, a joy, and a jezvel. We are 
proud of you. Continue the race 
set before you. 
Ephesians 3:14-21 

(Dad, Mom, 'Erin, 
Jeffrey, and Jenny 

jacket 'Treict^ 

'Rgehd- We are so proud of you-a 'Valval 

K «■ . I^^B I 

away from home. Others have told us 

about your infectious smile and great good 

nature. Jam mother and I knew it long 

before. 'We (qwwyou worked hard and 


prayed hard, and we thanl(Cjod for 

** xl 

bringing you to your graduation from 

eottege. 'Be faithful to Ljod and your life 

4**v '1 

eon be nothing kit great. 'We (ewe you very 

P 4f~I* 

muck and pray for you everyday. Jour 


9{ici 9-fuard 

'You have done a good 

Hr"* *F \VmL 

fob, 9{ici. We are pleased 


¥ "- m 


for you. What is your 

m ! 

" i 


next project? 


^our support crew! 



'Benjamin O-fazuf^ 

Mother Qoose and Winnie- 
the-Tooh, 'Benjamin Bunny 
and Morton's Who, 
Charlotte's Web, Asian's 
Mane, Bunyan, Tolkien, 
Elliot, Qreen, EXllard, 
9{puwen, The Brothers %. All 
part of your Commencement 

Auburn Anne 'Paulk^ 

It is hard to put hopes and 
dreams on paper, but the 
photograph captures them 

Love, Love, Love, 
Mother, E)ad, and 

Qwen 'Marie 

Our "Qivenie" is now a college 
graduate'. We thanks Qod for 
these wonderful years at Cov- 
enant College, and for the 
privilege of being your parents. 
(Jeremiah 29:11) 

All our love, 
Mom and E)ad 

184 Coma) Duo 

Jenny Anderson 


To Jenny, "Out Sunshine." 

'We are so proud of you. J'ou 

have always brought such love 

and joy into our lives. 'Remem- 

WUh ,.. - 

ber to put Jesus above all 


'We Love foul 


Mom and Dad 

. m 

Todd Joling 

"Let Love and faithfulness 
never leave you, . . . then you 


Will win favor and a good name 
in the sight of Qod and man. " 


Trover bs 3:3-4 

Congratulations, Son! 

Jennifer Margaret 

'We are proud of you and pray 
that the influence of your 
Covenant education will impact 
your thinking and life in a 
profound and splendid way. 
Have no %ing but Jesus. 
'With great love, 

'Mom and 'Dad 


To Laura 9{pel: 

The real"cutie;" 
A natural beauty. 
Plenty of humor; 
9{p shy bloomer. 
9{p thing slow; 
ft. joy to know. 
Above the crowd; 
'We are truly proud. 

Mom and Dad 

Sara Christine Jienry 

On giants' shoulders perched/ 
'We view beyond our ken./ The 
future, now within your grasp, / 
Say -hey, it's time; begin. 
Much love always, Sara! 
from Mom and Dad 

Sarah 9{e(l divans 

"Charm is deceptive, and 
beauty is vain but a woman 
who fears the Lord shall be 
praised. " Proverbs 31 .30 

Xerry M. Tebbs 

Jrom The Living 'Bible: 
Acts 20:32 "And now I entrust 
you to Qod and his care and to 
His wonderful words . . ." 

Christopher (David 


Qodsays that "a wise son 
brings joy . . ."so you have 
brought much joy to our 
family. 'We love you very much! 
Congratulations - 
Mom, Dad, Paige, 
Alana, and Scott 

Ads 185 

Presbyterian Church (P.c.a.) 

2502 Fairmount Road 
Signal Mountain, Tennessee 37377 

Dr. Marshall C. St. John - Pastor 
Home: 615-886-5737 Church: 615-886-1181 

"Ringing Out The Good News! " 

'Wytty Coffins 

Congratulations Wyffy 
Coffins for a job zueff 

'Mom and 'Dad 







Member FTMC 


The staff of the 1995 tartan congratulates 
the class of 1995 and wishes them the best 
in the future. "In alt things. . . Christ 
^re-eminent. " -- Col 3:17 


S+ Insurance 

1 jpUt> 106 Years 

Commercial Insurance 
Personal Home b Auto Insurance 
Group Medical Plans 
Contract Bonds 
Retirement Benefits 
Life Insurance 
Long Term Care 

735 Qrood Street. Suite 500 • Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402 
615/756-0711 • Fax 615/265-8543 

186 Concur) Deo 

~~ ^ _____ ^ |||r : p^|| «H| |^m^| MBK 

Been TheR6, Dowe t^at, Taken a picrtme... 

Ads 187 

188 Comm Deo 

Ads 189 





- ¥ 

I 90 CoRam Deo 

CapTime The tAocoem . . . 

Ads 191 

1 92 Corcwi Deo 

Ads 193 


Acker, Michelle 57, 115, 158 

Adams, Tonielle 24, 111, 158 

Aiken, Heather 25, 77, 115, 158 

Ainsworth, Bill 109, 158 

Akin, Katie 114, 158 

Alemayehu, Yonas 104, 158 

Alexander, Jackson 9, 25, 

51, 108, 158 

Allen, Doyle 106 

Allen, Richard 174 

Allison, Nathan 76, 78, 79, 110, 158 

Altena, Erin 119, 158 

Altork, Rachel 115, 158 

American National Ad 186 

Anderson, Betsy 122, 126, 158 

Anderson, Gordon 79, 105, 158 

Anderson, Jennifer 13, 132, 185 

Anderson, Melanie 20, 27, 46, 

56, 57, 111, 132 

Andrews, Kristen 116, 158 

Andrews, Ramah 35, 62, 

63, 124, 158 

Apperson, Christina 114, 158 

Aquila II, Dominic 105, 132, 181 

Arrington, Bryan 30, 104, 158 

Ashlock, Robert 174 

Austin, Dr. and Mrs 32 


Bailey, Donald 28, 174 

Bakke, Caron 158 

Ball, Clint 61 

Barbee, Charis 120, 158 

Barham, Betty 174 

Barker, Elisabeth 114, 158 

Barker, Nicholas 174 

Barker, Sandra 174 

Barr,Jeff 78, 107, 158 

Barrett, Jody.... 28, 78, 80, 118, 158 

Baumgardner, Julie 174 

Baus,Greg 13, 109, 158 

Baxter, Ben 84, 107, 158 

Baxter, Richard 45, 174 

Behm,Leah32, 33, 57,84, 117, 158 

Beisner, Calvin 173, 174 

Beland, Jennifer 77, 111, 158 

Belk, Donnie 108, 158 

Belk,T.J 108, 158 

Bell, Julie 115, 132 

Belz, Alice 74, 79, 115, 126, 158 

Bennett, Jeff 32, 33, 102, 158 

Bentson, Kjirstin 32, 33, 111, 158 

Bentson, Noel 74, 93, 111, 158 

Bevis, Carlee 35, 62, 63, 

115, 132, 182 

Biddinger, Rachelle 58, 59, 119, 158 

Bigger, Rebecca 174 

Bingham, Keith 132 

Bivans, Sarah 133, 185 

Black, Tim 84, 110, 158 

Blackburn, Hunter 107, 158 

Blankenbeckler, Corrie 83, 

84, 111, 158 

Blea, Billy 81 

Bowles, Daniel 40, 174 

Boyd, Allison ...82, 88,94, 116, 158 
Braaksma, Christopher 124, 133, 181 

Bragdon, Alissa 118, 158 

Bragdon, Jennifer 112, 133 

Bragdon, Londa 77, 115, 158 

Brangwin, Peter 20, 105, 158 

Brannon, Joey 133 

Bratcher, Kay 28, 119, 158 

Bray, Adam 25, 28, 84, 

95, 103, 127, 158 

Bretschneider, Amy Ill, 158 

Brewer, Rebecca 30 

Brewster, April 133 

Brock, Dottie 45 

Brock, Frank 10, 14, 45, 

46, 47, 172, 174 

Brock, Marshall 51, 133, 180 

Brooks, Ken 35, 61, 174 

Brooks, Oliva 61 

Brown, Angela 59 

Brown, Ashley 12, 28, 59, 

82, 89, 117, 158 

Brown, Carter 35, 63 

Brown, Jennifer 35, 63, 122, 158 

Brown, Vicki 25, 112, 158 

Bryson, Jeff 158 

Bryson, Matt 106, 158 

Buers, Jessica 121, 158 

Burdge, Heather 113, 134 

Burke, Nate 78, 158 

Burke, Sarah 20, 89, 113, 159 

Cagnolatti, Toni 86, 88, 119, 159 

Caines, Gretchen 115, 159 

Caines, Heather 47, 126, 

130, 134, 180 

Caines, Phil 50, 51, 159 

Calvert, Jennifer 80, 114, 159 

Cameron, Rebekah 121, 159 

Campbell, Amy 24, 120, 159 

Campbell, Colin 11, 81, 92, 

109, 127, 134 

Carey, Jessica 74, 75, 112, 159 

Carlson, Kari 84, 122, 159 

Carlson, Nathan 102, 159 

Casamassina, Gemma ... 23, 32, 118 

Casanave, Tristyn 113, 159 

Casby, Joe 61, 106 

Case, Karissa 31, 53, 121, 159 

Chandler, Eric 106, 159 

Chapman, Amy 119, 159 

Chinchen, Sophie 121, 159 

Claassen, Ben... 76, 77,84, 107, 159 

Clark, Benji 32, 134 

Clark, Ray 174 

Clumpner, Joseph 174 

Coca-Cola Ad 186 

Collier, Carol 174 

Collins, Wylly 46, 105, 

130, 134, 186 

Collison, Charlotte 53, 94, 

Ill, 134, 180 

Collison, Ken ... 22, 81, 85, 159, 174 

Colvert, Jessica 12, 84, 

117, 127, 159 

Cook, Gregory 135 

Copithorn, Ben 51, 104, 159 

Cordonnier, Hubert 20, 135 

Cornett, Dell 60, 61, 106 

Corrigan, Ryan 29, 103, 159 

Cotta, Matt 109, 159 

Counts, Bryan 84, 104 

Counts, Janneke ....24, 88, 120, 159 
Crane, Charlotte.... 74, 84, 119, 159 

Crawford, Kim 63, 113, 159 

Crocker, Kim 78, 159 

Croese, Lisa 97, 112, 135 

Crooks, Phyllis 174 

Cross, Heather 82 

Cross, Ian 53 

Crossman, Brian 34, 51, 174 

Crown, Raven 84, 111, 159 

Crusey, Todd 11, 17, 75, 

82, 99, 105, 159 

Cui, Elisabeth 80, 135, 159 

Cummings, Tim 86, 110, 159 

Cunningham, Susannah 114, 159 

Cutler, Greg 81, 102, 159 

1 94 Conao) Deo 


Dale, Charissa 116, 159 

Daniel, Amy 113, 159 

Daniels, Jennifer 19, 28, 53, 

82, 121, 135 

Danner, Joanna 115, 159 

Davenport, Scott 51, 110, 

135, 159, 181 

Davenport, Stephen 19, 78, 

86, 88, 159 

Davis, Jeremy 55, 110, 159 

Davis, Lindsay 113, 159 

Davis, Nate 105, 159 

Davis, Sharon 78, 117, 159 

Dennis, Sasha 124, 159 

Dennison, William 174 

Dettwiller, Helene 121, 159 

Deutschmann, Jeremy .. 11, 104, 159 

Deutschmann, Maria 29, 40, 

97, 112, 159 

Dilling, Abbye 113, 136 

Dixon, Janet 124, 136 

Dixon, Juliana 159 

Dlugopolska, Zuzana 124, 159 

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Doerbaum, Rebecca 58, 59, 

122, 159 

Doerfel, Joel 23, 37, 159 

Dolenz, Cara 28, 78, 96, 

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Donaldson, Charles 175 

Donaldson, Sarah 53, 119, 160 

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Downing, Amy Ill, 126, 160 

Doyle, Jeanne 12, 117, 160 

Duble, Mark 53 

Duble, Robyn 53, 115, 160 

Duckworth, Tony 61, 175 

Duhm, David 136 

Dumper, Suzi 12, 24, 117, 136 

Dunn, LeeAnn 119, 136 

Dyches, Christopher ....86, 104, 160 


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Edamala, Max 84, 136 

Edling, Jennifer 137 

Ellenburg, Amanda 11, 63, 160 

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85, 124, 137, 182 

Elliott, Wayne 109, 160 

Elmer, Karen 30, 47, 80, 

82, 88, 116, 160 

Elmer, Kim 22, 118, 160 

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Emerson, Josh 28, 108, 160 

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Erickson, Heather ..20, 94, 111, 160 

Erickson, Lora 28, 118, 126, 160 

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Evearitt, Shonda 152 

Evearitt, Tad 160 

Evearitt, Tim 175 


Farmer, Trippy 86, 107, 160 

Farquhar, Ethan 20, 75, 105, 160 

Ferman, Melissa 31, 35, 63, 160 

Ferngren, Anne-Marie 119, 137 

Ferngren, Heather ..28, 57, 111, 160 

Ficca, Angela 57, 111, 160 

Fields, Susan 84, 114, 160 

Finch, Scott 20, 27, 105, 160 

Fiol, Kristin 74, 113, 160 

Fish, David 51, 104, 160 

Fisher, David 124, 137 

Fisher, Dorothy 78, 112, 160 

Fitzgerald, Julie 59, 138 

Flanders, Rebecca 113, 182 

Flower, Matthew 160 

Floyd, Amanda 26, 122, 160 

Fox, Bonnie 124, 160 

Fox, George 105, 160 

Frampton, Mac 41 

Franklin, Lisa 9, 63, 112, 160 

Frazier, Susan 32, 93, 120, 160 

Friberg, David 20, 175 

Funches, Will 55, 105, 160 


Garrisi,Andy 110, 160 

Garrisi, Ruth 112, 160 

Gast,Andy 96, 107, 160 

Gast, Scott 47, 138 

Gault, Heather 118, 160 

Gauthier, Arthur 175 

Gelston, Eric 37, 160 

Gerow, Krista 160 

Gerritsen, Maggie 160 

Gerritsen, Pierson 106, 126, 160 

Gienapp, Jamie 110, 160 

Gienapp, Jenny 175 

Gienapp, John 98, 110, 138 

Gienapp, Shannon 23, 28, 

93, 118, 160 

Gienapp, Skip 98 

Gillis, David 107 

Golden, Gene 175 

Gonzalez, Quena 103, 160 

Good, Josh 51,86, 108, 160 

Goode, April 138 

Goodman, Ian 102, 161 

Goodnight, Reachel 28, 124, 161 

Grady, Angela 115, 161 

Grady, Jason 105, 161 

Grady, Miriam 32, 119, 161 

Graham, Donovan 175 

Graham, Jennifer 17, 42, 43, 

82, 114, 138 

Graham, Wilma 175 

Grant, Jennifer 53, 116, 161 

Green, Artie 175 

Green, Josh 24, 25, 97, 110, 161 

Green, Melanie 117, 139, 181 

Green, Susan 28, 175 

Greeson, Todd 161 

Gregson, Tim 20, 27, 42, 

43, 82, 110, 161 

Griebel, Christine 116, 161 

Griggs, Jamie 20, 80, 104, 161 

Griggs, Herman 175 

Griggs, Shari 44, 175 

Gross, Ruth 119, 161 

Grossman, Ruth E 119, 161 

Guiterrez, Lois 161 

Gulick, Kathleen 29, 74, 

123, 127, 175 

Gutierrez, Lois 80, 84, 117 


Hadley, Kristy 77, 111, 161 

Haire, Alex 103, 161 

Hake, John 23, 175 

Hall, Jeff 173, 175 

Hamilton, Amanda 121, 161 

Hamm,John 20, 27, 175 

Hampton, Matthew 161 

Hansen, Andrew 104, 161 

Hansen, Jill 113, 161 

Hansen, Tanya 46, 25, 139 

Harbert, Robert 175 

Harder, Wendy 25, 83, 121, 161 

Hardie, Mike 175 

Harkins, David 66, 106, 161 

Index 195 

Harkins, Pam Ill, 161 

Harrington, Julia 118, 161 

Harris, Jason 107, 161 

Harris, Julie 120, 126, 161 

Harris, Tara 117, 139, 184 

Hartman, Heather. 31, 80, 114, 161 

Hasselbring, Gina 118, 161 

Hatcher, Anna 37, 118, 126, 161 

Hawk, Benjamin 139, 184 

Hays, Carolyn 176 

Heddendorf, Russell 176 

Heerema, Jason 104, 161 

Heisig, Drew 108, 161 

Hellings, Eric 61 

Hellings, Ray 61, 110, 161 

Henriques, Teresa 139, 161, 183 

Henry, Sara 24, 29, 36, 

99, 112, 139, 185 

Herring, Eric 35, 107, 161 

Herron, Esther 9, 83, 115, 161 

Hesselink, Paul 176 

Higgins, Bill 28, 176 

Higgins, Dr. and Mrs. Bill 21 

Hilger, Eddy.. 54, 55, 108, 131, 140 

Hilliard, Henry 176 

Hinkson, Heidi 30 

Hinman, Sarah 28, 29, 

122, 126, 161 

Hinson,Kim.... 52, 53, 62, 119, 161 
Hitchcock, Christopher .... 34, 50, 51, 
108, 140, 182 

Hitchcock, Nathan 37, 92, 107, 


Hodgson, Julie 89, 115, 161 

Hoerschgens, Sven 107, 161 

Hogsett,Alex 51, 108, 161 

Hohenberger, Katie 24, 53 , 


Holbrook, Charlene 124 

Holbrook, Roxaline 53, 113, 161 

Holt, Charles 61, 103, 161 

Holton, Peter 23, 102, 127, 161 

Honeycutt, Will 19, 74, 98, 126 

Hooper, Charlotte 93, 119, 140 

Hoover, David 176 

Hoover, Jacqueline 153 

Hopson, Ashley 28, 85, 120, 161 

Horton, Travis 61, 110, 161 

Hostetter, Jennifer 118, 161 

Hoven,Jan 8, 81, 99, 120, 161 

Hoxter, Amy 114, 162 

Hoxter, Joshua 105, 140, 182 

Huard, Nicole 30, 113, 

126, 140, 184 

Hudson, Amy 26, 96, 118, 162 

Huffaker Ad 186 

Huffine,Amy 34, 59, 117, 162 

Huffine, Sara... 59, 63, 70, 117, 162 

Huggins, Josiah 140 

Huggins, Kristen 162 

Huggins, Rebekah.... 89, 89, 119, 162 

Hughes, Zach 51, 108,162 

Huisman, Gary 176 

Huisman, John 54, 55, 106, 162 

Humes, Jodi 141 

Hummel, Brad 162 

Hummel, Christy 176 

Hunter, Dorothy 176 

Hurley, Beth 20, 31, 37, 

81, 82, 116, 162 

Huston, Heather 19, 42, 

43, 116, 162 

Hutson, Jeremy 82, 103, 162 

Hyatt, Peter 104 

Iguchi, Hiroko 114, 162 


Jackson, Ashley Ill, 162 

Jackson, Jonathan 105, 162 

Jackson, Josh 107, 109, 127, 162 

Jarvis, Paula 115, 141 

Jenkins, Mark 102, 162 

Jimenez, Jose..... 108, 141 

Johnson, Polly 52, 53, 111, 162 

Joling,Todd 107, 141, 162, 185 

Jones, Jeremy 17, 21, 54, 55, 

82, 108, 126, 162 


Kase, Karissa 31 

Kaufmann, Amy 121, 141 

Kaufmann, Joe 55, 106, 162 

Kaufmann, Stephen 44, 176 

Kellogg, Edward 176 

Kendrick-Holmes, Lelia 28, 82, 

88, 118, 162 

Kennedy, Pamela 86, 114, 141 

Kennedy, Rachel 121, 162 

Keuning, Mike 97, 106, 162 

Khoury, Jonathan 80, 109 

Kickasola, Martha ... 52, 53, 85, 162 

Kiehl, Krista 62, 63, 115, 162 

Kim,Theo 81, 109, 162 

Kimball, Noel 124, 162, 185 

King, Brady 106, 162 

King, Jerry 173, 176 

King, Kris 50, 51, 104, 162 

Kipley, Charissa 120, 126, 142 

Klein, Kim 35, 63, 115, 162 

Knight, Travis 20, 27, 34, 39, 

55, 86, 105, 162 

Knutson, Nathan 103, 162 

Krabbendam, Henry 176 

Krahn,Anna 29, 67, 122 

Kramer, Michael 109, 162 

Krieg, Angela 35, 63, 115, 162 

Kuiper, Matt 80, 104, 162 

Kvale, Heather 176 


LaBelle, Michael 23, 142 

Lambert, Roger 176 

Landrum, Jonathan 50, 51, 142, 162 

Laphne, Daniel 69 

Largent, Carrie 119, 162 

Larson, Tim 32, 102, 162 

Laudenslager, Kurt 105, 142 

Lausch, Elaine 85, 118, 142 

Lawrence, Joel 35, 60, 61, 103 

Leavengood, Albert 103, 162 

Lebreton, Amanda 27, 53, 69, 

71, 111, 162 

Ledgerwood, Phil 17, 38, 

82, 102, 162 

Lee, Amanda 94, 116 

Lee, Dale 176 

Lee, Sung Sook 41 

Legters, Daniel . 29, 51, 83, 89, 162 

Legters, Debbie 29 

Leonard, Dagney 122, 162 

Leonard, Joshua 51, 106, 162 

Leutbecher, Becky 114, 162 

Levi, Amanda 53, 84, 122, 162 

Lewis, Jennifer 25, 26, 113, 162 

Liesman, Amy 121, 162 

Ligon, Courtney 77, 115, 163 

LindleyMatt 74, 75, 106, 163 

Linger, Michael 20, 40, 105, 143 

Lippincott, Heather 56, 57, 

79, 122, 163 

Litle, Justice 104, 163 

Little, Philip 176 

Livingston, John .... 23, 38, 102, 163 
Lodge, Jessica . 28, 29, 75, 112, 163 

Logterman, Joey 61, 110, 163 

Lothers, Jack 176 

Lowe, Aimee 85, 115, 163 

1 96 CoRaoi Deo 

Luca,Anca 20, 118, 163 

Luchenbill, Matt 107, 163 

Lucnica 41 

Ludwick, Rebekah 113, 163 

Luedde, Becki 94, 163 

Luedde, Kate 53, 117, 163 

Lum Lung, Lisa 58, 59, 71, 115 

Lykins, Mary Lee 83, 112, 163 

Lynch, Erin 163 

Lynch, Larry 176 

Lynch, Mark 64, 110, 163 

Lyon, Craig 176 


Macallister, David 108, 163 

MacDonald, Kenny 98, 110, 163 

MacDougall, Daniel 44 

Magnuson, Jennifer28, 82, 121, 163 

Magnuson, Tricia 177 

Mahaffey, Jennifer 24, 78, 85, 

124, 143, 182 

Malcolmson, Jeff 143, 183 

Maliepaard, Carissa 57, 122, 163 

Malkus, Nat 38, 39, 102, 163 

Malone, Aneatra 118, 163 

Malone, Tracy 28, 97, 106, 163 

Mangum, Windy 25, 36, 37, 

74, 77, 111, 163 

March, Keller 113 

Marino, John 23, 106, 126, 163 

Marshall, Debbie 118, 163 

Marshall, Stephanie 29, 89, 93, 

119, 131, 143 

Martens, John 102, 163 

Masereka, Jocelyn 24, 124, 163 

Masino, Michael 105, 143 

Mason, Colby.. 36, 38, 39, 122, 163 

Matthews, Betsy 32, 116, 163 

Matthews, Missy . 84, 121, 126, 163 

Mattice, Ian 51, 106, 163 

Maynard, Destry 124, 163 

Mbogo, Rachel 30 

McCampbell, Bill 107, 163 

McCampbell, Emily 20, 26, 57, 

69, 77, 111, 163 

McCauley, Heather 59, 111, 163 

McCue, Ashley 115, 163 

McDaniel, Erik 51, 143, 180 

McDonald, Michael 84, 104, 163 

McDonald, Paul 104, 163 

McDowell, Timothy 104 

McFarland, Alicia 83, 88, 

96, 115, 163 

McFarland, Parker 107, 163 

Mcllhenny, Ryan 17, 95, 

98, 103, 163 

McKeon, Brian 30, 31, 

105, 127, 163 

McKinney, Daniel 25, 108, 163 

McKnight, Shawn 61, 163 

McLelland, Reginald 177 

McLeod, Sandy 115, 163 

McNutt, Brian 104, 163 

Mehne, Larry 177 

Meiners, Rinnie 24, 83, 115, 163 

Metcalf, Amy 121, 163 

Metrakoudes, Heidi 32, 117, 164 

Metts, Jennifer 37, 112, 

127, 144, 183 

Meyer, Alanda 28, 114, 164 

Michal, Mark 80, 164 

Middendorf, Catherine 57, 164 

Milam, Susan 121 

Miller, Clair 84, 104, 164 

Miller, Nathaniel "Bats" 35, 60, 


Miller, Rodney 177 

Mills, C.G 14 

Miner, Mary .... 32, 56, 57, 117, 164 

Mininger, Lucas 36 

Mininger, Marcus .. 20, 55, 104, 164 

Mitchell, Samantha 53, 122, 164 

Moffitt,Amy 84, 88, 122, 164 

Monroe, Lesley 77, 82, 116, 164 

Monroe, Pat 177 

Monroe, Robert 20, 177 

Montgomery, Jesse 36, 37, 51, 

70, 109, 127, 164 

Moore, Brent 84, 107, 164 

Moore, Chris 51, 108, 164 

Moore, Evan 103, 164 

Moore, Jennifer 59, 164 

Moore, Ramona 144, 177 

Moore, Regina 177 

Morgan, Tammy 62, 63, 164 

Morgan, Trisha 124, 144, 180 

Morrison, Jesse 164 

Morrison, Leah 32, 121, 164 

Morrison, Nikki 32, 118, 164 

Mortellaro, Lisa 53, 96, 

112, 127, 164 

Morton, Paul 173, 177 

Mountan, Mark 104, 180 

Mullenix, Jeanna 37, 89, 

119, 127,144 

Muller, Jack 177 

Muller, Maria 114, 164 

Mullinax, Leigh 74, 113, 164 

Musterman, Brooke 122, 164 


Nakayama, Masaji 80, 103, 164 

Nakhla,Paul 20, 55, 177 

Nantt, Brad 93 

Needham, Rebekah 74 

Nelson, Laurie 117, 145, 183 

Neuhoff,Ben 124, 145 

Neuhoff, Jon 124, 164 

Neuhoff, Lizzie 112, 164 

Nichols, Jonathan 107, 127, 145 

Nichols, Joseph 17, 38, 39, 102, 164 

Nickisch, Greg 102, 164 

Oharek, Lisa 145 

Oharek, Stephen 164 

Oinonen, Julie 74, 121, 152 

Oline, Sarah .. 79, 97, 112, 145, 181 

Orwig, Matthew 103, 164 

Osborne, Katrina 25, 118, 145 

Overall, Julie 164 

Page, Christine 177 

Pallo, Kerry Ill, 164 

Parish, Melissa 74, 77, 111, 164 

Parker, Mike 18, 106, 124, 164 

Parler, Teresa 80, 117, 164 

Pattison,Tim... 23, 84, 95, 103, 164 

Paulk, Auburn 30, 124, 146, 184 

Paulsen, Becky 28, 125, 164 

Payne-Russell, Marsha 153 

Penney, Rick 104, 164 

Perkins, Kris 106, 164 

Persenaire, Mary 53, 164 

Petcher, Donald 177 

Peters, Hannah 81, 89, 96, 112 

Peters, Kate 28, 82, 93, 120, 164 

Peters, Lydia 82, 120, 164 

Peterson, Dave 29, 36 

Peterson, Jennifer .. 20, 94, 116, 164 

Pettit, Ethan 177 

Pickett, Micah 57, 111, 164 

Pierce, Everett ...36, 44, 79, 84, 146 

Pinner, Cathy 29, 177 

Pinner, Harry 29, 177 

Pipajoey 77, 107, 164 

Pipa,Sara 32, 119, 164 

Pohl, Eric 20, 84, 104, 164 

Politano, Herb 177 

Index 197 

Polk, Dan 108, 164 

Poortinga, Travis 68, 107, 164 

Prager, Jeff 103, 165 

Pratt, Elizabeth 53, 74, 77, 116, 165 

Proctor, Philip 146, 183 

Prys, Jeremy 37, 61, 165 

Ptasznik, Melissa 23, 28, 29, 

84, 94, 116, 165 

Purcell, Amy Beth 118, 165 

Purvis, Amy Lake 25, 121, 165 


Quinn, Rick 79, 165 


Raines, Naomi 28, 74, 

116, 126, 165 

Ralston, Patricia 28, 177 

Raney, Karen 23, 77, 111, 165 

Raymond, Scott 44, 177 

Reames, Laurel 113, 165 

Reeder,Abby 34, 56, 57, 


Reeder, Ike 28, 51, 106, 165 

Reinhardt, Hugh 146, 182 

Renkema, Joel 165 

Ribet, George 23, 28, 36, 146 

Rice, Betsy 74, 111, 165 

Richards, Jill 147 

Richmond, Robert 57, 178 

Riemenschneidner, Linda 153 

Riggs, Toby ... 55, 66, 108, 126, 165 

Riley, Amy 79, 122, 165 

Robbins, Juley 114, 165 

Robbins, Lora 24, 112, 165 

Roberts, Nathan 24, 25, 66, 

102, 109, 165 

Roberts, Sarah 28, 74, 112, 165 

Robertstad, Sam 55, 104, 165 

Robinson, Heather 119, 165 

Roerdink, Heather 124 

Roerdink, Jason 44, 45 

Roerdink, Jeff 81 

Roerdink, Jeremy 32, 81, 109 

Rollo, Tracy 17, 30, 31, 42, 

43, 82, 99, 116, 165 

Rose, David 37, 44, 51, 107, 147 

Ross, Jeremy 104, 165 

Rowe, Andy 103, 165 

Rowe, Marshall 178 

Rowe, Sue 63 

Rowton, Robert 83, 86, 104, 147 

Royal, Charles 109, 165 

Rulon, Michael 178 

Rulon, Sharolyn 147 

Rump, Allison 30, 52, 53, 165 

Russo, Christina 21 

Rustand, Mark 28 

Rustand, Tanja 53, 63, 111, 165 

Rusten, Mark 106, 165 


Salley, Stephanie 36, 121, 

126, 147, 181 

Sandhoff, Kristen 9, 27, 78, 

97, 119, 165 

Sankawa, Risa.. 24, 80, 88, 120, 165 

Schaffers, W.J 178 

Schempp, J. Margaret ..20, 148, 185 

Schreur, Barb 178 

Schreur, Kimberly 165 

Schrupp, Aaron 110, 165 

Schwamb, Gretchen 29, 119, 165 

Scott, Stephen 27, 104, 126, 165 

Shaffer, Jennifer 77, 117, 165 

Shannon, Brandon 50, 51, 108, 148 

Shattuck, Rachel 59, 122, 165 

Shaw, Jennifer ... 9, 76, 89, 119, 165 

Shepherd, Susan 117, 165 

Sherbon, Kathy 28, 84, 94, 

Ill, 126, 165 

Sherouse, Natalie 122, 165 

Sherrill, Eliza 118, 165 

Shoup Jr., Larry 102, 148, 180 

Shump, Erin 28, 117,165 

Silman, Campbell 18, 20, 

97, 106, 165 

Silman, Shannon 113, 148 

Simmons, Rachel 113, 165 

Simmons, Rob 109, 165 

Simpson, Abby 118, 165 

Singleton, Christina 148 

Singleton, Nancy . 24, 124, 148, 183 

Sinn, Ted 28, 51, 106, 165 

Sizemore, Doug 178 

Slater, Shelley 113, 166 

Slawter, Katie 25, 99, 114, 

127, 149, 184 

Smialek, Tami 63, 178 

Smisson, Drake 178 

Smith, Ben 51, 106, 166 

Smith, Crosby 107, 166 

Smith, Randy 92, 178 

Solle, Chandra 36, 88, 117, 166 

Spinello, Kristi 82, 88, 116, 166 

Spiritosanto, Deborah . 84, 117, 166 

Spiritosanto, Vince 23 

Sproul, R.C 14 

Sprunger, Micah....24, 25, 102, 166 

St. John, Stephen 46, 178 

Stair, Julie 109, 117, 166 

Stanton, David 51 

Stanton, Joan 178 

Stanton, Rachel 53, 116, 166 

Steel, Jeffrey 149, 184 

Steel, Rhea 178 

Stegall, Glenn 166 

Stevens, Henry 178 

Stevens, Kathleen 178 

Stewart, Margaret 178 

Stewart, Sara 166 

Stoer, Stephanie 124, 166 

Stonehill, Randy 18 

Stout, Brad 55, 84, 103, 166 

Stowe, Jennifer 39, 77, 82, 111, 166 

Stuart, Jacob 51, 109, 166 

Stucky, Lisa 29, 83, 96, 122, 166 

Sukhia, Grace 36, 77, 120, 166 

Sukhia, Nathan 103, 166 

Suzuki, Shotaro ... 95, 103, 149, 182 

Swierzb, Katie 59, 122, 166 

Sykes, Brandt .. 92, 98,103 127, 166 
Symonds, Jack 153 

Taylor, Daryll 34 

Taylor, David 55, 57, 178 

Tebbs, Kerry 79, 112, 149, 185 

Temple, Amber 113, 166 

Thacker, Joseph 20, 149, 183 

Thomas, John 78, 149 

Thompson, Aaron 108, 166 

Thompson, Amanda 17, 20, 

82, 122, 166 

Thompson, Brent 106, 166 

Thompson, Katie Ill, 166 

Todt, Ryan 17, 105, 150 

Thole, Candace 29 

Tolson, Aaron 75, 89, 109, 166 

Tolson, Clay 29, 109, 166 

Toms, Desiree 5, 114, 150, 180 

Touma,Andy 51, 108, 166 

Treick, Rachel 30, 124, 150, 184 

Trice, Catriona 114, 166 

Trice, Jennifer 114, 166 

Trimmier, Christopher 102, 

150, 185 

Trimmier, Paige 52, 53, 120, 166 

TroxelLTom 104, 166 

] 98 Coma) Deo 

Tucker, Matt 34, 51, 108, 150 

Tucker, Tricia 23, 58, 59, 

67, 120, 166 

Tuju,Sila 28, 29, 30, 31, 

80, 89, 105, 166 


Unruh, Nathan 35, 61, 

110, 124, 166 

Upton, J. C 173, 178 

Urie, Chad 35, 60, 61, 124, 166 

Van Reken, Stephanie 117, 127, 166 

Van Zee, Eric 37, 54, 55, 

95, 105, 127, 166 

Vannoy, Jonathan .. 51, 70, 108, 150 

Vannoy, Kristen 37, 112, 151 

VanSomeren, Janeen 77 ', 116, 166 

Vasta, Matthew 151, 183 

Vaughn, Jeff 105, 151 

Vaughn, Rob 12, 36, 103, 166 

Veal, Robert 178 

Vedders, Brian 97, 166 

Vedders, Kevin 28, 54, 55, 

76, 110, 127, 166 

Veldman, Jeremy 105, 166 

Veldman, Michael 105 

Vidal, Sarah 120, 166 

Viss, Sarah 24, 83, 120, 166 

Vonhof, Mike 61, 110, 166 

Voskuil, Louis 178 


Wagoner, Sharon 122, 166 

Walker, Bryan 27, 86, 105, 166 

Wallis, Jessica 9, 17, 19, 26, 38, 

39, 42, 96, 118, 166 

Walters, Michael A 109, 167 

Walters, Michael D 32, 102, 167 

Wanaselja, Rachel 114, 127, 167 

Ward, Jon 110, 167 

Warner, Amy 28, 84, 116, 167 

Warren, Jean 153 

Warren, Joel 22, 109, 167 

Watne, Heather 113, 167 

Wayside Presbyterian Ad 186 

Weigle, Keri 57, 75, 114, 167 

Weinhold, Maria 122, 167 

Wells, Joel 86, 108, 167 

Wessel, Laurence 122, 167 

West, Francisco 47 

Westervelt, Gwen 30, 121, 151, 184 

Weyer, Jonathan 28, 66, 

104, 126, 167 

Wheeles, Rachel .. 96, 112, 151, 181 

White, Angie 113, 167 

White, David 17, 42, 43, 

81, 82, 107, 167 

White, Samuel 17, 39, 42, 43, 

82, 88, 92, 106, 167 

White, Susan 115, 167 

Wieldraayer, Glen 28, 178 

Wier, Charlie 32, 33, 102, 167 

Wilcox, David 19 

Wilkie, Danielle 151 

Williams, Clayton 106, 152 

Williams, Michelle 113, 126, 167 

Wilson, Carolyn 179 

Wilson, Elizabeth 67, 120, 167 

Wilson, Marcy 112, 167 

Winburn, Shawn 75, 109, 167 

Wingate, Anne 167 

Wingate, Chris 64, 104, 167 

Wismer, Courtney 28, 112, 167 

Woodard,Jon 32, 51, 102, 167 

Woodward, Joy 124, 167 

Wright, Philip 179 

Wykoff, Ashley 28, 94, 111, 167 

Wykoff, Tamela 152 

Wynja, Elizabeth 84, 120, 167 

Wynja, Stephen 104, 167 


Yaegashi, David 
37, 80, 83, 103, 167 

Yeager, Kelly 116, 167 

Yeazel, Leanna 59, 113, 167 

Yonge, Joy 122, 167 

Youngblood, Meresa 77, 111, 167 


Zacharias, Sarah 124, 167 

Zang, Julie 167 

Zimmerman, Aaron 104, 167 

Zinn, Stephen 88, 152, 181 

This index does not include candid 
pictures and captions for pictures 
without names. 

Do you Reaiemhen ibe Snow and Ice Swum? 


Index 199 

A Litany for Friendship (Received from the Director of Camp Weed) 

Imng God, 

Lovmg God, 

We ihank You poR rhe gifi of Your VResence 
bene m our o.'iOst; 
Tor. Your love and accepTance of us 

as we aRe . . . 

For ibis school yean. TogeTheR 
to affiRoi our idemny 
To celebRaTe our no;e wgeTheR poR Tfct* wRongs 

and to ask pon poRgiveness fOR WRongs 
we have done to each OTheR. 
We Thank you poR The diveRsm* op Talem t/wt is RepResemed /)eKf 
poR The special uniQiieness t!wt heloms to each op us. 
We mer as STRangeRS, 

bin aRe STRangeRS no owRe. 

tinned in our common Task 

we have becoan pRiends. 
Saying cood-bye is dippicuh. 
ToseTheR we have woRked 

leaRned, laughed, smuggled, qrowh and changed. 
TheRe have been aRguajems and T^eRe have been songs. 
We goTTen mad, Teased, been upngln, woRRied, and been silem. 
It is amcb moRe coajpoRTable to RemembeR The joy op our pRienships. . . 
The smiles, The hugs, The caRing and shamng . . . 

The jokes, The play, T/;e games. 
TReasiiRed memoRies . . . valuable always. 

TomghT we celebRaTe The gipTS and Talems op all who have been a pam 
op our lives poR This summeR, and our cotruSutious tImt will be 
RemembeRed poR yeaR to come. 
But, bepoRe we go our sepaRaxe ways 

ler us acknowledge bepoRe God and each OTheR 

boTh The pain and The joy t/jat we have 

expeRienced to^6t!j<?r. 
Tor The Times we assumed we knew all TheRe was abour each OTheR; 
Tor assuanng to speak poR each OTheR 

Tor defining, homing, labeling, coaipeTing, hot listening, 
and oppRessmg each orheR; 

Tor excluding, wnhholding, msiSTing, hindeRing, ignoRing, 

poRgerring and Resisnng Teh ChRisT in each otIjcr; 
Tor The many Times we have seveRed our RelaTionship by woRd, deed 

or aTTnude 
Tor The Times we have huRT, hmdeRed, judged and been msensme 

to one anoTheR 
May we now ask poRQiveness pRom our God, oiiRselves, and each OTheR. 

Tor The amny Times we have shnRed The excnemem op accomplished goals; 
Tor knowing Than our eppoRTS weRe appReciaTed 
Tor a kind woRd, a waiim and gRacious smile, suppoRTing, nouRishing, 

conprnming, nuRTURim, and catling poR each OTheR. 
Tor embRacmg, Teaching, including, Remea)beRing, celebRaTing, Rejoicing 

and appiRmmg each OTheR's pResence 
Tor The many Times we have peh close to and shaRed wnh one anoTheR; 
Tor The Times we helped, healed, poRcave and Responded to each OTheR's needs, 
May we now Thank God poR These and all t/^ orheR blessings op TRue pRiendship. 
God, we aRe Your body, we aRe Your sTewaiids, we cReaTe wnh You, we aRe made in 

Your imape, You aRe The lipe wnhw us. AMEN. 

The 19 9 5 Tartan 

Kristi Spinello 

Karen Elmer 

Assistant Editor 

Debra Marshall 
1st Semester 
Copy Editor 

Samuel White 
2nd Semester 
Copy Editor 

Alicia McFarland 
Layout Editor 

Debra Marshall 
Senior Section Editor 

Toni Cagnolatti 

Photography Manager 

Stephen Davenport 

Business Manager 

Allison Boyd 
Procurement and 
Acquistions Manager 

Sarah Bivans 
Official Consultant 

Robert Rowton 

Unofficial Consultant 

Staff Representatives 

Corrie Blankenbeckler 
Tristyn Casanave 
Janneke Counts 
Charissa Dale 
Jamie Griggs 
Lelia Kendrick-Holmes 
Nikki Morrison 
Greg Nickisch 
Risa Sankawa 
Natalie Sherouse 
Abby Simpson 
Shelley Slater 

Thanks to everyone who helped 
with this yearbook. To my friends, 
thank you for putting up with me 
during this process. I hope this 
book brings glory to God. He has 
been merciful to me and to my staff 
and He deserves all the credit that 
this yearbook is done on time. 

200 CoRao) Deo